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God made things so wonderful, that he surprises you in mysterious ways. This world is a beautiful place.
He reminds you of His devine presence, asking
'Never to loose hope, nothing is permanent, nor are your worries or troubles.
 Let this little night pass while a beautiful, new day awaits you.'
No matter where roads may lead, our journey is a lone one, step by step. While everyone's journey is different, final destination remains the same.
Your food is generally an expression of you and your inspirations. Keep your boring omelettes and fried eggs aside, add a little twist to your breakfast everyday, add a little love to it with a pinch of salt.
Sunny side ups, served on a herb toasted bread,being generous with hollandaise, gentle touch of paprika ,topped with english cheddar, sautéed mushrooms and some rich beef bacon, to gratin and served with potato rosties and a little salad to complete.
The flying chef's job demands a lot of travelling, at times you end up having breakfast ,lunch and dinner at 3 different places or countries. Not every time we satisfy our palette, and end up compromising on what ever we get. While shopping for my kitchen gadgets I ended up receiving a beautiful tiny little chopping board and a cute sharp knife as a gift.With hunger at its peak and the tuffest decision on what to eat?, a little inspiration from the weighing scale, thought of putting these tiny tools to use in my hotel room with simple stuff from the nearby grocery store, the result turned out to be extremely delightful. Life indeed is all about choices we make, what we eat definately defines us.
Southern spice
Some memories are too beautiful to cherish. Welcoming Mr & Mrs. Gonsalves..
The greatest blessing of all is a family.... 😇
Food n me, Chef so special
We need to learn to rise and glow, even when the darkest of dark spreads it's wings. It's only then such are called stars.