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Lena L. The EP Is Now Available On All Digital Platforms! #TKWTG


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F*ck Depression....
I hope this helps.....Official Video out right now. #LenaL #TKWTG
F*ck Depression.. Bio.
T H E O N E ' S 🌹
over a decade in & forever to go.. happy birthday friend, I appreciate & love you more than words can explain. my dawg forever no matter what🌹
yeah, the intro is my favorite too, I appreciate you🐐💕 @waiters3
S T A Y I N G L I T ⭐️
@youngwill_i_am thank you, period💕
put me through anything, I'll figure it out.
Y'all be out here worried about the WRONG SH*T..
Imagine if I never met the broski? GODS PLAN⭐️🌎