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•¤• L i f e •¤• When your cat wants in on the action. #cat
•¤• T r a v e l •¤• #flashbackfriday to my paradise at the end of the rainbow (there was genuinely no filter used on this post - the rainbow was real). 🌈 #travelinbetween
•¤• L i f e •¤• .
《Insert inspiring/funny/witty caption here》 .
What can I say? It's been one of those weekends and right now I am wishing that I was there twirling in the same way with a light heart and stress-free. For now an evening of curling up on the sofa feeling sorry for myself will have to do. #life #emblogger #embloggers
•¤• L i f e •¤• Today has been an emotionally, as well as a physically, draining day. Sometimes in life we need the odd day to ground us and remind us of ourselves. The day took me to Whitby, a place I haven't been since I was a child and never had any memories of it. There are a lot of memories around there for my family but none from me...isnt it funny the things that other people remember that you don't when you experience the same thing? #life
•¤• B l o g •¤• There's been a lot of thinking in this brain of mine about this, for a long time, and I have finally found a way to get those thoughts down on virtual paper. I'm pushing my comfort zone in my most recent blog post with some blunt honesty. {Click through link in bio!} Please be gentle with Me! #ontheblog
•¤• L i f e •¤• There's a new post up on {click through link in bio} with my September round up, including some thoughts about blogging, I can't be the only one thinking what I'm thinking? #embloggers
•¤• H o m e •¤• I will never fall out of love with this sight 💕 #homeiswheretheheartis
•¤• L i f e •¤• Apparently today was the the last nice day that the weatherman thinks we'll have this year, which is a little sad ☀️ BUT Autumn is a pretty special time of year and I think it's fair to say that I might have had my fair share of sunshine this year...🙊 here's to warm jumpers, cosy nights in and crispy leaves 🍂🍁 #embloggers
•¤• L i f e •¤• For the second time in as many weeks I've found myself wishing I could press pause and bundle the moment up to hide away and keep forever to take out and absorb myself into when I pleased. How often in life do we get the moments that are fully aligned? The sights, sounds, smells, the feel of the air on your skin and the steadiness in your minds. This picture sums it up perfectly. To you it might just be a pair of feet paddling in the sea but to me it is equilibrium, one I am forever grateful for 💕 #emblogger #embloggers
•¤• L i f e •¤• For the last week I have been away on holiday (again). This holiday, more than any other, is about switching off for me. I've barely looked at social media all week, I've only written when I've truly felt the need to and work has been put to the back of my mind to gather dust for the week. It has been bliss. Today has been about getting myself back into the rhythm of every day including rearranging the house a little for a few bits we picked up on our travels, including this vase! There isn't much time to rest because from tomorrow it's deadline central again but for now it's all about lazy Sunday cooking, having an afternoon bath with a book and slowly starting to think about getting back on social. Happy Sunday everyone! #sunday
•¤• L i f e •¤• Today has mainly been about feeling unwell. It's also been a little bit about the beautiful sunny weather, although nothing quite like this ^. #takemeback
•¤• F o o d •¤• The Snickers doughnut. A @doughnotts_official masterpiece. 🍩

Huge thanks to the guys at Doughnotts for having me at their launch event tonight. It's important to me to support independent business and these guys make it so easy. Derby is starting to get seriously on trend! #doughnotts