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"Man is free and everywhere he's in chains." Artist, music lover, writer, and graphic designer and the sweetheart with the world at her fingertips.

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Done. So what do you all think?  Tell me in the comments #mine #myart
A Mortician's Tale fanart. #ink
#myart #amorticianstale Are you really surprised when my favourite YouTube blogger is Ask A Mortician?
Even in death - evanescence 
#death #music #myart #evenindeath #evanescence #deathculture
Death positivity
Death maiden. And death and the maiden.
Winter memories at Florescent
Last night spending an early birthday with my friend Trenton.  I even got a coupon for a free veggie burger due to a restaurant's mistake.
Me and my coworker friends went to hell scream Halloween night. Fiddly bits was a riot.
It's my dad's 90th birthday.
The firewood looked like decapitated bird's head