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I’m not great at resting; I’m much better at strategizing how I can maximize all 1440 minutes in my day down to the very last second. But I’ve also learned that rest has this magical way of refreshing ones creativity, and so today, I gave into the snow. I canceled my trip to town, laid on the couch all afternoon, and did pretty much absolutely nothing. And it was very, very good.
Anyone else suffer from hyper-productivity? How do you help yourself rest?
Perhaps the weatherman’s 12-inch snow prediction is more accurate than I thought… 😳 But I’m not complaining about the opportunity to work inside on some much-neglected indoor projects today. I’ve been in my office all morning and plan on tackling our disaster of a basement storage room this afternoon (if you don’t hear from me again it’s because the spiders carried me away…)
One of the projects I’ve been working on this morning is getting ready for some crazy Buy One Get One essential oil deals next week. If you’re wanting to test drive some doTERRA oils, or just build your stash on the cheap, I’ve created a private Facebook group to keep my Prairie Homestead tribe up to date on all the happenings next week— wanna join us? (Don’t worry— no obligation— you can just come lurk if you want!) Grab the link in my bio!
They’re calling for 1 to 12” of snow between tonight and tomorrow (I’ve given up trying to decipher the weather reports). Regardless, the hoses are drained, the feeders are full, and the barn door is shut so I won’t have to shovel out a drift to feed the barn cats in the morning. In the words of Sage the three-year old, “We is ready.”
I use to wonder how I’d handle butchering days when our kids got old enough to understand what was happening.
Because no matter how you slice it, death is a hard topic to broach with kiddos. (Maybe even harder on the parents than the kids…)
But I didn’t want to hide it from them, or to create unecessary stress or stigma around it, so we’ve chosen to have our kids present on butchering days like yesterday when we processed our ginormous turkeys.
It starts with setting proper expectations when we bring home a new animal so they understand which ones are pets, and which ones are part of our food production plan. We talk about how some folks don’t eat meat, and that’s fine, but we have chosen to eat meat. And because we do, it’s important to have a part in the process and raise animals fairly.
We talk about how it’s OK to feel sad, and then when the time comes, we keep the mood calm, matter-of-fact, and respectful. And they follow our lead.
They can watch or even help if they want, but they don’t have to— I never want to force it on them. Sometimes they play nearby, sometimes they observe. At some point, it usually turns into a science lesson as we walk through the internal organs and they watch in fascination.
And that’s what works for us and so far, we’ve made it through many butchering days with minimal stress or anxiety. (Well, minus the stress of letting the turkeys get too big like they were yesterday… but that’s my fault) For those of you who raise animals for meat, how do you handle the topic with your kids?
P.S. I know some of you are vegan or vegetarian and choose not to eat meat. I respect that. Please respect my conscious choices as well, even if you don’t agree. ❤️
Raise your hand if you’re hosting/cooking Thanksgiving day dinner this year! 🙋‍♀️ What are your can’t-live-without Turkey Day foods??
I’m currently working on my menu which will include homegrown turkey (that we’re butchering tomorrow— nothing like waiting until the last minute...), from-scratch dressing, homegrown pumpkin pies, and copious amounts of mashed potatoes.
If you’re wanting to step up your cranberry sauce game this year, give my recipe a try— it only has 4 ingredients and can easily be made ahead of time to lessen your stress on the big day! 🥧 (link in bio)
Our mama cows take turns babysitting, and you’ll often see one cow staying close to multiple calves while the other has ‘alone time’ farther away in the pasture. (I would love to know how exactly they determine whose turn it is...)
Taking the occasional mom break is a good thing, regardless of whether you’re of the bovine or human variety.
Double-tap if you agree!
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22 degrees, snow on the ground, and I’m just over here with my coffee waiting for the house to warm back up since the fire in the woodstove went out last night... happy fall, y’all.
Do you have legit fall where you live, or “pre-winter” like us?
My onions may or may not have cured in the shop for 3 weeks longer than they needed to... and I may or may not have had to re-braid this strand two separate times... but hey... done is better than perfect, right? 🤷‍♀️ .
(I somehow managed to video the process, so if you’re wanting to make some onions strings for your kitchen, check out my latest YT vid!)
Five people all taking turns with the stomach flu is a real creativity killer... hence the reason I’ve been a little quiet this week. It was cool and breezy today, but I couldn’t bear another minute in the house, so I spent my afternoon planting garlic and cleaning up the garden. Nothing quite like fresh air and a little manual labor to cure what ails ya...
My secret life... When I’m not cooking, or gardening, or homeschooling, or piddling around in the barn, or blogging, this is what I do... (Therefore, it doesn’t happen as much as I’d like it to... for obvious reasons.)
The horses don’t really have an official “homestead” purpose, per say, but they contribute heavily to my mental health, so I’m gonna say they still earn their keep. ;) .
Any other homesteady horse folks out there?
The neighborhood I grew up had your typical street signs. The neighborhood I live in now (which really isn’t a neighborhood) has open range signs, which basically mean slow down or you’re gonna hit a cow. It’s pretty much my wildest childhood dreams come true. 😉
Tag that friend who isn’t afraid to tell you when you have something stuck in your teeth or when your ears need a good cleaning. They’re the best kind. ;)