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Dan, Joel, Kahlia, Nathan, Shani Ferguson.
Nov 16 - Eat Street
Nov 24 - Miami Marketta
Dec 2 - Album Release Show (Botanic Gardens)

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Televised performance at Riverstage, Woodford Folk Festival, a MASSIVE album launch show.. we couldn’t ask for a better month to release this album into the world. Exciting times. We have so many new songs to play for you. Hoping you’ll all be there. EVERYONE is welcome. There is always a seat for you. 📸: @aimeecatt
BIG ANNOUNCEMENT. We’re so excited to finally announce the release of our full-length studio album, the ‘Love Hope Peace’ album. Out December 2. Fourteen tracks written, produced and recorded by the five of us. We’ve been teasing you all year with puzzle pieces and now it’s time to bring it all together with a bunch of brand new never-before-heard songs. Your overwhelming love and support for both ‘The Love Album’ and ‘The Peace Album’ enabled this little independent band to make this album a reality. So, thank you friends. Without you, this wouldn’t be possible. Can’t wait for you all to hear it. Massive album release show at the Botanic Gardens. It’s going to be huge. See you soon. Big love. 📸: @aimeecatt
#ThrowbackThursday to our street performing days. Around this time, no one wanted to hire our little band. We had no bookings, we were being shelved by a dodgy management group, we had no financial ability to tour or record etc. and we were sonically lost and discouraged. It was a really rough period of time and in some ways it would have been very easy to hang up our guitars and call it a day.. but we didn’t. Venues didn’t want to hire us, so we decided to create our own venue. We took to the city streets several times a week and belted it out with two acoustics. Truthfully, at first no one cared. We stood there nervously, feeling a little foolish most of the time. But we persisted. A few months into it, something shifted. Our voices started to strengthen and project. We started writing songs like Catching Fire and Oh Darlin’, and people began to stop. Crowds began to form. People started to dance and clap and sing and cheer loudly. Our music started connecting us with beautiful people and their stories. As the years went by and our name started to grow, venues and events began opening their doors. We started to really grasp what felt and sounded honest and true to us. It’s been a huge journey from these photographs to where we are now. These years weren’t easy. There were a lot of days we wanted to throw in the towel. But we didn’t. And neither should you. I hope this post reminds you that this moment right now is just a foothold to something better. Everyone’s path is different. Don’t give up just yet. The people in these shots didn’t know that amazing opportunities like the Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony and Riverstage and headlining festivals and releasing albums etc. were just around the corner. You never know where the road you’re walking will take you, so don’t you dare stop walking. This post felt appropriate to put out there before tomorrow night’s announcement. The next two months are going to be amazing, and I know without a doubt that the little barefooted buskers you see here would have been STOKED if they knew where they were headed. This band still has a long ways to go, but we’ve really learnt how to just enjoy the ride. Big love.
Busiest time of year begins next weekend. Hope to see you all. We also have a MASSIVE (yep all caps) announcement on Friday night. This is the big one. It’s time. Are you ready?
HAPPY SATURDAY FAM. We’re currently at the Gold Coast performing for the Masters Baseball Tournament. Having a sick night of music. Everyone here is v kind. We’ll be back at the Gold Coast next Friday night for a big show at @nightquarter for their Summer Concert Series. Main stage at 7pm. So pumped. Would love to see u all there. Life is so good right now. And we have a lot of exciting things to tell u next weekend aaahhh x 📸: @frycandyphoto
Our favourite Springsteen song. We love this one. Played this song for you a couple of years ago, but it’s since been tweaked (with the addition of Dan) so we thought we’d jam on it again this afternoon. Music heals.
This soul sister right here has been killing it lately with her sultry blues pipes. We’re playing Eat Street tomorrow night and Botanic Gardens on Sunday if you’d like to come and spend an hour or so with us, friends. Kahlia and Shani are also going to do a short live stream here on Insta tomorrow @ 1.30PM (Brisbane) while they get ready. Come with q’s and supportive emojis. See u soon xo 📸: @frycandyphoto
Joel thought I wouldn’t be able to lift this guitar over my head and boy oh boy did I prove him wrong look at me go. I almost broke my back though and will absolutely never do this again 👍🏽 Here are some life updates. Our gig was cancelled today which was sad. But last night’s show was wonderful and we have two more shows next weekend (see bio). We also just posted a lyric video for If I Should Die Before My Time (see bio again). Grateful to see this track receiving so much love on @spotify. Would mean a lot if you gave it a listen, friends. Lastly, the five of us have individual Instagrams now, with varying degrees of aesthetic pleasantness (tagged above). Joel’s trying. He’ll get better. Pls show him ur support. I mean, he can’t get worse right? See you all next weekend. New music is in the oven AND IT’S ALMOST DINNER TIME. I’m going to regret that line tomorrow but I’m willing to commit for now. Big love.
Very excited to announce that we’re on the @woodfordfolkfestival line-up this year! So many incredible artists. We can’t wait. Putting together one hell of a set for you all. Big love to you Woodford! #woodfordff 📸: @frycandyphoto
So much enthusiastic singing and dancing! Big love and thanks to all our Brizzy friends for coming out to the @themilkfactorybar. What a blast and a half. Thank you. 📸: @mikemeadepics
Very exciting times are coming. So much to tell you all soon. It’s good to be back home again. Still reminiscing about the incredible show we had at @underthetreesfest on Saturday. Love these shots. See you at The Milk Factory on Thursday, friends. Still a few tickets left. Link in bio. Can’t wait. 📸: @frycandyphoto
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