My heart beats for the win, and nothing less.


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The darkness should have known. . .
You’re still rolling stones.
Caught in a patriotic moment 😉🏒 @coloradoavalanche
Kinda late in posting, but the Avalanche beating the Red Wings also makes me happy. Some rivalries run deep, what can I say 😉🏒 Photo cred: @coloradoavalanche #latergram
Good things ahead. Really, really good things.
Thanks everybody for the encouragement and support! 👊🏼
While I work on my comeback to the actual tennis court, I find some solace in slugging it out on the virtual one. Watch out, Novak Djokovic. . .this world #1 is coming for you 😉
Few things make me happier than when Nate MacKinnon defeats Sidney Crosby. Just sayin’ 😉 
Photo cred: @coloradoavalanche #goAvsgo
For hundreds of years, people anticipated the coming of the Messiah. And, although Jesus did come, I’m amazed with the hope and anticipation that still accompanies Christmas today. It’s not that an infinite King hasn’t already come; it’s that there’s more of Him our finite beings have yet to experience. This year, and every other year always, may I/we never lose the wonder. #athrillofhope
Bonfire things 🔥 #latergram
THREE DAYS of sun in a row. . .it’s like Christmas came early! 😎👍🏼🇨🇦
You have done miraculous things, plans formed long, long ago and fulfilled with perfect faithfulness. —Isaiah 25 #thebestissoontocome
Oh, you know, just napping in Santa’s chair 🤣