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I mainly do it for the golden showers.
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Built for speed 🚀
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Messing about in boats. Pretty pretty, right?
My dear old mother's travelling down to the Senior World Champs in Chile today. She's always looked better on a ski than me but I used to outdo her for hair. Good luck mum!
That's 1991 World Champion and all time water ski legend Lucky Lowe. Saturday I got to ski in the same event as him (but riding significantly less cool equipment). What a life.
📸 - @mcboatcompany
Buoys, BBQ and Beers, the genuine best water ski event of the year (if we do say it ourselves), is on tomorrow. The Boarding School is the venue. Big spray, big crashes, very little solemnity and a lot of fun being had doing it.
Steve, the legend who owns the club I ski at in the summer, always says "when the sun's out in England there's nowhere else you'd rather be". Hard to argue when his lake looks like this.
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Back when the hair was longer and everything was a bit brighter.
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Last set before sending our new boat off to King of Darkness this weekend. I'll be joining her for the slalom event Saturday evening. People of Florida,  I would highly suggest getting over there.
info drop, - @kingofdarknesswaterski
Slo-mo summer water slicing at Herbs Cup.
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Holidays are over. Getting after it again as the cold starts to come in.
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Work sucks, I know.
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