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More than a brand- more like family. #LYPfamily
Learning to love every piece of who we are, together.

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We all have our days of judging others, and even many times ourselves... but try and be more conscious of the words you use when speaking to one another. Be kinder, spread light and most importantly... if you have nothing nice to say, sometimes saying nothing at all is your best bet. Happy Monday everyone. Keep pushing, keep living, keep loving. #theLYPproject
Striving to stay in a sunshine state of mind, all the time ❤️🌺☀️ #theLYPproject
Thankful for friends who support every direction I go in... and for every single one of you who support this specific journey and community. SO MUCH LOVE FOR THE #LYPFAMILY ❤️🌅✨ #theLYPproject
... because cozying up in one of our signature sweatshirts is what we should all be doing on a rainy day like today 😌☔️ #theLYPproject 
We love you Court!! ❤️ #LYPfamily
BE THE LIGHT, for those who need it- and for yourself. If you strive to always be a light, you will become the light. Stop searching for it in other people, places, hobbies, anything... all the light you need is already inside you. Dig deep, find it, become it. #theLYPproject #LYPfamily #thoughts #inspiration
Sometimes you just have to get up and force yourself out of the house. Whether it’s a hike, yoga, a walk, anything! Our minds tend to make us believe that something laying like on the couch or sleeping will help our stresses, but it DOES NOT. So next time your mind is telling you to stay home instead, don’t listen... get up, go do something fun, you will not regret it. Happy Friday #LYPfamily ☀️❤️
Celebrating in your LYP tee.... uhh doesn’t get much better than that 🙌🏼😍 we love you Liv!! Happy birthday love @livyloubaker #theLYPproject #LYPfamily
Moody Monday vibe •
Just a little to reminder all you beautiful humans to love yourself, even on the Monday’s when you’d rather stay in bed and pretend the world doesn’t exist. (Kinda like I did this morning) RISE&SHINE, we got this!!! ☀️💫 #theLYPproject #LYPfamily #selflove
Can’t tell you how many times we’ve been told this sweatshirt is our best/comfiest yet... we hope everyone who has one loves it as much as we do!! ❤️ if you don’t have one yet check out or if you’re local to the Glens Falls, NY are, DM us to get yours !
#theLYPproject #LYPfamily #selflove #loveyourself #beyou #livemore #apparel
Reminder: You deserve your love, more than anyone else. At the end of the day, YOU are all you’ve got. So love yourself, every damn piece that makes you who you are. Self love is NOT selfish, it’s necessary for survival. Love those pieces & have the best weekend #LYPfamily !! ✨ #theLYPproject
Today’s thoughts... You truly never know what someone could be going through. Someone could have the biggest smile on their face but could be drowning on the inside. The thoughts they’re thinking, the feelings rushing through their bodies- you never know. So be kind, always. Even when someone gives you every reason to want to tell them off, take a deep breath and just be kind. They may need your positive energy more than you know. Hell, you could turn their whole mood around- maybe even their whole day. #thoughts #theLYPproject
Searching for validation in others is an easy habit to fall into- especially in this digital world we now live in. But please remember that loving yourself, starts with YOU. No one else’s love, gratitude, words, or affection will ever fulfill you if you cannot fulfill your own needs and the will to be happy on your own. Focus on you. Learn what makes you happy, and what doesn’t and stop settling for anything less than what you know you deserve. YOU ARE STRONG. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. DON’T LET ANYONE FW YOUR GOOD VIBES. ✨✨✨ Happy Thursday #LYPfamily !!
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#theLYPproject #selflove #thoughts