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It's me again
Hi! This is happening!
Cous serving The Felt color palette looks. Have a nice day friends
This issue is of this terrifying and exhausting world and fiercely resistant to it. Of and against. Full of contradiction, conjured out of nothingness. Here is a constellation of relations that exist between an utterance and the person who hears it. That dramatically charged space of memory and identity. As ray ferreira writes, that “being as shit is complicated and full of histories that cannot be untangled being.” gif & words pictured by Andrea Abi-Karam
One more cause it was that good 📸 @rijardbergeron
Some news for the softies out there: did you know that The Felt prints an annual anthology of radical poetry and prose? Available on our website 💕
No to the colonial context of thought. No to fake tenderness - Precious Okoyomon @fullspectrum_baby
A nation built up like a secret. - Andrea Abi-Karam @wolf_hour
Black secrecy, Black noise - Sean D. Henry-Smith
"I guess I wish the world around me was really, really different than it was." - charles theonia @floweroid
issa dream reading