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A kids cancer charity, run by a dog, aiming to change the world by spreading kindness to those fighting and grieving, and awareness to the world! 🎗❤️🍩

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Hey friends we wanted to share an update from one of our closest little cancer fighters, Oliver. Oliver’s latest scans show that a portion of his tumor has grown by 25% and it has not shrunk in any areas. It’s unfortunately in the region where operating isn’t an option, so another surgery isn’t possible. And chemotherapy did not work to shrink his tumor, even after 8 rounds. We are waiting on additional test results and then will proceed with a PET scan. 
Please keep Oliver’s family in your thoughts and we will keep you updated on ways to help them. If youre in a position to support Oliver’s family with financial help right now, you can find their GoFundMe link right here
▶️◀️ 🎗To help Oliver and other fighters like him, you can always donate to The Good Boy Foundation on 🎗Venmo: @TheGoodBoyFND
🎗PayPal: 👕Grab an awareness t shirt on Etsy:

Or learn more about what we do to help families at 🐶 The Good Boy Foundation is a 501c3 non profit organization🐶
Gus used to love to go with me to donate blood! 
Cancer patients often need lifesaving blood and platelet transfusions to replace valuable blood products lost during chemotherapy, radiation, surgeries, and BMT. Right now our Cincinnati @hoxworthbloodcenter has an 🚨 EMERGENCY NEED for O NEGATIVE blood. 🚨That happens to be the same blood type as one of our favorite neuroblastoma warriors, Oliver! 
Blood donation is a HUGE act of kindness to support our little cancer fighters. If you have about 15 minutes (and especially if you are O-) please sign up to donate at or call 513-451-0910
Dear Santa,

As everyone puts in their last minute gift requests I hope you hear the children who don’t want any things at all, and only have one wish. For you to take away their cancer. 
And to all a goodnight,

Love Gus ❤️ 🐾 
Thanks for celebrating Christmas with us yesterday!! We appreciate everyone who came out to support our kids! 
Don’t have your perfect holiday costume for your photos tomorrow? Well don’t worry because Izzy is bringing some of hers! We’ll also have a big bag of bribes... er.... treats! To reward your good boys and girls for sitting pretty. See you tomorrow at 6pm at @queencityradio for our photos with Santa event!! 100% of the proceeds go to supporting families dealing with childhood cancer 🎗❄️🎄😫🍩❤️🌟
Don’t forget about our photos with Santa event on Monday at @queencityradio at 6pm!! See you there!! #ChildhoodCancerAwareness
Bring your pup, or kids, or bird?🧐 to @queencityradio on December 17 for photos with Santa Paws! $10 gets you all the photos we take and all of the money goes to The Good Boy Foundation!
Today we are SCREAMING happy 4th birthday to our friend Paco!! Paco has had tremendous courage fighting stage IV high risk neuroblastoma. Today we were so fortunate to be able to spread A TON of kindness to his family that will last well into the holidays 🎄 🎅🏻 🕎 ❤️
Thank you to everyone who donated on PayPal, venmo, sent a check, or sent something from our wish list! 
Thank you to the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden, the Newport Aquarium the Cincinnati Museum Center, Wyoming Pastry Shop and Ria Hale for making his party happen! 
We will post the rest of the photos in the next few days but I was so just so excited to thank everyone! 
🎗🎗SQUAD GOALS🎗🎗 Support our childhood cancer fighter, Paco is fighting stage IV neuroblastoma and he’s coming it Cincinnati this weekend to celebrate his birthday. Paco will be turning 4 and we want to make it great!
Join Chase, Marshall, Rocky, Zuma, Rubble AND PACO while they fight pediatric cancer! Be part of our squad! ****
Limited run on these shirts only small quantities available. Toddler shirts and gray and red, youth sizes are blue and white. 👕 find them in our Etsy shop!
Hey Frens! 
You know around here we like to do birthdays big! So this weekend we are bringing our friend Paco, his 3 brothers and his parents into Cincinnati to celebrate his 4th birthday! 
Paco has stage IV neuroblastoma so we want him to have a great weekend. We got this whole family a hotel for the weekend, access to the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden, the Newport Aquarium and the Cincinnati Museum Center children’s museum! 
However we do have a few surprises up our sleeve for Pacos family 🙂 (they are blocked from this post! If you know them don’t tell them!) with some things to make Christmas a little bit easier. We have a few things on an amazon wishlist which can be found right here 🎗 🎗
But we’d also like to get a few target and Walmart gift cards to Pacos family can buy Christmas presents and some gas cards to get him back and fourth to the hospital for treatment! 
If you’re so inclined you can drop us a few dollars towards those gift cards on PayPal or Venmo 💸 Venmo: @TheGoodBoyFND
Or visit! 🥳🥳🥳🥳
If you don’t have to means to donate right now please just share! Share in your neighborhood groups, your mom groups etc. sharing helps us out TREMENDOUSLY!! The greater our reach is the more successful we will be! 🥳🥳🥳🥳
❤️❤️ I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the water to create many ripples ❤️❤️ YOU GUYS WERE A HUGE RIPPLE!🌊🌊 THANK YOU SO MUCH everyone who donated to our toy drive. Together we donated over 200 brand new toys to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital and gave hundreds of dollars in gift cards to families with children in the PICU, and ofcourse delicious @wyomingpastryshop donuts for the Hem/Onc and BMT nurses because, you guys.... they deserve ALL OF THE DONUTS. 🍩 🍩 
Since founding The Good Boy Foundation I have more often than ever been reminded of how fragile and precious life is. I’ve been touched by so many, learned so much and my heart has become so full and also so, so broken. Today Eli was with us. He worked through us to make sure every kid on Hem/Onc, and the day hospital got a toy to celebrate for him when we couldn’t. He made sure we had something to celebrate, even though he wasn’t here physically. Today we talked about Eli, we talked about cancer, and we talked about change. 🎗🎗🎗🎗
Mostly though, today was about kindness. When I think of Eli, I think of kindness, and relishing in the small things that make each day special. Be kind. Be brave. Be Eli. 
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Is the state of pediatric cancer awareness and research better than it was a year ago? 
Last year Eli was here, this year we are celebrating without him. 👏🏼ADVOCACY MAKES CHANGES
THE SQUEAKY WHEEL GETS THE OIL👏🏼 😡we need to start squeaking louder,fam😡

Tomorrow we have big plans for what SHOULD have been Eli’s 5th birthday. If you didn’t get a chance to pick up a toy, you can still donate to us, fee free,on PayPal or Venmo.
💸 Venmo: @TheGoodBoyFND
Or visit! 
We’ll make sure it gets put toward a toy or gift card for families in Hem/Onc at Cincinnati Childrens!