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Every time we went for a walk in Cat Tien last week I said ‘I just want to see a deer cross our path up ahead’. Well on our last morning walk, on our way back, this beautiful creature graced us  by doing just that. Apparently I can just will wild animals to appear when I want them to  cause I’m an animal whisperer 🤷🏼‍♀️ or it was a coincidence. Either one /•/
Nick pointed to the trees and these incredible birds were playing around with each other. They were far away so I had to use my 300mm lens just to see them really. As I was taking photos Nick says ‘I think they are hornbills’. I didn’t think we’d be lucky enough to see them, as they are rarely seen. But when we looked at the photos on the camera and zoomed in a little more, they are definitely two hornbills. So cool to see them. And definitely made me want to get a lens that zooms even more for times like that /•/
I’m getting really sick of people asking me about my followers. So let me explain to those of you still asking or wondering. I don’t care anymore. Yes I’m below 10k again but that number means nothing to me. I hadn’t even noticed until another person pointed it out to me. I stopped caring about the numbers of instagram awhile ago. I stopped hash tagging. I stopped doing all the random things many people do to gain a following. I just post my pictures and my captions and move on. I barely scroll on here anymore. I watch your stories. I use DMs to talk with the people I still want to. But worrying about numbers was not fun or healthy. Sure having the swipe up function in my stories was pretty cool. But if that many people unfollowed me after I stopped posting as much, or now that I post less photos of myself and more photos of animals, they obviously don’t enjoy my content anymore so why should they follow me? I’ve unfollowed many accounts that I don’t enjoy anymore. Mostly companies or people who post way too much sponsored stuff. I’ve unfollowed every page on Facebook so my feed isn’t just all these travel blogs and I don’t get to see my friends real posts. I don’t blame people for unfollowing me. But I also don’t care so I don’t know why others would care about the state of MY following. So carry on my friends, I will continue posting at random and mostly wildlife photos. And you do you /•/
Moon bear 🐻thanks to @freethebears for an incredible week of learning and volunteering for our students /•/
Just cause I’m pretty obsessed with this mama and baby duo, and this is my favourite photo I took of them. Took so many photos of these two as they hung out around us doing our work yesterday. I couldn’t stop myself from snapping away. As I write this from bed I can hear the gibbon calls outside in the trees and it’s amazing 🙌🏼 #taswww /•/
Day two of our Week Without Walls trip and we saw so much of these guys, the moon bears, while the students made hammocks, bear toys, a bamboo fence, and bear enrichment. Not going to lie, I couldn’t help snapping all the photos of these cuties, and the gibbons, while my students (and Nick) did all the work 🙈 so proud of how hard the worked today in the heat. Can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings #taswww /•/
First day in Cat Tien and already saw some wild gibbons. As we were being shown around the rescue centre, we saw these cuties up in the tree watching us. Made all the walking through tiny leeches worth it. Ready to dive into volunteer work tomorrow with the students #taswww /•/
Excited to be spending this week volunteering at the @freethebears in Cat Tien National Park within Vietnam. Nick and I are taking 20 students tomorrow to volunteer with and learn about the conservation of sun and moon bears, for Week Without Walls. I fell in love with these cuties after visiting the Free the Bears rescue centre in Cambodia in January, and since bear bile farming is a huge problem within the country, I thought it was the perfect trip to bring some students on for this week. Can’t wait to see some wildlife in the park while we are there too! /•/
I wrote a thing.

Started this post a few months into moving to Vietnam, but finally finished it cause I am sick of hearing I need to get a motorbike. I don't, and I also never asked for your advice on the matter. K thanks. Link in my profile if you want to hear my thoughts on why I may live in SE Asia but that doesn’t mean I NEED to ride a motorbike. I’ll give you one of the reasons... it’s not eco-friendly, especially since I don’t need one. Also this is some random dude who had to walk his motorbike through the recent flooding. I walked with my rubber boots 🤷🏼‍♀️ /•/
A little bit of a throwback because I miss living amongst mountains. This was a train ride from the Yukon to Alaska, that I took on the one day there was a discount but I wish I had done it over and over. There are no words to describe the beauty of this part of the world. Missing it and the wonderful people I met and spent my time with there. Take me back /•/
It has recently been reported that humans have caused the population of wild animals to drop 60% since 1970. Do better people, we need to do better. They are just trying to hang on like this little guy and get through the struggle of dealing with humans /•/
Under his eye 👁