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Two shows tonight at the beautiful @hwccliverpool 😁 I used to get off my chops in this room as a student before it was converted so it’s still proper weird doing stand up in the exact spot I once took my top off and did the Truffle Shuffle after 12 turbo shandies and a dirty pint 🍻😂
Chatted to @djsaracox last night about my upcoming tour - she was so lovely! All dates / tickets via link in bio ⬆️
Late train to London…I’m on the @djsaracox show tonight on Radio 2, chatting all things parenting, my upcoming tour and how I’m more exhausted than a snail who just did the Great North Run. Felt proper fooked so grabbed myself an espresso at the station and now I’m buzzing but just worked out that I’ll be slap-bang in the middle of a violent caffeine comedown at the exact time I’m on air (11.10pm). OOPS 😬 Tune in if you want to hear a grown man crying for his mum on national radio.
To engineer 2 mins to sit down I’ve hatched a convoluted premise that I’m a ‘poorly giraffe’ who needs to go to the ‘poorly giraffe hospital’ but due to government cuts to the ‘giraffe NHS’ I’ve got to wait 6 months for surgery. #savethegiraffeNHS
One month today till my first tour kicks off! 😁 BUT I feel like a pretty rubbish dad and husband at the moment - constantly writing or rushing out to try new bits at different clubs. I’ve had such little time with the kids this weekend that this morning I was actually over the moon to be sat with one of my lads in the bathroom while he angrily squeezed one out. 😩 Tour starts Oct 16th, all dates and tickets via link in bio ⬆️⬆️
Thrilled to share a bill with these guys. Always been heroes of mine. #followyourdreams
Got BBC Merseyside coming to my house at 7.15am tomorrow. I’d be lying if I said this hadn’t crossed my mind.
Me, last night. #rockandroll
LOOK AT ME NOW MOMMA! I’M A CENTREFOLD MODEL! 😂 I reckon I actually suit staples in my face, don’t you think? (Thanks to @epsom_playhouse for featuring me in their Autumn / Winter brochure) For all tour dates / tickets check the link in my bio ⬆️⬆️