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It goes without saying that there is nothing better than cooling off after a long day at the beach or pool with a popsicle. The only problem with traditional summer treats is that they tend to be a little too heavy on sugar and calories, while not fully utilizing the freshness of seasonal ingredients. When you decide to use what nature has to offer, you will find that there is less need for added sugars and artificial flavors. One of my favorite frozen treats this summer are these Strawberry and Vanilla Yogurt popsicles.  Cool off from the heat with these refreshing and delicious two-ingredient popsicles that are so easy, you’ll be making them all season!
Hi 👋🏼 Sometime next week I was thinking of hopping on here and doing a Instagram live video where I show you all how to make something in the kitchen! I was thinking maybe my go-to party appetizers? 🥂What do you think? Share your ideas with me below! 🙂
Eat cake. It’s somebody’s birthday somewhere! I’ve been hooked on making cakes lately and made this sprinkled chocolate number for my sweet little neighbor who recently turned one! Yellow cake, a thick layer of chocolatey fudge frosting and a sprinkle of rainbow jimmies is what I call the perfect cake. What is your favorite cake flavor? 🎂
There is nothing better than waking up to a clean kitchen! Officially obsessed with all things lemon this month (including my tea towels)! 🍋 Does anyone else agree that a clean kitchen + a pretty tea towel on display = heaven!? It’s the little things in life I tell ya! 😍
My lemon tree has been producing so many lemons lately, I don’t know what to do with them all! 🍋The first thing that came to mind was to make a lemon tart. This incredibly simple dessert is the perfect way to end a spring meal. It’s light, full of bright citrus flavor and can be made in advanced. This is my mother’s recipe, and has been a favorite in our family for years. Find this recipe by searching ‘Lemon Tart’ on my website. 🍋🌼
Today I made the prettiest cake for the sweetest mom to be! I hope she loves this cake as much as I do. 💕 Adding fresh flowers to a cake is the easiest way to make a simple cake fabulous. Thank you to @farmgalflowers for giving me these gorgeous blooms! 🌼
True fact. 😋 Did you know that before I started I had a little blog called “Cupcakes by Molly”? The summer I graduated from college I used to make all sorts of cupcakes and post the recipes here on Instagram. Shortly after that “The Preppy Hostess” came to be and here I am now! Way back in middle school, I fell in love with baking, especially cupcakes, after visiting @sprinklescupcakes in Beverly Hills. To this day, cupcakes are still my favorite thing to make and I have always wanted to be on that show Cupcake Wars! Shout out to @candacenelson for being my inspiration!
I’ve been on a pesto kick lately and have been making everything from the traditional variety to pea pesto. Today, I made a super creamy, avocado pesto that would be fabulous on almost anything. The avocados add a creamy consistency and cheese like richness to this vegan pesto. Who else loves pesto!? Find this recipe by searching ‘Avocado Pesto’ on my website.
Totally craving summer this week ☀️ Although it’s pretty warm in Florida this week I know that’s not exactly the case in most parts of the country. So let’s just pretend it is. Get creative with this traditional fruit salad, and add a touch of honey, lime juice and lime zest to add extra flavor to this backyard staple. Isn’t fresh fruit just the best? This fruit salad leaves plenty of room for all the flavors of the fruit to shine without drenching it in tons of sugar, or random flavors. Find this recipe by searching ‘Summer Fruit Salad in a Watermelon Bowl’ on my website. 🍉🍓
Hummus, a dip/spread traditional in many Middle Eastern countries, is usually made with chick-peas (garbanzo beans), but I like to use white beans for a change of pace. Not only that, it’s very simple to “dress up”. Today I will show you how to add pureed roasted beets, and pesto to the dip, to make it that much more flavorful. It’s a wonderful addition to my Market Vegetable Tray and so incredibly healthy as well. I like to serve the dips with raw veggies from the garden and toasted pita triangles. I’ve always gravitated toward crudités at parties, and have long maintained that they are one of the secrets to throwing a great dinner party. It’s always the prettiest dish on the table! Link in profile for recipe. 🥕
The best thing about pizza, aside from automatically putting us in a better mood, is that there are endless ways to enjoy it. If you’re looking to try a new slice of pie, this unique pizza is one you’ll totally want to bake up this weekend. This pizza is for all of you out there who are obsessed with all things *spicy*. I call this, The Spicy Devil Pizza. 🔥Proceed with caution. 🔥
As much as I love pie, I kind of despise making it. Hopefully my grandmother doesn’t read this or she may fall over. She makes the best pies and I make just OK pies. I believe that galettes were invented for people like me that aren’t in to baking perfect pies. The less perfect galettes are, the better they look. With a galette there is no perfect crust, no pinching, no soggy bottom and no burnt edges. Find this recipe on my website by searching ‘Strawberry Rhubarb Galette’.