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At this rate we’re gonna need to hire a venue with A LOT of wall space for his 18th birthday.
Last night...
HAPPY FATHER’S DAY TO ALL MY FELLOW BEFUDDLED, DISHEVELLED, KNACKERED OLD SCOTES OUT THERE 👍 (My wife gave me a lie in and my boys let me watch an entire 35 seconds of the footy so I’m having a lovely day 💙💙)
Don’t tell my wife but I’m FINALLY next to @katyperry 😍😂 #uktour @axs_uk
Got them painting the shed with water...👍😂💧
And who’s this? It’s only the hilarious @dalisochaponda of Britain’s Got Talent and @bbcradio4 fame holding my little book! 👍🤓
Always a pleasure to host the @royalcourtliv Variety Lunch Club on Wednesday afternoons. 600 pensioners 👵 👴 bang up for it, bowls of scouse and cuppas all round. ☕️ Thanks to @jamie.sutherland1 for the pic 👍
Fingers crossed!🤞
Boss time at Martin Mere yesterday. Even when one of them put both legs in a pond and nearly dragged me in with him as we crossed the stepping stones. And even when the other one started chasing pigeons and nearly ran straight into the water like Reginald fookin Perrin. And even when I had to hold both of them over the most godforsaken compost toilet I’ve ever had the misfortune to spend time in. Despite these little hiccups, it was a truly boss day.