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So this is finally happening! It feels like we have been waiting for months but the floor installation is finally starting tomorrow πŸ™ŒπŸ» which means we get our living room back in time for Christmas! #parquet #herringbonefloor #londonhome #instahome #renovation #oakfloor
Fingers crossed we’ll be able to book the installation of the floor in today🀞🏻I miss having a sofa and watching the TV! #renovationlife #instahome #willitbedonebychristmas #livingroom
Once upon a time the plumbers arrived at 8am and didn’t leave until 8:30pm after fitting all the new rads downstairs. Now the heating is on for the winter, the end πŸ”₯ #StyleitDark #VictorianTerrace #diy #instahome
Finally had this light installed the other week - it’s only been in the box for over two years! We had it in our living room in our old flat but I think I prefer it in the bedroom ✨ #myhomevibe #ekbbhome
Things can only get better πŸ˜… we've taken up the hard cherry wood floor (that everyone seemed to love) and we still haven't decided what to replace it with! #renovation #diy #victorianterrace
Went for the super sized mirror for the dressing table and I absolutely love it! However trying to find the right chair is proving a bit more difficult!
We finally have wardrobes in the bedroom after almost a year, and it feels really weird to not have to go and get dressed in the dining room! #bedroom #fittedwardrobes #instahome #cornerofmyhome #myhomestyle
Absolutely love the difference the shutters have already made to the living room! Now to get started on that endless job list in this room πŸ™„ #livingroomdecor #instahome #londonhome #interior123
I made this little lavender filled star to hang in the nursery of my best friends new baby. I love making things and should probably find more time to do it. #PomPomsForLife #babygifts #nurserydecor #ireallywanttoquitmyjobbutwehaveamortgagetopay
Good morning! Is it me or are Mondays a little bit easier now as there is a brand new episode of GOT waiting for me when I get home πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ also this London print by Jenni Sparks in the Kitchen is one of my favourites.
I finally have a dressing table after 2 years πŸ™ŒπŸ» we got this floating drawer shelf built at the same time as the wardrobes and it hides so much stuff! On the look out for a mirror but have my eye on one from @houseofbrissi which I think will look just perfect! Oh and a chair...
Hooray for the weekend πŸ™ŒπŸ» I grew these hollyhocks from seed last year and they are so tall, this is the first year they have flowered and I've never seen any hollyhocks like them before 😍the garden is definitely a work in progress but we have come a long way from sieving ALL the soil in the garden last April #myhouseinaugust #gardenvibes #hollyhocks