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OOF I love my bean so much!! Hes just what I need. He's cute, lovable, adorable, crazy, bad, H O T, and he's everything I've asked for. - Rachel 😺💙

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I love him so much.. 😍 Hes everything i could ask for. He's the best boyfriend i've ever had. Thank you baby 😘😍
Hhh... After a few days of me getting ungrounded.. HE GETS GROUNDED.. I love him tho. 😘
I spent the entire day with this cutie. It was so much fun. Swimming in a lake, meeting some of his family, almost falling asleep on him. I hope we can do it again tomorrow.
Me when someone says something bad about bae. I love you so much austin. I couldnt live without you.
spending the day with her its been great so far
watching a movie with her ilysm
i love talking to this beautiful girl she makes me smile even when i dont wanna ilysm rachel haile💗❤💗
I love this good bean so much. He's super lovable!! 😍😘
night ilysm ill talk to u tomorrow
i love talking to her😘 cant wait to see her again