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Date night ❤️.... how can I possibly break it to him that it's with another man? #momlife
August is a funny time of year in the fashion world. Our toes might still be in the sand, but the rest of our body is starting to crave all of the fall things. And the situation might present itself where you see a pretty floral dress and your summer self is screaming, “YES!!!” but your fall self is a little….. skeptical. This is one of those few life situations where you can, in fact, have it all.... sharing our favorite wear now AND wear later pieces on the blog! 📸: @megantidmorephotography
All I can say in regards to this coming school year: teachers, good luck! I used to be one and still don’t know how I managed a class of 25 better than I manage my own kids. I can say with confidence that we are ready to go back….. Head over to the blog to see our favorite back to school fashions with @jcrewfactory ... #jcrewfactory #factorygoesback #sponsored (swipe left 😂)
Crowd Sourcing: Ready for back to school or never want summer to end? Either way, it’s coming…. and here is a sneak peek of a fun back to school post that is hitting the blog first thing tomorrow! #jcrewfactory #factorygoesback
If we only had more places with ice cream and music and beer and ridiculously cool decor, Sunday's would always have more Funday potential. #winning
He's "steel" the one. Celebrating 11 years married to my camera shy high school sweetheart of over 20. #oppositesattract #11years #steelanniversary (yes I had to google that yesterday)... nothing like scoring a last minute sitter with no reservations. As long as we can find a good glass of cab and a night off from bedtime duty, we'll both be happy!
Summer Saturday's ✨...... kidding. Spent the morning cooking bacon and chocolate chip pancakes, then cleaning, a little laundry, chasing boys on bikes, bandaging 3 separate bike wounds (is it just my kids or are they all completely reckless?) and now it's naptime, the house is quiet, and I'm looking for any excuse to wear this new dress tonight. Suggestions? P.S. it's 40% off today... link via URL in profile👆🏼 #loveloft
Super easy way to give your hair some body like a back road 🙌🏼... really I just wanted an excuse to play this song. My loose waves hair tutorial is finally up on the blog! 💁🏽#soundon
So I took my kids to Target today to get car seat protectors and left with Nutella (because they swore they've never tasted it and are clearly deprived) and a Lightening McQueen car track (ok so I didn't fight them on that one because in my shopping math I figured a $20 toy is a whole lot cheaper than sending them all to camp.... and I was sort of hoping for like 20 uninterrupted minutes this afternoon to, you know, look at Instagram or shower or something). My point is I have no point. But anyway... there is a new post on the blog featuring 6 effortless #ootds, so if you are so lucky to get a few free mins, grab that Nutella and go check it out 👊🏼
This is it! The best of what's left from the Nordstrom sale (ends today!) all styled around an LBD. Swipe left then head over the the blog....
Sometimes in the thick of motherhood you think to yourself, "Ahhhh! I just wish I was on a tropical island sipping on a drink in a coconut!" And what's the first thing you think to yourself after that first succulent sip? "Man, my kids would love it here..." #momlife New post is up on the blog!
📸: @photosbyalison
Summer "break" with the kids has got me like..... I'll be busy cleaning the 87 cheerios that just spilled on the ground, but you should go check out the latest post on the blog. Work to weekend tops all on sale at @nordstrom #sponsored #nordstrom