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Easter in Paris... 🐇🇫🇷 My home away from home away from home.
Blue jean baby in @blanknycjeans 💙 Can it get more classic than perfect-fit denim paired with a crisp white tee (or in my case, jacket)? ✨👌🏼 Screenshot this pic to shop this easy transitional Spring look via >> #liketkit
If this weather gets any more bipolar, I’m going to try to date it.
Sprung on crisp shirtdresses this season! ✨ This one by sustainable designer @jodytjan is my latest go-to.
We’re having a baby! ✨✨✨ And by we I mean my sister @jvpjessi & @marclieber! (Let’s be honest, the only thing I’ll be giving birth to is a lot of emotions.) So thankful I had the chance to see them while home last week. Can’t wait to be an aunty!
The hills are aliiiiive... 🌼🌼🌼 Missing these lush Malibu views as I stare out my window waiting impatiently for Brooklyn to kick into full bloom. Any. Day. Now.
Let this be your reminder that every day is one step closer to summer. 💦 📷: @sdaryan
For future reference, this is what I now mean when I ask if you want to hang out.
Pool partyyyy! 💦 Already know it’s going to be a harsh return to reality after this blur of a weekend celebrating our babe & bride-to-be @yaninaee, but it was two hundred percent worth it. Wish me luck! 📷: @peterbjork
Palm trees & 80 degrees 🌴🌞 #thekeytohappiness
Happier than a seagull with a french fry 🌊🌞🌴
Don’t look for something wild to tame, but something wild to run with. 🌼