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She was most excited for Rome because she has a book with some of the famous structures found here.
This girl, this trip. β™‘
In a little town called Volendam, my heart panicked because CHEESE and STROOPWAFELS!
Yes, she may be the littlest, but this one’s the toughest in snow!
Our littles didn’t seem to mind the cold! This one the most. Making snowballs, catching snowflakes with her tongue and making snow angels!
First leg of our trip was in Amsterdam and look what decided to welcome us! ❄️❄️❄️
Weekend good vibes β™‘ #EverydayAva #Ava5yrs1mo
Midnight shopping to next day (before lunch!!!) delivery. Ang saya palagi sa @beautymnl 😊
In choosing venues for your event, must be #instagrammable yes? #EverydayAva #Ava5yrs
Someone started turning over recently.. πŸ‘ΆπŸ» #DayswithCara #Cara4mos
Chichi 2.0 #bagongbuhay