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Who else gets excited with a new set of markers? and pens? papers? notebooks? LOL
Earlier today at the #philippineinternationalfurnitureshow. #design
Nice take home from the #PhilippineInternationalFurnitureShow.
This is us. ♡ Swipe left for more. LOL
Long read.. Earlier this year, we finally decided to give Ava her own iPad, my old one. Although she’s been able to use ours before, she was never entitled to one since she knows the gadgets were ours and she can only use them everytime we let her borrow. This one was finally set up for her with all the apps she likes which we chose and discussed if appropriate. She has no access to Youtube and Safari yet, only apps like Disney, etc.

I also taught her how to message me and Cholo so she can easily access us anytime she wants. And today, our decision to entitle her with her own iPad was validated.

During Ava’s afternoon nap, I told our Ate Michelle that she can do other stuff to utilize her time, which means she can either go up the 4th floor or go down the ground floor. Our room’s on the 3rd floor. I just told Ava that when she wakes up with nobody else in the room, all she needs to do is go out by the stairs landing and call, “Hello, anybody home?”. This we were able to practice during the holidays so I know for sure it works.

So earlier, this happened. When she couldn’t find anyone, she texted me. I did not expect her to manage it this way. She’s just 5 years old, maybe I still think too much of her as a baby but this has got me ugly crying inside.

PS: Ate Michele just went outside with Cara to buy merienda. Only took a few minutes before they went back to the room. OA lang ako sa panic.
Stunning natural light. #travel #CostaPacifica #Baler #MAACTitoBaler2018
5 Years of breastfeeding and still counting. It’s one of those things that made me feel so emotionally proud and accomplished. When time comes that I won’t be able to breastfeed anymore, I’ll have this keepsake to remind me how beautiful it has been.
In between slimes, I got this. ♡
♡ #procreate
Finally found a practice project! #Letterpixels’ #punnyvalentines challenge.
Cara ♡ #DayswithCara #Cara7mos
Extra yummers.