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• Good & Healthy food from my kitchen & travels • Rotterdam 🇳🇱 • Utrecht University •Bloom Amsterdam & Monster Milano • This is what I eat 👇🏻


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🎈ITS MY 21 BIRTHDAY 🎈 #tb to 10 of my favourite healthy pies that I made:
*Raw Chocolate pie with Raspberry
*Carrot cake with Coconut & Cashew frosting
*Raw Pumpkin & Pecan Pie *Dutch / Canadian Apple Pie
*Italian Chestnut Cake with rosemary & pinenuts *Upsidedown Caramalized Banana Cake
*Polenta & Honey cake with pistachios & rose petals
*Rhubarb & Cashew Custard pie
*Raw Banoffee
*Coconut & Passionfruit Cake
🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂Which one would you like to try? My favourite is probably the banoffee or the chocolate one! 🎈🍰🎂🎁🎉 #eatcake #letthemeatcake #pie #birthday #birthdaygirl #healthybaking
If you’re Valentines cravings have not been satisfied yet 👆🏻 Swipe left
*Sweet Potato brownies
*Banana bonbons
*Polenta & Honey cake with pistachio & rose petals
*Raw Chocolate cake
*Coconut flour cupcakes with strawberries
*Raw Chocolate & Peanutbutter bites
*Raw Raspberry bites #cleaneating #valentinesday #healthybaking
Healthy Valentine’s day breakfast INSPIRATION 👆🏻 Swipe 👈🏻 This is for sharing or eating by yourself 🌹
*Banana pancakes
*Cayenne & Cacao oatmeal
*Raspberry Soufflé
*Beetroot smoothiebowl
*Chocolate Soufflé
*Raspberry lava Mugcake
*Berry yogurt bowl
*Sweet Omelet wrap
*Sweet soufflé omelet *Beetroot oatmeal #valentinesday #breakfast #healthybreakfast
Starting my monday with a good yogurt bowl 🎈(not from Yoghurt Barn unfortunately). From the back and left to right: Berry & Jam, Chocolate & Hazlenut and my favourite: Fig, Honey & Toasted Almond #yogurt #breakfast #cleaneating #healthy #goodfood #yoghurtbarn
My favourite coconut Sweet Potatoe Soup with lemongrass and chili for some KICK 🌶 small bite on the side: rye cracker with humus, fresh chili and coriander #lunch #sunday #goodfood #cleaneating #healthyfood
When they just opened I received the nicest invitation ever of authentic Korean restaurant @mokbarkoreanbistro to step by and try their sharing menu. I went with @lilyfrancois and fell in LOVE with Korean food. One of the best restaurants I visited in the Netherlands for a long time with a very very good chef. They now have a special Winter Olympic menu so if you are in Hilversum, step by #review #koreanfood #restaurant #hilversum
Salads with dad @ilovesla from a little while ago. Dad had the @thegreenhappiness special monthly salad and I had the seasonal roasted mushrooms & parmezan salad with roasted parsnip and nuts. For those of you asking: salads at SLA are always good (so filling and fresh and nourishing) but this was not my favourite one everrr. Dad loved his one though #goodeats #cleaneating #sla #salad #asaladadaykeepsthedoctoraway
Apple Crumble Smoothiebowl -> recipe is in the Recipe Highlight Story #smoothiebowl #cleaneating #applecrumble #healthybreakfast My crumble of choice was @eatnatural_nl new refined sugar free gingerbread spiced granola and toasted walnuts but you can be creative with it! #ontbijtendoejemetgranooolala
Sriracha Cauliflower Bites & fresh Avo & Lime dip! The cauliflower has a coat of almond flour. So many nice enthusiastic comments of you guys requesting the recipe that I put it to work immediately: you can find it on the Facebook page. Please note that it was my first try on this recipe and even though IT WAS SO GOOD I will probably upload an improved version soon. It is amazing how a slightly boring veg such as cauliflower can become so addictively good by adding a few simple ingredients. Please let me know what you think if you try it out! #recipe #sriracha #cauliflower #plantbased cleaneating
Creamy Cacao, Maca & Almond butter Overnight Oats from a while ago. Macapowder comes from a ginger-like root originating from Peru and the Andes. Macapowder has many nutrients and goes really well with chocolaty flavours. It has a really strong flavour though so you need to use only very little of it. I’m using organic maca powder that was imported for me straight from Peru (thanks thanks thanks @gidiusvandekamp @marcoz20) The almond butter is homemade from toasted activated almonds! #powerbreakfast #overnightoats #maca #almondbutter #peru #peruvianfood #cleaneating The original overnight oat recipe is from @pranabio using almond milk, chia, oats, maple syrup, maca and I added some cinnamon and cacao powder topped with coconut yogurt, stewed bluebs, banana, mint and more almonds!
RECIPE for my favourite  Pumpkin & Tofu curry is on the Facebook! It had beautiful roasted broccoli and pumpkin and is so so good with either cauliflower rice or quinoa. Mmmmmmh I made this 2x last week and I wish I still had some leftovers #dinner #curry #cleaneating #healthydinner
#tb to Protein Cottage Cheese Crêpes 🎈 Thin crêpes with vanilla protein powder filled with a quick made berry cottage cheese filling. Happy monday! #protein #powerbreakfast #crepes #hüttenkäse