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Farm-fresh inspiration & #returntoyourroots tips. Lover of Wyoming prairie life & old-fashioned things.
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This was Turbo during his de-skunking bath following Skunk Round One, which included him chasing the (very agitated) skunk under our front deck. Skunk Round Two involved him getting sprayed again and then carrying the (very angry) skunk around in his mouth. Turbo will not be sleeping in the house tonight. Also. Any idea how to deodorize 67 acres? Somebody send me 5 gallons of lemon essential oil, stat. 
P.S. Yes, he is current on his rabies shot. 
P.S.S The DIY de-skunking bath I have on the blog is amazing, if I do say so myself.
Putting her worms to bed. This was right before she started licking all the freshly dug potatoes. And this is why my kids have immune systems of steel...
Brilliant blue skies, crisp fall days, and cattle work with good neighbors 35 miles from civilization. Just a few of the reasons I moved to Wyoming and never looked back. :)
Tis the season for squirreling away preserved food into every crevice of the freezer and pantry. This gorgeous line-up belongs to Suzie over at @muddyoakhenhouse. Definitely a #pantrygoal, y'all... Seriously. ❤️
The dining room table is filled with flashcards, composition books, and half-eaten crayons (that'd be Prairie Baby's contribution). We dove into our 3rd year of homeschooling this week, and I'm rather enjoying the return to a slightly more predictable routine. Well, at least as predictable as you can be with a toddler, a homestead, and home businesses, that is... Second Grade and Pre-K-- Here we go, ready or not!
Y'all. I grew flowers from seed this year and I didn't even kill them. (Well, at least they're not dead yet.) It's borderline miraculous. Just pretend like you don't see the caterpillar-eaten cabbage in the foreground, m'kay? You can't win 'em all... ;)
Whenever I need a shot of farmstead inspiration, I head over to the @happydaysfarm feed. I think I want to be Penny when I grow up. ;) P.S. I’m pretty sure if you look up ‘cabin’ in the dictionary, this picture from her farm is what you’ll see. Simply gorgeous!
We've started our trek to the annual @doterra essential oil convention (our 5th year attending!) and I may or may not have a cooler in the trunk loaded down with homegrown eggs, cucumbers, tomatoes, and green beans... We're renting a house with a kitchen, and I couldn't stand the thought of leaving all that food at home. There's no limit to my homesteading weirdness y'all.
The day the first frost comes is gonna be a sad one this year... 🌻
She wants to grow up as fast as possible, and I want her to stay little as long as possible... When I think of my third born, the word "grit" immediately comes to mind. It's a trait that will serve her well in the long run, but sure makes her mama tired at the moment.
Helping Daddy feed the cows ❤️❤️
I gotta admit, homestead bunnies have never really been on my radar, but this basket from @gracefilledfarmstead sure makes me reconsider! They might even rival baby chicks a bit on the adorable-ness scale... There are more bunny pics (and lots of other homesteading goodness too) over at Erin's page-- head over and take a look! 👀 🐰 👀