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In-flight Chef@Etihad /Globe trotter/Food blogger /nutritional gastronomist-Mumbai/UAE

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The best men gets the best...
When the world inspires my food, I simply bring it to the plate. My definition of cooking is nothing but a practical approach of creative imagination, brought to delight our 5 senses.....
When chef tries to be a little cheesy....
A beautiful gift all the way from Zurich,dried wild flowers. While leaving Zurich,I was told if I ever missed Switzerland,the scent inside will take me back to the mountains.Its little things alone ,that make you feel so special.
Sometimes it's good to walk alone,as you realise,there's no better company than yourself alone....
Loving it @longines
Piece by piece they made a road
Feels like in the biology dissection room,than a charcuterie shop
Every cheese in France has a story behind it, a reason for its shape, a reason for its name , a reason for its existence. Let's uncover few of my favourite French cheeses in due course of time, stay with me on this page
For the love of #macaroons
These are a delicacy in its self, French blue lobster, unlike the other lobsters like Canadian  or Maine lobster  are fragile and difficult to transport and many die enroute. This make this delicacy a little expensive, while the taste simply stays devine..