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INTENSE. @lslchocolatesph
Our first domestic flight with the kids and Cara’s First Birthday trip all logged in their @simplyforflying book from ✈️
When I’m not in the office, this has been my go-to footwear ever since I got them from @tutumshop. Even on a rainy day like this!
The unexpected candids. ♡
T’was a great day. ♡
Our loot from! We got invited to their #budsbabyphcomingoutparty last Saturday and we enjoyed learning about their products. With Cara’s atopic dermatitis, I was particularly excited about their line of organic eczema treatments. Check out their website and see what they have, not only for babies but for moms as well! Enter my promo code BUDS10OFFHAPPYMRST and get a 10% off treat c/o #budsbabyph. Super awesome!
When you see your crush. Swipe left. #DayswithCara
Second ball pit for this weekend thanks to @theplaygroundstore. She’s not complaining. #EverydayAva
She was so proud she found this lone big ball in the pit. Hello weekend! #EverydayAva
Brunch. ♡
Weekend cap off. Butterbeer! #backyarding
Who else gets excited with a new set of markers? and pens? papers? notebooks? LOL