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I know some people may think I’m crazy for planning my travels far in advance (okay not that far). We leave in a week in a half for Shanghai for a two week holiday, but I also have spring break planned and even a 5 day weekend at the end of April, start of May planned and mostly booked. I have many reasons that I book ahead, the first being the prices. Costs of flights go up, especially when close to the date. And sometimes even sell out. I like saving money 🤷🏼‍♀️. Another reason is I love finding unique and awesome accommodations. I hate it when I find something perfect and it’s all booked up. I once switched around dates slightly for Hawaii cause I found the coolest Airbnb and it was only available for two nights during our time we were gonna be there so I made it work. I’ve already started looking into summer travels, since we usually go home to visit family for the bulk of it, but we still have 2.5 weeks after that. And while researching I just found a really cool art festival, and if I didn’t start looking now, the accommodations would be booked up, since there in limited available in the area as it is. More details to come about that trip but I am going to continue to plan that now, and actually book some things. This is why I love booking.com by the way, you can usually (slight few don’t allow it) cancel if things change, which makes this whole travel planning in advance thing much easier. In the meantime, this is the cute bungalow we stayed in for Christmas Day in Koh Jum /•/
I am currently reading @trevornoah’s book Born a Crime and a quote in it has made me really think. “Hustling is to work what surfing the Internet is to reading. If you add up how much you read in a year on the Internet—tweets, facebook posts, lists—you’ve read the equivalent of a shit ton of books, but in fact you’ve read no books in a year.” On Monday, I opened up @goodreads and decided to do their reading challenge and chose to make my goal to read one book a week; 52 books by the end of the year. When I told my bf he laughed at me. I tend to make these huge goals for myself that I don’t necessarily see through to the end, but I didn’t see this as a huge goal. I was upset, but not at him, at myself. If you ask anyone I’ve known in my childhood, teenage years or my early 20s, they would know my love of reading. In the neighbourhood I grew up in I was known as ‘the girl who reads on her step’. After quitting sports eventually, the exercise I usually got was from walking to the library once or twice a week to get new books. I have a book tucked into a garter tattoo on my thigh for goodness sake. But my boyfriend of 3.5 years doesn’t know that part of me. I willingly admit I spend more time scrolling the internet than I do reading. I can lie and say I’m too busy to read, as many people claim when they stop reading as much, but I’m not. This week I’ve substituted a lot of the time I usually spend on my phone for reading on my kindle and I finished one book in 3 days and am about to finish a second before a week has passed. It feels good to not mindlessly consume social media for hours a day. And my phone battery shows it; where once I would have a dead battery by the end of the day, I now end the day with around 50% battery life. The thing is I have identified as being a book worm, bibliophile, a lover of literature my whole life, and it feels good to get back to actually being one and not just identifying as one. Anyways, that’s my ramblings, back to my book. Highly recommend it by the way. What are you reading right now? /•/
Already trying to figure out when we can get back to Koh Yao Noi... also in case you’re wondering, yes my man does yoga 🧘‍♂️/•/
As I sit here and prepare for work Monday, I am forever grateful for the life I lead. To work a job that I look forward to most (no job is perfect) days is something I know many struggle to find. One that doesn’t make me dread the end of a holiday but has me excited for the start of a new semester. A weekend where my mind is constantly racing at opportunities and ideas for the classroom during the week, as I sit and plan it out and see where the ideas take me. Having someone to share life with (travel, work and home life) ain’t too shabby either. If I could wish anything upon other it is to find a career they are passionate about and they can succeed in /•/
I don’t do resolutions. Never really have. Never been my thing. I believe we need to make changes when the time comes where something in life isn’t working, not waiting until a new year comes. Life has been good to me in 2018. I went back to school and completed a creative writing program. I created a course that I now teach called Critical & Creative Compostion; and I love it. We went on travels that people only dream of (orangutans in Borneo anyone?). I volunteered at an animal shelter, local orphanages and took students on animal conservation trips. I just want to continue on this path I’m on in life, hand in hand with Nick. Even when life throws something my way, I know I can handle it because I never have to handle it alone. And even better, I get to share the amazing experiences with someone else. Ending my year in Thailand and starting out a new one here has made me remember how fortunate I am to live this life. Cheers 2019, I’m sure you’re going to be another great one /•/
Our bungalow for the last two nights was probably the most uncomfortable sleep I’ve had in a really long time. It’s the first time in a long time that my travel plans didn’t go as well as I had hoped. I booked this tour, Bamboo Bliss, in hopes of escaping parties for New Years and enjoying some serenity and peacefulness on the water and trekking through the jungle to spot wildlife. Our first night (dec 31) we were kept up all night from the locals (tour guides, boat drivers and people who worked at the bungalows) partying until really late at night. These bungalows are very secluded, as well as sound carries across the water. We were one of the furthest spots from the restaurant area but the guitar playing, singing and yelling was loud and clear. On top of that, the air and water were so still that our lil bungalow with no fan or AC was stifling hot all night, a little sweatbox, and we could hear all little sounds of possible critters (though I never felt any). I was very upset, to say the least, after-all it was supposed to be ‘Bliss’ but it was most definitely not. But not all was lost. We went on a couple easy little hikes (for us) and saw some beautiful sites; though the most wildlife we saw was monkeys from afar while on the boat. But if you are one of those hateful jealous people, you can relish in the fact that this experience wasn’t as wonderful as this photo makes it look. I wanted to write a nice caption but this is reality. Just glad I wasn’t alone for it /•/
Happy New Year! Unplugging for the next couple nights to bring in the new year amongst nature with my man at Cheow Lan Lake. They say that whoever you spend New Years with is who will stay with you throughout the year. Spending mine with wildlife and my love, hope you are spending it with someone important; a love, a friend or family. See ya next year! /•/
Seven years ago today, I flew solo to Thailand to start my first ever teaching job. Who woulda thought that seven years later I would have taught in 4 more countries (including my own, but in the Yukon), visited countless others and made my way back to this beautiful part of the world again. I celebrated New Years 2012 alone on Khao San Road, which was an experience but not really my idea of a good time. And this year I will be spending New Years on a beautiful lake in Khao Sok NP with the most amazing man; tomorrow we set out for two nights in a bamboo bungalow on the water with treks into the jungle to spot wildlife. This is the view from our current bungalow during sunset the other night. Life is good /•/
The beach was nice and all for two weeks but this, this is what the photographer in me really loves. I barely took my actual camera out while we were on Islands; as a beach is a beach is a beach. But the reason I booked the last leg of our trip in Khao Sok National Park is cause I needed some wildlife mixed in. And our first day of exploring did not disappoint. A new first, seeing the adorable Spectacled Langur or ‘dusky leaf monkey’ in the forest today. Highlight of our day /•/
Beach time ends today and although we are sad to leave the islands behind, we are ready for some possible wildlife encounters and staying in the jungle. Leaving in the morning for the next leg of our holiday adventures in Thailand. Also really glad Nick remembers to bring water wherever we go; walking in this humidity dehydrates the hell outta me. And Nick took a few photos of me on this swing. For some reason this is my favourite one, chugging water 🤷🏼‍♀️ /•/
Merry Christmas from this reindeer on the beach in Koh Jum, Thailand. By the way, reindeer onesies don’t make for good beach walking attire, I sweat right through this while wandering the beach before breakfast. Felt like a good idea at the time and I didn’t want to just be that person who puts it on just for the photo. So you’re welcome and happy holidays /•/
Going to miss this paradisiacal island and this perfect @airbnb view. Especially in the mornings. Few more hours and onto the next. Headed to an even smaller island, Koh Jum, where we will be staying in a beach bungalow facing sunset. I can finally stop setting my alarm so I don’t miss sunrise and we can sleep in (probably still wake up with the sun but ya never know) /•/