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I have a lovely habit of attempting to do everything all at the same time, which makes it a good thing that I live in a place with seasons... Otherwise, I’d be out there trying finish all the garden projects I have rattling around in my head in the midst of the rest of the craziness we have going on. So for now, I’ll rest and wait and work on other things. But when April rolls around? Watch out world— here I come!
Christian (aka Prairie Husband) has been in Africa for the last 8 days with doTERRA helping with humanitarian projects and seeing essential oil distilleries. I feel like I’ve done a pretty good job keeping the home fired burning (literally— it’s been like 15 degrees here…), the animals alive (well, minus that one chicken that fell into the stock tank…), and the kids fed and (mostly) clean. We survived, but it's safe to say we’re all looking forward to having him home today.
The ducks were totally digging their improvised ski slope this morning. The chickens, on the other hand, weren’t nearly as impressed...
A storm appears to be brewin’, so I’m scrambling to make sure the cows have plenty of hay to keep warm, the water tanks are full before the hoses freeze, and the woodbox is heaped with dry logs. Lots to be done before I can relax by the fire with my cup of tea tonight, but I still wouldn’t trade this lifestyle for the world. ❤️
At first I moved Mr. Dinosaur in my flurry of cleaning, but then I put him back. Someday I'll miss the all the farm animals sitting on the rim of the tub, the millions of tiny cars I have to step over while I'm cooking, and the dinosaurs hiding in my seasonal arrangements. I think he can just stay where he is for a little while longer.
The ears... They get me every time.
#Throwback to last week when the lingering fog made for one stunning sunrise as I walked down to the barn. Views like this make it slightly easier to get up for chores on these frigid mornings, which is definitely a good thing.
I'm proud of myself for actually having the forethought to muck out the barn *before* the predicted snow storm hits tonight. Because when it snows, all the poo in the barn freezes to the ground. And then I become strangely agitated because I hate a messy barn and there's nothing I can do about it. Frozen cow pies ain't no joke, y'all. #homesteadproblems
A steaming cup of coffee, a foggy, frosty morning, and rest after 2+ weeks of a jam-packed schedule... I do believe this day is shaping up to be pretty much perfect.
The rumors are true... a cookbook is on its way, and today wrapped up our 12 day photo shoot for it! I had the ultimate dream team helping to bring my vision to life (@lintonproductions & @gretaeagan!), and though it'll be a little while before I can share it with you, the wait will be so very worth it, promise! In the meantime, I think it's time to devise a workout plan to burn off the 10 pounds I gained from eating SO MUCH FOOD. (📷: @theveterinariansdaughter)
I've always loved rusty, old things, and spending more time in antique stores lately is definitely fueling my addiction! This lovely tea pot belongs to @whimsyofwillowsfarm and it's pretty swoon-worthy, don't ya think? Click over to her feed for farm inspiration and some adorable mini-horse pics! #followfriday
Hay for the winter? ✔️
Cotton candy clouds & wide open Wyoming skies? ✔️✔️✔️