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📝 Currently @ University of Leeds
🌎 Soon to be on summer travels
💻 Blogger from time to time


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Ilha Grande 🌧
Saõ Paulo was the one bit of sun we have seen on our South American “summer” adventure ☀️😂
Prancing around the Tigre Art Museum, Buenos Aires
Had a BALL on my last night at Leeds Uni 😥 thanks for the best years ✨
Wearing yellow to be as sunny as this weather when finishing our degrees ☀️☀️☀️☀️ 👋🏼 Bye Uni😢
Feeling 22 last night ✨✨✨ Twinning with @rubysterland with our wings - thanks to everyone who made my bday such an amazing day xoxoxoxox
Pretty houses at the weekend
V overexposed Polaroid’s from Krakow ❄️
Dissertation ✅  yaaay✨
🍩 with @chloefpotter
From what feels like weeks ago with @rubysterland! One exam down one to go and I finally have new content on my blog ✨✨✨✨✨