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•¤• L i f e •¤• One of the things I didn't get to do much in Cuba was nap. Isn't it funny the way we always wish we had the time to, but when we do we simply can't take a nap? Today, I wished for the time at least twice an hour! 😥 #shinethissummeruk
•¤• T r a v e l •¤• These frangipani are just gorgeous, such a cheerful flower!  The blue sky is a world away from what we've currently got in Britain! #takemeback
•¤• F o o d •¤• Dreaming of champagne and teppan bars. I guess fish and chips is a good alternative 😂 #food
•¤• L i f e •¤• This week has turned into a busy one! I kind of thrive on busy times but I also tend to forget that sometimes, even amongst the busy, it's a good idea to switch off. Oh, well, not long until our next trip and some well needed rest 🏝 #life
•¤• T r a v e l •¤• Dappled sunshine and warm water. ♡ 
There's a new post up #ontheblog and it's making my wanderlust restless. {Click through link in bio} #wanderlust
•¤• L i f e •¤• Time seems to be running away with me at the minute. I think It's the super busy weekends we've been having. Tonight was supposed to be a writing night but I'm too tired, so a night of TV and sofa snoozing it is for me! #howisitonlytuesday
•¤• S t y l e •¤• There is little more a woman needs in her wardrobe than a dress she can twirl in. .
Of course that's a complete lie, a woman needs jumpers and jeans and cosy-ass sweats too. There's a new post #ontheblog if you fancy it (it's a style post...not done one in a while!) 💕 #style
•¤• L i f e •¤• Where did the sunshine go?! Can it come back now please? It's making me the Cuban life again ☀️ #sun
•¤• T h r o w b a c k •¤• #throwback to the best afternoon tea of my life, so far, at #laduree in Paris. #ThrowbackThursday
•¤• T r a v e l •¤• ⠀
Feeling those Monday blues. 😉🇨🇺 #takemeback
•¤• T r a v e l •¤• So today I found out that later this year I'm heading to Helsinki. Excited doesn't even cover it, I've been wanting to head to Finland for ages and now I finally get to go (any hints and tips would be very welcome!) This revelation has also kicked started our 2018 travel plans and it seems we might just have finally settled on our destinations*. Cuba won't be our last tropical adventure any time soon 🇬🇧🇫🇮🇳🇴🇨🇷🇫🇷 #wanderlustlife *subject to change! 😉
•¤• T h r o w b a c k •¤• ⠀
Going through my archives for my recent post has pulled out some gems...including this one. Throwing it back to when I felt fiercely female (and also to when I had my hair last chopped off...) #throwback #fashiongram #instastyle