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World Champ 😁
The Mary Poppins of water skiing 🇬🇧
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As a kid I was told I have "a serious lack of finesse" on a trick ski. Some things never change.
This is how my season ended, both literally and metaphorically. Sucks to suck but I'm starting my first off-season since 2015 to get harder, better, faster, stronger, gooder. Next year!
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Made the cut! Finals of the European Champs on Sunday here in Greece. 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧
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You're looking at my favourite place to be in the world.
This is how it feels to fly to France for a week and ski like a pleb in two straight tournaments 🙃
Holding back tears behind the smiles this afternoon on my last day of summer at the greatest ski club in the world. I don't care what everyone else says, Steve Glanfield is a saint!
Sometimes I miss finals but when I do it's not because I didn't try. This one put me back in my place a little.
Heading up the coast to South Carolina. Malibu Open qualifying tomorrow to try to retain last year's title 💪.
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If there's a spiritual home of water skiing it's probably Radar Lake in Seattle where a big chunk of this sport was crafted. Its also pretty as hell. Basically I kind of love skiing there.
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Getting some water time in before the Malibu Open next weekend. Swing swing. 📸 - @tonyteske
Questionable appearance decisions.
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What a week at Radar Lake. Skiing, tents, beers, camp fires - water skiing done the right way by the boys at @radarskis. Thank you for having me, looking forward to next year.
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