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Sunday riding on appropriate & not so appropriate gravel trails. Cheers to the top boi Harry for coming on this mystery tour with me. •
The Surrey Hills just got a whole lot more fun!
That is a pump in my pocket and I am pleased to see you.
When it’s Saturday and you should be racing but decide to put on extra pairs of sunglasses and watch other people race instead.

Got back on my gravel bike this morning. Every ride just puts the biggest grin on my face. I’m starting to get more comfortable both off road and with the bike itself now too. Probably means I’m due a date with a thorn bush and or tree when I inevitably overdo it.

@kielreijnen & @ifhtfilms put it best though:
“Gravel biking is so new that I don’t think it has definitive limits yet. Part of what’s enticing for me is that I get to discover what those limits are. For me it stokes the flame of adventure”
#tb to yesterday, throwing in a cheeky 27% gradient for @rideondude to tackle on the way back from Petra.
Just a quickie in #Mallorca this year. Already counting the days until I can come back. 🙏
I can’t do normal photos.
Ride leading to the Lighthouse never gets boring.
Guess who’s back in Mallorca making stupid faces and hand gestures? 🙋🏻‍♂️🤙
Happy East-er. Summer is well and truly on the way. 🤘🤘
This is London
📸 @harrymac03
We’ve got a long descent coming up. 👍👍
#tb to the #VivaVelo ride leaders fun time a couple of weeks ago.
Sometimes commuting in London is beautiful. •
You’ve just got to know where to look.