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Flew all the way to North Carolina for 3 full days to attend Nicks sisters wedding. If you know me, I like to go all out when I dress up for a wedding. I think this dress takes the cake. Organic cotton fabric with book print by @spoonflower, made into a dress by Linn (a fantastic tailor back in Saigon). Literally my dream dress come to life 💃 paired with my @ekokamidesign clutch and @katewood_originals sunnies of course. Sustainable wedding attire all over. Oh and Nick looks good too 🤩 /•/
In the next 3 and a half weeks I will be on 14 different airplanes. I just counted. Tomorrow’s flight to the US will total 6 different flights upon return. It takes 3 flights, with 2 layovers, just to get there. Then we have a return flight to Hanoi, which is 2 more, just after we get back. Plus add in our flights to Indonesia for spring break, the week after that, which consists of 4 flights for getting to Jakarta and back. But also flying into Borneo from there, so add 2 more. That just exhausted me thinking about it. I’m kinda glad we are taking a break from constant travel this summer after thinking about all the airplanes we will be on in the next while. I don’t know how people travel full time. I honestly don’t. I wouldn’t be able to keep up the constant air travel with no breaks in between. Though I must say, I feel fortunate that I have the ability to do this the way I do. I will be on more flights these few weeks than some will be on all year, or even their whole lives. Hard to wrap my head around sometimes /•/
Listen, I am obsessed with words. I collect dictionaries (though they sit in a box somewhere at my parents place in Canada). My favourite game is Scrabble (Words With Friends in app-land). My other two games on my phone are another word game, and jewel mania. I have conversations with Nick about words all the time. I’m reading a book called The Mother Tongue: English and How It Got That Way. What I don’t like... is men starting games with me on Words With Friends and then trying to slide into my DMs on the app. Like seriously? I just want to slaughter your ass in the game, not tell you how I am, or where I’m from. I find it creepy that you call me dear. I don’t want to talk to you... why are the ones who just say ‘hey’ or ‘how are you’ at first, always the creepiest of them all? I really wanna end the games, but like I’m beating them so badly right now that I also don’t 🤷🏼‍♀️ /•/
As the sun went down over the vivid green fields, on our walk back to our @airbnb in An Bang from Hoi An, we saw this baby water buffalo just grazing in the field with its mama. We took a moment to stop and watch the two incredible beasts, minding their own business and doing their thing. The baby was behind the mama, stretching its limbs at first. It was the most adorable sight. There was something so calming and beautiful about watching a mama and it’s babe while the sun went down. And then the baby looked like it was trying to snuggle and sniff its mamas backside. And just as it did, mama peed right on her baby’s face. And the moment went from peaceful to hilarious in a split second /•/
Happy International Women’s Day! Don’t worry, I’m not going to ask you to tag the woman who inspires you (just so they will come look at my page, cause that’s the reason people do that isn’t it?). What I want you to do is think of all the women in your life who are bad ass; the ones that raised you, the ones who taught you, the ones who love you, the ones who you couldn’t live without. Now show them love and compassion. Tell them how much they inspire you. Tell them how much you appreciate them. And not just today. Every time you think of it. Every time a woman does something amazing, uplifting, inspiring, incredible or even just helpful. Spread the love. There are some pretty bad ass woman out there, and I’m lucky that I got those bad-ass woman genes from my mum, @mari.blair, and a badass unicorn of a sister to look up to, @riotshannon. Happy Women’s Day to all you incredible souls! /•/
Your first reaction to this photo may be to laugh or say ‘aw so cute’, but to be honest, it was kinda just sad. Granted the monkey stole the ice cream from the woman as she was buying it from a vendor and it’s not like someone fed it to him. But when I went to Can Gio, here in Vietnam, a UNESCO world heritage site, to see wild monkeys, I tried to look up information on whether or not it was ethical. I read bits and pieces. Somewhere in the area there is a horrible monkey circus, that I obviously did not attend. But the only thing I really read was that monkeys steal your shit sometimes. But that was an understatement. In the short time we spent there, we saw more monkeys than you would normally probably see hanging out on a road. But these monkeys were used to people feeding them. When I was there it was peanuts, a peanut here or there, nothing crazy. But the monkeys wanted more. A few even climbed up the front of Nick. We watched two men get hats stolen, Nick’s sister got her iPhone taken (we got it back), a kid had her glasses taken and a woman took a sandwich out of her purse and had it snatched within seconds. Nick was the only one quick enough to save his hat when a monkey tried to take it. We watched monkeys fight over peanuts. We watched this monkey calmly wait for the ice cream freezer to be opened and the woman to have it in her hand, and then he ran and snatched it. I went to Can Gio to see for myself after not finding much valid information online, and being under the impression that wild monkeys in the forest were gonna be fun to spot and all that. But alas, humans as usual, go and ruin everything. It’s a shame, such cute weird looking creatures. I got a lot of great shots of monkeys that day, but if I could do it over, I’d never have gone at all /•/
So I held off writing about Montenegro for longer than I should’ve but I had good reason. There are so many blogs out there about the other places we went last summer, but less about Montenegro. I chose to post it now, in hopes that anyone looking into trips for this summer would consider this beautiful country as an option. I didn’t write a travel guide this time, just merely a few reasons why you should look into adding Montenegro to your summer 2018 travel plans. You won’t regret it. Okay I’ll tell you the top reason, this boat ride with @goldenfrogboat. Nick and I both agreed that it was our favourite part of our trip. Also did you know Montenegrin food is actually pretty delicious? Head to the link in my profile (or insta stories) to read all about it and see why you should start planning a trip now! /•/
As you may have seen from my Instagram stories all week, we were fostering this little guy. We volunteer at the animal rescue center here walking dogs (mostly on weekends) and helping out however I can. We would love to have a dog of our own but just don’t have the time and we travel so much, it just wouldn’t work out. So we do dog walks not only to help out, but to get our dog fill. And this week I got my puppy fill, that’ll last me awhile. Love puppies, but they are a lot of work. I know everyone wants a brand new puppy, they are adorable after-all, they are usually quicker to get adopted than an older dog. But when it comes time to adopt a dog, we will be choosing one a little older than this guy. Anyways, we gave this puppy up this morning, our foster duties are done. I will get my fill of dogs from my morning cuddles with Ragnar, the neighbourhood pup (not so puppy like anymore) and our dog walks with ARC.  I always told myself I would do more volunteering and never got around to it, always full of excuses. But the beauty of volunteering is you can find something that you enjoy and it can be a win-win situation. Anyone out there do any volunteering? If so, what kind of volunteering do you do? I wanna hear about it /•/
This guy was so impressed with how well Nick could throw the fishing net. Not so impressed with Jess and I and our lack of ability. I don’t know what it is about this photo but I just love it. Thanks to @melissacsquared who stayed on the boat and captured some great moments during our fishing lesson back in Hoi An /•/
All you need is love. And art. Art is exactly how I would describe @wanderlust.hotel. Art in the form of a hotel. This specific art can be found on the side of the back of the hotel /•/
Whenever I see signs to ‘beware of ______” in regards to wild animals, I mostly ignore them cause I honestly assume I won’t see them. Okay so really I just don’t want to get my hopes up cause I love seeing animals in the wild. While at Gardens by the Bay, in Singapore, Nick and I kept seeing signs about what to do if you see otters there. We assumed we’d likely never just see one trotting along, but alas we saw a romp of them (that’s one of the terms for a group), about 20 or so. They ran across the street up ahead of us and right down to the water. It was pretty surreal. They caught me off guard so I didn’t get many good photos but the experience itself was enough for me /•/
Which way to go next? I’ve been wanting to get back on the path of being a student again since I finished my graduate diploma in 2009 but I couldn’t figure out just what I wanted to do. The last 4 years I have wanted to apply to some kind of creative writing program, but just never applied. Well I finally applied to Humber College back in Canada for a Creative Writing program after doing research into all my options, and this morning I was accepted and will be a student once again starting in May (online). I got the email of congrats this morning before I had my coffee and I was way too preoccupied with our foster puppy, that it didn’t really sink in until now while I sit at my desk at work and accept the offer. I promised myself that if I got accepted, when the program starts that my instagram life and blog life would be pushed aside to really focus on it. I really want to write a book, it’s been my dream for awhile now and though I’ve made attempts, I feel like like this program is really going to help me achieve it. Get ready to be buying my book this time next year, k? /•/