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• Good & Healthy food from my kitchen & travels • Rotterdam 🇳🇱 • Utrecht University •Bloom Amsterdam & Monster Milano • This is what I eat 👇🏻


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It's cold and rainy and therefore time for you to make this Spelt Autumn Apple Cake. Recipe on the Facebook ✌🏻#healthybaking #applecake #cleaneating #spelt #fallfood
I don't usually eat bread, but when I do it is at Vlaamsch Broodhuys 📸 wholegrain toast with baba ganoush, tikka crème, artichoke, candied pecans & tomato. 📸 wholegrain toast avo with feta both for sharing and so yum. #lunch #goodfood #bread #avocadotoast #utrecht
Pumpkin-oat waffle with coyo & fruit salad with honey-lime & toasted coco dressing #breaky #healthyfood #holdyourwaffle
🎃Working on my pumpkin recipe portfolio: raw Pumpkin Pie with @naturescharm Coconut Whipped Cream, puffed Pepita's and maple glazed Pecans. Loads of cinnamon and pumpkin spice in there, needless to say. Taste was gorgeous. Texture needs to be fitmer though (little too soft) #healthybaking #raw #pumpkinpie #cleaneating #fallfood
Best: thick slices of toasted banana bread topped with homemade nutbutter, toasted pecans, fresh banana and maple syrup for sharing at PS Koffie this morning in Groningen 👫 #weekendgetaway #breakfast #bananabread Check the story for more shots of this beauty
Fresh fall breakkies in tulip land @modelslovefood @fabiennedobbe her lovely home: Citrus Pumpkin Breakfast Bowls with pumpkin & orange puree, raisins, toasted pecans, fresh grapefruit and coyo #healthybreakfast #pumpkin #fallfood
Don't thank me, thank king of Waffles @dezmondg for these Banana Bread Waffles (made from banana, oats and egg) I just added some vanilla and coconut milk to the batter and topped the waffles with grilled banana, coyo, cacao nibs, mint, toasted activated walnuts and almond butter #bananabread #healthybreakfast #holdyourwaffle #waffles #goodfood
#tb to perfect Libanese lunch and perfect company from @modelslovefood @fabiennedobbe here in Utrecht: falafel & Tahini dip, eggplant tajine, couscous & mint yoghurt and loaaaaads of humus for dipping #goodfood #utrecht #libanese #cleaneating #healthy #gezond
Hope you all have a nice weekend with loads of good brunch 📸 Yesterday @yoghurtbarn with the house 🏠🕊 with yoghurts (we picked the toppings ourselves) and avo & ricotta sourdough. Today's brunch was at the 2nd Scrambled Sunday's edition @lotdaan organised by lovely ladies @breakfastinrotterdam check out the stories ✌🏻 #brunch #healthybreakfast #rotterdam #utrecht #goodfood #weekend #chill #yoghurtbarn #barnbreakfast
Pumpkin pancakes, coconut yogurt, pumpkin 'butter', toasted walnuts and pepita's a date and rice syrup. Autumn food, is good food #healthypancakes #pumpkin #breakfast #healthybreakfast #goodfood #fallfood
Peanutbutter & Jelly yoghurt bowl (strawberry jam made by my aunt) with chunky coconut granola by @minimalistbaker which is so good ✌🏻#breakfast #granola #cleaneating #yogurt
HAPPY HALLOWEEN 🎃 Made this drink for yesterdays breakfast: Pumpkin Latte with Coconut Cream and loads of SPICE ☕️ Question, can a pumpkin latte be called 'pumpkin latte' if there is no actual pumpkin in it? I think not, Starbucks. Here is how to do make an actual pumpkin latte (yields 2 glasses)👇🏻
•2 tblsp pumpkin puree •200 ml unsweetened almond milk •1/2 tsp cinnamon •good pinch of pumpkin spice / gingerbread spice •1/2 tsp vanilla extract (no essence) • 2 tsp maple syrup •1 espresso (30 ml strong coffee) •spoon of coconut cream from can / dash of coconut milk (optional, for on top)

1. Warm milk, pumpkin puree, vanilla and spices in a pan.
2. Don't let it boil, but let it warm and stir to incorporate it completely.
3. Take of the heat, add maple syrup and coffee and pour in a mug.
4. Add coconut cream on top and sprinkle some more cinnamon on top.