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More than a brand- more like family. #LYPfamily
Learning to love every piece of who we are, together.

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We don窶冲 just want you guys to share your stories with us because we want to get to know you all. But, because you telling your story of how you are learning to love yourself- could be the beginning of someone else learning they can love themselves too. We are all in this together, and the more we come together- the stronger we will get. 窶「 Want to share your story? DM us笶、ク
#theLYPproject #LYPfamily
#selflove #loveyourself #learning #living #loving #beyou #livemore #growtogether #loveyourpieces
#theLYPproject #LYPfamily
#selflove #loveyourself #beyou #livemore
We will also be having a giveaway to win one of these tees in the next few days so keep your eyes peeled for our story updates 笨ィ笨ィ #theLYPproject #LYPfamily
REPOST from our girl @emilyyrosee__
窶廾h and love your pieces today, tomorrow, and the rest of your days ahead. You窶决e worth everything and beautiful. 窶「my hair was everything to me. A piece of me that I loved because it made me feel beautiful. But I like my hair do s little bit more right this minute.窶
WE LOVE YOU EMILY 笶、ク + every piece of you... and we窶决e totally digging the new hair!
#theLYPproject #LYPfamily
He, she, we. Anyone. Why compare, when we can lift each other up for the beautiful pieces that make us each who we are. Let 2018 be a year of complimenting, not comparing. Let窶冱 be here for each other, instead of trying to compete with one another. There窶冱 no competition when we are all so different, in so many ways. #theLYPproject #LYPfamily
Happy New Years #LYPfamily 沁
With 2017 now gone, it窶冱 time to reflect, but keep moving forward. You are not your mistakes. You are not stuck. You are strong and you now have a new 365 days ahead of you to take this world by storm + show everyone the magic that is you. You are the only you on this planet, and that is your power. 笶、ク cheers to new beginnings, lessons learned, and loving your pieces more than you ever thought you could. #theLYPproject
The time is NOW- to love who you are. To take the time and learn every piece of yourself, and know why it is beautiful.//
New shirts are in, website is getting a makeover, LYP will be taking 2018 by storm. Let窶冱 do this 泗交沛シ汳ュ笶、ク #LYPfamily
Self-love/self-care is only something YOU can control or create for yourself. 窶「
We are currently trying to expand our reach locally, to help spread our message and make this company bigger and better than it窶冱 ever been. Check out our story for details!! #theLYPproject #LYPfamily
#repost 窶廖kelly_lynn0495: Looking back on the past year, I窶冦 so thankful to have such an incredible support system of friends and family. I窶冦 even more blessed to have found The Love Your Pieces Project (@thelypproject) that has been there for me in my best and worst times. This campaign has encouraged me to look deep inside myself and truly love each and every one of my pieces for exactly what they are. I have seen so much progress in loving myself this past year and I am so happy to finally feel this way after all this time. I still have my hard days but it helps to be reminded by this organization that loving yourself is a process 汳 This is also my absolute favorite hoody that I own! Head over to their Instagram page to learn more about this incredible project 笘コク鞘
We love you Kelly- thank you for being a part of the #LYPfamily + taking each day to learn to love your pieces a little extra! 笶、ク
LYP, good friends & great views 泗交沛シ
#theLYPproject #LYPfamily
WE WANNA KNOW WHAT YOU THINK?? // We've got new items in the works that will allow us to put more of a focus back on spreading our message + providing daily reminders regarding loving every piece of who you are. We're working on mini stickers/pop socket cover stickers as well as tees with our new logo on them! 箝撰ク 1. What do you guys think of new tees + stickers?? 箝撰ク 2. If you're interested in being a brand ambassador to help spread our message, please send us a DM stating why you think you'd like to do so!! ALL LOVE. #theLYPproject #LYPfamily
A post for the stay-up late, never stop thinker's. We're with you. Just remember that even though the night time may feel lonely + quiet sometimes, a bright new day is just a few hours away 笶、ク rest your pieces, put your minds at ease, and we'll see you tomorrow. #theLYPproject #LYPfamily