My heart beats for the win, and nothing less.


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My next ride.
Abased or abounding, it’s necessary to find the beauty of the season you’re in. And to know that hope promises a better day. . .always. Hold on to that. 👊🏼🍁
He has set us free to be His very own. #Psalm107 #TPT
Hope is the thunderous artillery that despair cannot overcome. Hold on to hope, brave one. 👊🏼
Hawaii-like one day, and polar-like the next. Proud to be Canadian. 🇨🇦 #rollwiththepunches #latergram
It’s been said, but it’s usually darkest before dawn. #latergram
At the beach, in the water, on October 9th. . .in Canada. I will take it.
This boy of summer isn’t ready for fall yet (am I ever?). . .but. . .Happy Thanksgiving, friends! 🇨🇦
I’m a guitar guy at heart, but it’s been too long since I’ve sat down in front of the piano.
During one of the toughest days/weeks I’ve ever experienced with health, I got the news that one of my songs was nominated for an award. Highs and lows, right? Although I don’t know why some things happen, I don’t believe the darkness is ever a reflection of the One Whose goodness knows no bounds. I’m sharing this to hopefully encourage those of you walking in the valley of the shadow. . .this is not the end. The ultimate dream-giver is still dreaming His dreams for you, and His plans for your life are as intact as they’ve ever been. I need these reminders, too, and got a good one this week. . .He’s better than we know. Let’s stay the course, friends. 👊🏼 #latergram
This just in—“Christ The King” has received a GMA Covenant Award nomination for Seasonal Song of the Year! (The awards are in January). A big thanks to my producer Andre Antonio, for helping bring this vision to life, and to all of you who have encouraged, supported, and believed in this single. To borrow from the lyrics, ‘He’s here, He’s come, He is why I sing'!