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Make no mistake: @realmisspiggy’s #ThoughtOfTheWeek is sure to steal your heart.
We've done just what we set out to do: We took The O2! Thanks to all of our friends and fans who came out to our show and laughed along with us! #MuppetsTakeTheO2
One last show to go! Get ready to rock and roll at #MuppetsTakeTheO2!
Music? Check? Laughter? Check. Special guest stars? Check. Bringing joy and laughter to our wonderful audience? Check! #MuppetsTakeTheO2
Our friends at @allontheboard are ready for #MuppetsTakeTheO2, are you? We’re about to bring jolly good fun to The O2 Arena. Why don’t we get things started?
What a night! Thanks to everyone who came out for our first performance of #MuppetsTakeTheO2! Miss the show? Tickets are still available for tomorrow's two performances at the link in our bio.
The S.S. Swinetrek has landed in London at The O2! Don't worry, they brought plenty of out-of-this world comedy (and #DavidTennant) to last until the end of the sketch. #MuppetsTakeTheO2
Tonight's the night! #MuppetsTakeTheO2 is jam-packed with sensational, inspirational, Muppetational fun for the whole family. Don't miss it!
Don't miss your chance to see The Muppets LIVE! Join @kermitthefrog, @realmisspiggy, and all of your favorites at #MuppetsTakeTheO2 tomorrow and Saturday in London. Get your tickets at the link in our bio while you can.
Calling all Londoners! The Muppets have hopped across the pond to bring you an event that can't be missed. Join us for #MuppetsTakeTheO2 Friday and Saturday at The O2 Arena! Tickets available at the link in our bio.
Time to hit the road! #MuppetsTakeTheO2 THIS WEEK, July 13th and 14th at The O2 Arena in London! Who's joining us across the pond? Get tickets now at the link in our bio.
Scooter’s new #ThoughtOfTheWeek is simply showstopping! (Literally. He had to stop watching a TV show to record it.)