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"Man is free and everywhere he's in chains." Artist, music lover, writer, and graphic designer and the sweetheart with the world at her fingertips.

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Me and my coworker friends went to hell scream Halloween night. Fiddly bits was a riot.
It's my dad's 90th birthday.
The firewood looked like decapitated bird's head
Flaming bird fire at florescent
Comic con
Oh my god I found waldo! Lolo
Me with a wookie
So I got a photI with one of my fav youtubers, Doug walker.  Aka the nostalgia critic. Plus he's a Scorpio.
At the sunshine studios.  Why do my pictures only turn out well only if I give a smart ass smile or scowl? Egg. The band's Sunday and I had a great time with @bondtoya . The mosh pit- - or lack there of -- for a death metal concert was pathetic though.
Me with suspension 9 Sunday
#suspension9 #Me