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I make hand made geeky jewellery. Any jewellery you see and want, you can buy from my etsy shop.

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Making Captain Planet rings. Images in rings made from scratch. #handmadejewelry
Finishing touches for the Nakama Omamories I'm making. #handmade.
Omamori making. <3 #handmade
Pink Neko-chifs (cat scarfs)
Made some red polka dot Neko-chifs. (Cat scarfs)
Prototype of Persona 5 neko-chifs (cat scarf). Pic 1.
Prototype of Persona 5 neko-chifs (cat scarf). Pic2
Working on some herb necklaces. ;)
(Late update)
Working with dice.
(Late update)
Working on some potions.
Ready to make some sushi jewllery. <3
(late update)
Nice and set.