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World Champ 😁
The Mary Poppins of water skiing πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§
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Cruising out of the USA for a little time in the old continent. I'll be breathing the cold air of England by the morning, just in time to see the start of our march towards World Cup glory πŸ˜‹
πŸ“· - @jimmymcclure313
A weekend to forget on the water at the @lake38 Pro buuuuut I WON MY FIRST DARTS TOURNAMENT!!! World Champs here I come, I'm gonna be throwing treble 20s for work when this skiing things done. Maybe.
Heading north for the Lake 38 Pro on my last weekend in the USA for a little while. The only way to spend it.
πŸ“· - @spencer_shultz79
Front flip fall to a slightly forced grin in about two minutes last week at Masters. Currently rebuilding.
πŸ“· - @garrettcortese
@waterskinationoff are putting in the hours to get you to a lake anywhere you go. Not all heroes wear capes.
Floridian sunset ski sets for the win.
πŸ“· - @jimmymcclure313
Herbs Cup - hands down the best week of the year. @radarskis just put out the edit from last year's event when I had dumber/ cooler hair.
No tournaments for at least 10 days. Just chilling.
πŸ“· - @vincephotography
Must try keeping eyes open next time. Might go better.
πŸ“· - @vincephotography
Not my day. "Gutted, mate".
πŸ“· - @vincephotography
Made the Final Four at Masters today in some fairly ordinary conditions. I'll be going up against some big boys for the title tomorrow.
πŸ“· - @garrettcortese
They took it when I wasn't ready 😁. Masters in the morning, weather permitting.