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Happy Spring!!!!
Neil & Ms Jo celebrating 20 years at WJCK
We will be celebrating 20yrs of on air ministry at “The Message- Piedmont” from 11-3 today! Come hang out and join the staff for some surprises!
Patrick, Neil, & JL during our “Going Deeper” event! We had a blast! How are you Going Deeper?
During our “Going Deeper” event, we had this precious volunteer that asked if she could pray for our president Neil Hopper. Such a blessing!
Join these guys for the ride home! 3pm-6pm!
To everyone who got involved in our “Going Deeper!” We appreciate you so much! Thank you for helping us encourage others! Building faith & strengthening families!
To everyone who got involved or stopped by during our Going Deeper event!
Kim & Sarah from @bartowfamilyresources here this morning! Praise God for this ministry!