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Lifestyle brand striving to serve as a reminder to all, to learn to love the pieces that make us who we are ✨ shop now ⬇️

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Make time to show your pieces love. It's crucial for your own health + growth. Reminding others how much you love them is important, but it's even more important to remind yourself how much you love, you.
Bathroom selfies are underrated. Selfies in general are underrated. What's better than you, taking photos of yourself, that make you feel beautiful!? 😍🙌🏼 snap those selfies, all day!!
We love you @brooke_seymour_ 💕
#theLYPproject #LYPfamily
@abigail_mae2 liking stellar in her LYP hat!! Girl you radiate positive vibes + we're so happy to have you in our #LYPfamily 🙌🏼💕 #theLYPproject
Don't forget to thank those who love you through your happy days, your darkest days, and everything in-between. Friends, family, coworkers, anyone. Life is better when spent together. #worldmentalhealthday #theLYPproject #LYPfamily
Starbucks + LYP, yes please 🙌🏼
We love you @brooke_seymour_
#theLYPproject #LYPfamily
The "we don't mess with you" faces or as we saw it, the "why aren't you loving your pieces??" faces... so much love for you Nikole + every piece that makes you, you!! You guys look so cool. We love it. #theLYPproject #LYPfamily
This girl glows from the inside out.
If you don't know @erickawadleigh, you ought to introduce yourself because she is all things bright, kind, artistic + funny. We love your pieces Ericka!! 💫
We need some inspo to kick our butts back into full LYP mode. Tag us in your photos + tell us what you'd like to see from us- inspo wise/product wise/etc! #theLYPproject #LYPfamily
Just a reminder to those who may have forgotten that loving every piece of who you are IS just as important if not more than the love you give to others. Without loving yourself, you cannot fully give love to anyone else. Keep your heads up + your hearts strong. We love every piece of every single one of you ❤️❤️❤️ #LYPfamily #theLYPproject
Summer may be coming to an end, but the season of loving yourself is year round 💕💕 #theLYPproject #LYPfamily
@_sha_cha_ we ❤️ you so much!!!
Want to learn more about Sasha?? Check out our blog + search Sasha Marie!
Want to share your self love story!? Email us! 
#theLYPproject #LYPfamily
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Shoutout to our girl @tiaramayflower loving her pieces in our Bloom Tee 🌸❤️
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(ALL ITEMS 5$ @ - Everyone behind The LYP Project is diligently working to redesign this brand and bring a new light to our LYP community. Thank you for your never ending support as we figure out just how to bring the message of loving our pieces to life. Now go get yourself so LYP gear while supplies last!!
**P.S no we're not leaving, just got some reworking to do!! So keep posting + tagging us! ❤️
#theLYPproject #LYPfamily