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Sometimes I book @airbnb places cause they are super unique and sometimes it’s for the view. This apartment in Rovinj, Croatia, was definitely booked for this view. I am currently writing my Croatia travel guide that I started writing months ago but hated it and scrapped it (and ended up writing my post about adventuring my way through the balkans). But I am trying it out again since I am at a standstill for my novel writing for @nanowrimo again. So much content, so little motivation /•/
If you know me, you know I love elephants. Last year around this time I was lucky enough to visit @dswt in Kenya, when I was in Nairobi for a professional development seminar. As soon as I knew I was going to be there, I knew I had to visit the elephant orphanage. When I heard that Trump was going to reverse Obama’s ban on elephant trophy imports it made me sad. And when I then saw on @colbertlateshow that his sons have hunted elephants before it made me angry. Thankfully people are expressing their distaste, people like Ellen of @theellenshow, and for now Trump has put his decision ‘on hold’. Ellen has promised to make a donation to @dswt for every time her campaign is shared. And I am pledging to donate any profits I make off this print in my shop to @dswt, whether it be a print, a clock or just a sticker, all profits will be donated to them from here on out. (Link in profile) I’ve written before about how much I enjoyed learning about what they do at @dswt and how legit they were. So share @theellenshow’s campaign, buy one of my prints or donate to @dswt yourself... or just #bekindtoelephants /•/
One month today I’ll be home in Canada for my first Christmas home in 3 years. Nick hasn’t been home for Christmas in 6. We’ve both been home otherwise in those years, summer visits and such, but it’s been awhile for Christmas. Last year we spent it together in Madasgacar, the year before I left him in the islands and spent it with @nicolejneil in Australia. This year I am coming home and spending some time with these two, my parents, who came to Croatia this summer to meet up with Nick and I during our travels. It hasn’t been that long since I saw them last, a few months, but I guess I kinda sorta miss them a little bit. Miss my nieces most of all though... they win that competition. It’ll be the first Christmas without my grandma, who passed away while I’ve been here. One of the reasons I had planned to come home for Christmas was cause I knew it’d be one of my last opportunities to spend it with her. It’ll be weird and sad not to have her there, she’s spent every Christmas with us that I can remember. I’ll only be home for like 10 days, won’t be able to see many friends. But I’ll see those I can when I have time, and who are close, I sold my car, Penelope, so won’t be able to get around as easy /•/
I miss taking wildlife photos so bad. Thankfully I just booked a day at a sun bear sanctuary in Cambodia for our trip in January. And I also just booked a week in Borneo for April to see wild orangutans, and turtles, and hopefully other wildlife too. It’s my favourite thing to photograph, after spending last Christmas break taking photos of these cuties. Still can’t get over how cute lemurs are, am I right? /•/
I am having a severe case of writers block this week. At least for my own novel, but apparently not when it comes to other writing. Instead of writing my novel I have been writing things here and there for other blogs, like this interview I did with @expatolife on what it’s like to live in the Marshall Islands as an expat. I lay it all out there, as when I moved there and tried to look up information on it, there wasn’t much about life as an expat there. Go have a read and hopefully it helps future expats there in preparing themselves for life in the Islands. Link in my profile for the next few days /•/
I am getting pretty annoyed of people judging others for living their life ‘wrong’. This morning I read a post online of a girl trying to figure out what district to live in, in Saigon. She gave two options. The first person to comment said something along the lines of choosing one over the other because ‘whats the point in living abroad to live in a mini England’. Which I found to be an interesting way of describing the district I live in. She claimed that she prefers to live in a more 'authentically Vietnamese' area. So I question, what makes it more authentic? More locals living there? More Vietnamese foods to buy than foreign? The funny thing is, as an ex-pat, who are are you to claim what is or is not authentic? Or claim what it means to ‘live like a local’? First of all, you are an expat, not a local, and there is nothing wrong with that, or owning up to that. Second, not all Vietnamese locals fit into the box you have clearly created for them. I live in what they consider the ‘expat bubble’ but it’s funny cause I definitely see Vietnamese people everywhere, living their lives, in my district. In fact, a lot of people in my building are Vietnamese. Are they not local? Are they not ‘authentic’ Vietnamese by your expat standards of what ‘authentic' means? Let’s ask the Vietnamese people in my district if they feel they are living ‘authentically’ Vietnamese shall we? Plus how can you sum up how an entire country lives, no matter what country you live in not every person lives the same. There are differences between rural and urban life. How many people in urban areas live in ‘traditional’ housing for their country? I know back home in Canada living in suburbia Pickering, versus the city of Toronto and even moreso the Yukon, would all be different. What exactly would be ‘authentic’ living situation for someone moving to Canada? Anyways, I just think it’s hilarious and sad how we choose to judge other people on things like that. Just my thoughts of the day /•/
Taking a momentary break from my social media cutback to tell you to go read my guest post I did for Travel Moments in Time. I wrote all about the unique temples and houses I’ve seen in Thailand Vietnam lately. You know I love me some unique and/or colourful buildings, especially temples. Go check it out, link is in my profile. Also Nanowrimo update: 9000+ words written as of right now. Behind on my weekly goal but still pretty happy with how it’s going /•/
It’s Halloween today. But also it’s the end of October, meaning tomorrow is November. That means @nanowrimo begins. Every year I tell myself I am going to participate in @nanowrimo but always find excuses. This year, no excuses. I have 3 of my 5 classes doing it once a week in class. I have my novel all planned out in my head, begging to be written. My only problem is distractions. And Instagram you are the biggest distraction of all. So I may be MIA for the next month, as I want to dedicate all my spare time to writing. Every time I get the urge to scroll through Instagram, I will be writing instead. I am not putting restraints on myself, but I will probably not be posting much, if at all, probably not at all... definitely won’t be scrolling through and seeing what you are up to. I’ll catch up to it all again in December. Tomorrow I will start fresh. No more Instastories of all the random daily shit I post. Just me, my laptop and some typing. Let’s do this! Ps I’ll still be reachable by email and through fb messenger if ya need me! And if you are doing @nanowrimo too, add me as a buddy: thelifeofasolivagant /•/
It’s almost November... which means it’s almost December... which means I am going home for Christmas soon! I am as happy as this elephant. The older I get, the more I realize it’s okay not to spend every holiday from work traveling somewhere new. Going home to see family and friends is nice. As a teacher I get almost two months off for summer, a week off in fall and in spring, and 3 weeks for Christmas. That’s a lot of time to explore the world. Not to mention weekend trips if we want to. I haven’t been home for Christmas in 3 years. Nick hasn’t been home in double that. And so we are both pretty excited to spend it with our families this year... and then go to Cambodia for a week when we get back of course. You didn’t think I wasn’t going anywhere but home did you? /•/
New Blog Post! I just finally published my guide to Slovenia up on the blog. I tell you each place we stopped along our road trip through the country. It has where we stayed, what we ate and what we did in each city. Like this @airbnb we stayed in, in a little random town called Radovljica. Check it out on my site, link in profile /•/
I think it's funny when people start off conversations with 'I don't usually do tours but...' as if booking a tour somewhere makes you less of a traveler somehow. I do it too. I find myself saying this when recommending tour companies or talking about my travels. As a traveler you are apparently supposed to do everything on your own, tours are apparently beneath you. But let's be honest, they can make things so much easier, like when I wanted to see the White Temple last week but didn't wanna actually stay in Chiang Rai. A cheap tour and we got to see white, black and blue temples, and back to Chiang Mai at the end of the day. Or in the case of my summer, in Slovenia we did amazing tours through @3glav_adventures (skydiving, hot air balloon and their emerald river adventure with white water rafting) or my favourite, with @bananaway, stand up paddle boarding on Lake Bled. Or how about kayaking in Pula, Croatia, with @aktivist_sport. Wouldn't have been nearly as good without our guide. Honestly I think we need to stop acting like we are too good for tours cause I have been on some pretty bad ass tours. I couldn't imagine how different my trip to Madagascar would have been without all the amazing local guides showing us around and telling us all their stories. It made the experience more special. I think the key is the guides. When you have guides who make it fun and interesting, going on tours during travels can be much more enjoyable. This is why @tripadvisor reviews or blogs are important in my travel planning research. I want to first find local tour companies, with local guides. And I want to see what people have said about their guides, the company and make my decision. Now I am not a fan of walking tours, personally, as I like to wander around on foot myself. I usually only book tours when it comes to things that aren't as easy to do on my own. But I get the appeal of walking tours too. Let's stop pretending we don't like tours, and that we are independent af during all our travels. Tell me your favourite tour you booked and did in your travels? I want to hear the good stuff /•/
Everybody has a story to tell. Everybody's story is interesting to somebody. I have been writing down notes and jotting down ideas to write a book for a long time now. I have two books in the works. One I have talked about a lot, and it's all about the concept of 'home' around the world. I definitely still want to do that but I still need more discussions with people. Another idea I've had in the works is a fictionalized novel based on my life. As Nick informed me, nobody is going to pay to read a book about some girl they don't know. He's right. So I had a better idea, a young adult novel loosely based on my solivagant life. And since @nanowrimo (National Novel Writing Month) is only a week away, I am finally going to use that as motivation to finally get it written. Wish me luck! /•/