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POUTINE 🍟@deckmnl
My favorite Grilled Beef Bahnmi @bonbahnmi 🌯NOMNOM!!!
Beach front view @ambassadorinparadise 🌴
Quick weekend getaway with @ambassadorinparadise 🌴
@tropicalhut 🍟
Tried @oishiph newest milk tea in a box. I loved it! Just the Perfect drink to beat the summer heat! 😛😅
This is available on all grocery stores.
Haven of Juices!found it at Naia Terminal 3. @fruitmagicph 🍐🍒🍍🍉🌰🍓🥝🥑
I really like the very neat and easy to store packaging for the 110grams. The 90grams is too small and super bitin. 🙁
You can order online or purchase at selected SM Stores. It's more expensive if you buy one in SM kasi may patong na nevertheless it's still worth trying.
I really like how the potatoes were not too thinly sliced. The salted egg flavor is generously scattered on the chips, hindi tinipid so I guess i'm getting what i'm paying for.
It's yummy and extremely addictive!
What makes it different: It has a little sweetness in the end, it's oiler than usual but still crispy, thicker salted egg flavouring.