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The first round oh Christmas orders go out today! While I avoid posting armful shots of white flowers, these little chrysanthemum buttons are my go to for winter arrangements! They are incredibly hardy, the spray of flowers on each stem creates a beautiful 3-D effect and they can be found year round! Because I grow on such a small scale, this is definitely one of the varieties I choose to buy from a wholesaler, instead of growing my own. They are very cost-effective and does not make financial sense to grow in smaller quantities for me. What is your go-to flower that you cant get enough? Let me know in the comments! My second most used flower is spray rose “white majolica”! #flowers #chrysanthemum #floraldesign #theflowerhat
One of my favorite standard roses in peach is “Shimmer”. I know we’re in the middle of Holiday Season, but I get one order every year that requests peach roses. While I’d love to use Garden varieties, vase life is important for this client so Shimmer is my go to. There are so many different variations of Peach; what’s your favorite standard peach rose? I’ve also tried Finesse, Cumbia and a few others but somehow always come back to this beauty! #flowers #theflowerhat #rose #shimmerrose #follow
We're entering one of our busiest weeks of the year! With Christmas around the corner, holiday parties, home decor and so much more going on, this week promises to be one of the most productive of the year! Time Management is crucial and making sure that not a minute goes to waste is key. But Friday evening will roll around and I'll have a chance to breathe again! ahahah Until then, I'll try to update my stories so you can see all the magic we're creating in the studio! Arrangement pictured is from last year but it follows this week's theme, which is quintessential Christmas, in Reds, Whites and Greens and I can't wait! How's your week looking like? Who's still hosting Wreath Workshops? Or Pop-Up Shops? What's keeping you busy this week? Let me know in the comments! #flowers #flowerhatmade #christmas #follow
Today, I’m throwing it back to a few Saturdays ago to Jaclyn and Casey’s Wedding. This was our last wedding of the 2018 season and I looked forward to it ALL season long! I designed this entrance to the ceremony off-centered, I didn’t want it to look like a hallway. The left side of the installation came almost all the way into the aisle, making the bridal party have to jog over to the right to walk past it. I wanted it to have a feel of a whimsical dried pampas grass garden. I used pampas (both dried and fresh), bunny tail grass and those AMAZING dried ferns that Jenna from @florabundanceinc hooked me up with! This whole installation is floral foam free. While we used all dried flowers that obviously didn’t need water, had we had the need to add fresh flowers, we could have still done it foam free because of the mechanics we used! J This will definitely be a case study in our workshops coming up this summer as we’re getting more and more requests for it! Doing a large piece like this not only enhances the ceremony site, but it also becomes a huge focal point of the wedding and guests can use it as a back drop for pictures! I love creating statement pieces like this, but I want to know from you: What’s your favorite arrangement to create for a wedding? Let me know in the comments! #floraldesign #weddings #flowerhatmade #pampasgrass #inspiration #follow #beautiful #montanawedding
If you’re a florist, are you like me, and stop everything you’re doing when a photographer sends you photos of a wedding you did just so you can see the flowers?! I just got some galleries back from @franzephotography for a couple of weddings we did together this past season and I had to share this one! Me and beautiful Megan, who got married to Dan at one of my favorite venues, @320_guest_ranch! The bridal bouquet was filled with locally grown gems, including Dahlias, zinnias, celosia, hibiscus foliage, Scabiosas and snaps! Delivering the bridal bouquet is by far my favorite part of the whole wedding process! Is it yours too? This was One for the books! Happy Friday! #flowers #wedding #flowerhatmade #bride
Another fun, sold out workshop tonight! Thank you to everyone who came out! Your wreaths turned out absolutely beautiful! I’m going to set aside more time to do these winter classes next year to accommodate the number of requests we received after the classes quickly sold out. Im humbled by your interest in our classes as that helps us define the direction of our little company for next year. Thank you for your continued support! I appreciate it! We’ll also be investing in better lighting for the studio! 😂 Also: how do you feel about ribbon on your wreaths? A must? Depends on the final product? Or do you pass? Let me know in the comments! We had a discussion about it this evening. #flowerhatworkshop #theflowerhat #wreath #wreathmaking #holiday #christmas
We had such a great time last night in the first of two Wreath Workshop Series! It was so fun to see how everyone used the materials to make their wreaths personal to them! They all turned out beautiful!  We’re doing it again on Thursday on another sold out class and I can’t wait! We’ll be offering small floral design classes during the summer as well, besides the workshops, so stay tuned for more information on those! Happy Wednesday! #flowers #flowerhatworkshop #wreathmaking
Have you noticed just how busy you get during a time you previously thought would be "slower"? I used to think "once wedding season is over, I'll have time to catch up on this or that". Nope, not true! Time Management is such a struggle these days. With so much needing attention, all at the same time, it's hard to prioritize what needs to get done first. I'm exercising the "one task at a time" strategy and hoping to end a project I begin, before jumping on the next one. Right now, I'm knee deep into collecting photos for the Workshop Page of the website, which is coming along oh-so-nicely! I can't wait to share with you! I'm hoping to have it up and running by the end of the week! I'll be offering a 2-day and a 3-day workshop. They differ a bit one from the other in the fact that we'll cover all things FLORAL DESIGN BUSINESS in the three day workshop: how to get clients, how to market your work, proposals, contracts all the way to the wedding day! Stepping back and analyzing our process to be able to teach it has been by far one of my favorite activities I've ever done in my business. I didn't have anyone to teach me how to do this and I had to figure it out on my own. Workshops weren't an option when I started, so I'm glad to be able to share with you our process and I'm segmenting it all into actionable steps you'll be able to take back and apply to your business. How are you spending your Sunday? Happy December! #flowers #theflowerhatworkshop #floraldesign #business
I’m going to promise myself I won’t make another Fall Arrangement until next year now! Ahah I made this one last night during a Live Session in #theflowerhatexchange Facebook Group! We talked about mechanics, color (My original plan was to do a purple/lavender and copper arrangement, but it didn’t quite work out that way, as you can see! I talk more about color in the video). I also talked about Texture as well, since my previous post got you guys talking about it too (besides the spelling of zuhzh 😂). If you’d like to watch the replay, join us on Facebook, search for “The Flower Hat Exchange”. Also, flower hats are still available on our online store for immediate shipping! Get yours today before they all sell out! Link in Profile! #flowers #saturday #fall #flowerhatmade
Have you ever wondered why sometimes your arrangements just end up looking a little too "flat"? I struggled with this issue for the longest time. I'd make arrangements using the most beautiful roses,  peonies, garden roses, ranunculus... but in the end, the final piece just didnt have that "oomph". After many years of trying different techniques, I found that I could easily zhuzh up (yes, that's a word, look it up!) the arrangements by adding TEXTURAL elements! This flower right here is called "Blushing Bride Protea" and is one of my favorite ways to add texture: it's beautiful and it sprays! The color is perfect for those romantic, blush weddings without taking away from that dreamy look we go for. It also comes in white! :) Consider adding it to your flower recipe next time! You will love it, if you don't already! What are some of your favorite textural elements you like to use? Let me know in the comments! #flowers #blushingbride #protea #wedding #pink #zhuzhitup ***DISCLAIMER: I DID NOT GROW THESE! Proteas are native to South Africa. No way I could grow them in Montana!***
Flower Hat Sales starts tomorrow, Thursday, at 10AM MST on our website (link in Profile)! Shipping WORLDWIDE!! I’m so excited to be offering two new super cool patterns that I know will sell out quick! Scroll over and check them out! The new black is one of my favorites!! And the white one is perfect for any occasion, how could you go wrong?! Well also have orange, red, pink and a few others available! I’ll put them in my stories today! See you there! #theflowerhathat #getthehat
FLOWER HAT SALE!! Over the last few months, so many of you have reached out via email, DMs, Facebook, etc, asking about THE HATS! We finally got them in stock again and some of your favorites are back plus a few brand new ones! Set your alarms: the sale starts at 10am Mountain on Thursday 11/29/18 in the SHOP section of our website! We’ll ship WORLDWIDE ! See you there! #theflowerhathat