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Fresh duck sausage made with the @kitchenaidusa Metal Food Grinder Attachment! These duck sliders with #Raclette cheese, #figjam and arugula would make a great upscale appetizer. Link in bio for the complete recipe! What would you be inspired to create with the Metal Food Grinder Attachment? #forthemaking #sponsoredpost #ad #kitchenista #kitchenistadiaries
Partnering with @KitchenAidUSA to try out their new Metal Food Grinder Attachment gave me the perfect reason to try making my own duck sausage! It was easier than I expected, and I appreciated that the metal parts could be chilled first for a clean grind. The result: savory duck sliders with sweet fig jam, gooey #Raclette cheese and crisp arugula! Can’t wait to add this appetizer to my next #dinnerparty menu! Head to my blog to grab the recipe, learn more about using the Metal Food Grinder with your #KitchenAid Stand Mixer, and watch how it all came together. Link in bio! #ad #forthemaking #sponsoredpost #kitchenista #kitchenistadiaries
Spicy #okra stew with oxtail stock, shrimp, tomatoes, spinach. Spiced with #shito. Landed somewhere between gumbo, Charleston okra soup and West African okra soups. Perfect for this rainy day. 🤗

ETA: Did not write a recipe for this but there are some notes in the pinned thread on my Twitter page.

#kitchenistadiaries #kitchenista #okrasoup #okra
Last week of summer! I’m reminiscing about our #KitchenistaSundays staycation in DC. We rented a spot and treated ourselves to charcuterie, wine, a chauffeured night on the town, brunch, in-home mani/pedis, happy hour and Sunday dinner. Video recap by @shaylaracquel! 💛 #kitchenistadiaries
Scrambled eggs, salsa, fried plantain, refried black beans, plain yogurt (subbed for crema), avocado & tortilla. Inspired by a #Salvadoran breakfast using the ingredients I had on hand. Loved how every bite was a perfect combo of flavors no matter how you mix it up! #kitchenistadiaries #kitchenista
Braised #oxtail tacos w/ marinated onions/cilantro/hot sauce. Highlight of my week thus far. Make that the month. Last shoot for #kitchenistadiaries volume 2! #kitchenista #tacowednesday #tacosaremylovelanguage
Caramelized figs stuffed with goat cheese and duck bacon, finished with a spicy honey and vinegar reduction. Always intrigued by the idea of creating one perfect bite. Still finessing this...liked the duck fat flavor but not sure I need to incorporate the actual piece of bacon next time. Luckily figs are in season so I get to keep playing with it. 🙌🏾 #kitchenistadiaries #kitchenista #appetizers #figseason
The warm weather and abundance of fresh produce will be coming to an end soon here, but there's still time to capture the essence of the season! What's your favorite thing to can in the summer? This week I'm working on canning my final batches of Guajillo Cherry BBQ sauce promised to a few friends, and some jars to stash in our pantry. Cherries are only affordable for a short window of time so I always take advantage of that. The bbq sauce recipe is an oldie but goody on my blog, link in bio. Many thanks to @ballcanning for sending out some canning supplies for this season! Today I'm using some of their classic jars as well as the new amber colored jars, which block out light to protect food even longer. You can check out the #BallCanning 101 guide to learn how to safely can produce, jams, pickles and sauces at home; that link is also in my bio.  #sponsored #kitchenistadiaries #kitchenista #bbqsauce #canningseason
Are you ready for the recipes in #KitchenistaDiaries Volume 2 yet? 🤗 Buttermilk #bananapudding pie, fresh cream, Lemon Nilla wafer crust, salted caramel drizzle. The tang of buttermilk used in the custard really cuts the sweetness so you can enjoy the flavors. It’s blended with bananas and layered with banana slices at the bottom. I’m not kidding when I say this is Top 3 pies I’ve ever made. Also it sliced beautifully so I was overjoyed lol. #kitchenista #dessertwasworthit
Ate all my veggies so I could have pie. 😇
Summer #succotash with produce mostly from Buckland Farm. Sweet corn, okra, zucchini, cherry tomatoes, Vidalia onions and lima beans. Cooked with a little duck fat for savory flavor, salt and cracked pepper. In the summer I really appreciate just tasting the vegetables. #kitchenistadiaries #kitchenista #castironskillet
Fresh salmon burger, grilled pineapple, spicy mayo, ginger scallion slaw, brioche buns. Sketched out my idea before I tested the recipe and outdid myself. 🙌🏾 These were phenomenal...the burger itself is worth discussing. Another time. Can’t share the recipe yet lol. That is all. 🔥 #kitchenistadiaries #sousvide #recipetesting
Minced two pounds of salmon by hand for burgers tonight. Worth it. 🔪: #Kamikoto #ad #kitchenistadiaries #kitchenista (Cooked sous vide 125° then grilled. No filler. More details on the burgers to come at a later time.)