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How funny is it that our last wedding of the season and first frost fell on the same weekend? While I am glad that we delivered our last wedding this past weekend We have so much prep to do for next year’s wedding schedule, farming and our line of workshops we are working on and I’m so excited to share that with you shortly! For now, I’ll leave you with this beautiful ceremony entrance piece we made for J + C. Pampas grass framed the aisle asymmetrically, and I heard it was later used as a photo op for guests! For now, I’m headed to Raleigh to meet and be inspired by many flower farmers at the @ascfginc Conference! It’s always an exciting time to see flower friends! I hope you have a beautiful week! #flowers #wedding #inspiration #floraldesign #pampasgrass #montanawedding #beautiful #follow
Spending Sunday cataloguing Dahlias for our tuber sale this winter! It’s going to be amazing and I’m so excited for you to see all the new varieties I’ll have available this year! We’re finalizing our schedule for next year, so sale date will be confirmed later. Stay tuned for more! #dahlia #dahliatubers #letsmakeyellowtrendy #flowerfarmer
Just here to say “Happy Fall”! These Pampas grasses are going to our wedding install tomorrow along with some other goodies! I’ll show you more tomorrow! #pampasgrass #wedding #fall #soheavy #follow
The beauty coming out of the field is too much not too share! I’m not even going to apologize for the dahlia overload on my feed! 😬 a nice bunch going out today! “Mystique”, “Jowey Linda”, “Doris Duke”, and “Linda’s Baby”! Enjoy! #flowers #dahlia #flowerfarmer #farmerflorist #wedding #beautiful #follow #nofilter #theflowerhat #montanagrown
Miss Amara was a favorite last year and she’s even better this year! #flowers #dahlia #flowerfarmer
Love watching the farm waking up... it’s pretty chilly out here this morning, and we’re working on a very special project! Can’t wait to share more!! #flowers #dahlia #cafeaulait #flowerfarmer
Firepot... you may be growing on me... no pun intended. #flowers #dahlia #summer #flowerfarmer
I was out in the field today and the Dahlias were INSANE! This is “Rock Run Ashley” and i don’t even have a description for this color! What would you call it?! #flowers #dahlia #summer #follow #flowerfarmer 📷@haleygage_
It’s always tough when vacation comes to an end, but it makes it easier knowing that we didn’t get a frost back home (I hope!), and the Dahlias will be in full bloom! This dahlia is called “Miracle Princess”. #flowers #flowerfarmer #dahlia
Dahlia “Doris Duke” being all sorts of Smokey in the field! We’ll have tubers available in our dahlia tuber sale this winter! #dahlia #summer #flowerfarmer
Im currently in 🇧🇷 enjoying some time off, and I see orchids growing wild here everywhere! It made me think of These “Oncidium” Orchids that we used for a corporate event a couple months ago, as a sub for forsythia! Before you ask me, I’ll just tell you I did not grow these, hard to grow orchids in Montana. Lol anyway, Im on vacation but still planning on so much more for the future of The Flower Hat, I can’t wait to share with you. Enjoy this ray of sunshine! #flowers #orchid #riodejaneiro #brazil #vacation
Crazy hair don’t care! 😂After an incredibly successful and beautiful wedding season, it’s time to take some time off. Although vacation had a rough start, I think things are finally progressing now, so fingers crossed everything will work out! From a wedding standpoint, the timing for this getaway couldn’t be more perfect but if I am honest, it breaks my heart to leave the Dahlias behind. They are blooming their heads off right now and the field is a beautiful sea of all colors of the rainbow. Please say a prayer we won’t have a frost while I am gone so I can enjoy them a little bit when I get back. PS.: If you are wondering why the plastic on the beds, i have the answer! Because we had frost as late as 4th of July, I decided to leave the plastic on in case we could /should need to cover them in the fall . But much to my surprise, even though the plants had a bit of a rough start early in the season, after some heavy fertilizing and pinching and care and love, they have bounced back tremendously, bushed out and it’s impossible to cover them now. We just haven’t had a chance to pull the plastic out, hence the eyesore! lol #flowers #dahlia #flowerfarmer #farmerflorist