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If you’re quick, it’s BOGOF in Asda today. 🤓🤓
#twins #stereowhinging #nothingfreeaboutit
I’m sitting on the loo and my wife just slid this under the door...😂
“Went the museum to see the dinosaurs and it was unreal how ancient and decrepid they looked but then Mummy explained we were still on the bus and it was rude to stare and point at old people.”
Only just uploaded last week’s blog to my website, click link in my bio for a butchers...
This was me last night. Bloody gutted I was.
I’m such a smoothie ❤️x
Me and my minions ❤️❤️ (They’re watching Peppa Pig. I’m drinking luke warm nuclear-strength coffee. We’re all very happy.)
#reachforthelasers #safeasfuck
🌹are red, violets are blue, some poems rhyme but this is more a reminder that my book makes an excellent Valentine’s gift for your beloved! (Click link in bio)🌹 Especially with uber-romantic chapter titles such as ‘No Sex Please, We’re Parents.’ 😁 (Although if you’re considering getting a book called ‘Confessions of a Learner Parent’ as a secret Valentine’s gift for someone you’re not actually with, I’d have a word with yourself as it might freak them out. 😬)
Because nothing says ‘FUN’ like 28 different rules.
At this stage I won’t rule out the same happening tonight... 😴
Bit late for condoms now mate.