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World Champ 😁
Definitely more of a Jeremy than a Mark.
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Occasionally the locks did flow. Sunsets with the magnificent @johnjeffries behind the lens.
This where I live. Wakeboard in the front, party in the back. @theboardingschool is the spot.
Questionable life choices since at least '09. #tbt
Less hair, more speed.
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Before ➡️ After.
R.I.P The Fro. 2010-2017.
📷 - @jimmymcclure313
It's been a year since I got back on my ski for my first sets after ankle breakage. Getting back to a competitive level from there is the most daunting thing I've faced in this sport. I'm lucky to have had the best help along the way. It took me beyond recovery to new levels.
📷 - @matthewjames___
I won the slalom in a jump tournament 😎. King of Darkness champ for 2017 to fully finish up the year. It's not been a bad one. And what an event it was.
📷 - the multi talented @joshpalma
Deep turns this off season.
📷 - @olivierteste
Party on, Wayne.
📷 - @spencer_shultz79 (he has a ski calendar coming out)
UL Monroe - 28 Time National Collegiate Champions of The World.
One handed gate turns went extinct in 2011. I'm a dinosaur 🐸.
📷 - @johnjeffries
Blink and you'll miss it.
📷 - @marcelo.cevalloss