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What does next level marketing look like?  Pop up automatic video player in the mail.  Wow.  When tvs become disposable?
One of the great things about my job is meeting people with ties to McCurdy.  I love sharing what we've done, but also learning a little bit of history.  Today the previous director of the assisted living came in.  I'm currently sitting in her old office, which before her was the director of the hotel.  Other than being one of the coolest rooms in the building, it was also the first room in Evansville to have air conditioning. (Ironic that now I have a fan) #eisforeveryone #mccurdy #freehistory #ididntfactcheckthat
So excited for all those who have been waiting for so long.  Still work to do, but glad to start sharing our space with some tenants.
2017 river run is in the books.  Congratulations Ron Kirby.  Next year hopefully a few more fans will be cheering you on from the McCurdy!
Derby party set up.  Our first public sneak peak into the McCurdy.  Hoping for a successful fundraiser for the Reitz museum.
We are so excited to share this exciting news with you, Proper Coffee, coming soon to the McCurdy, downtown Evansville.
Where my food trucks at? It's been weeks.  #evansville #downtown  guess it's #jimmyjohns for the win. @14news , did I miss the story?
The restoration of the original, what appears to be pharamacy, floors has begun.  We are excited that these floors will once again welcome customers into our new coffee shop soon.
Old school electrical fuse panel. #mccurdy
Out with the old, and in with the new. New elevator motors being raised to the roof. #mccurdy
CNC goals.  Well done, @hps_specialist
Warming up your cold day with some new chandeliers.  #mccurdy