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Live Candid. Believe in all you CAN and appreciate all you DID. I miss taking shots like these! Will definitely continue to capture and share the magic of these moments with you all. 💛 #wanderwithrach
Hey there! Don’t scroll down. Pause, take a deep breath and focus on yourself for just 5 minutes. It’s time for our first Mindful Mondaze: a chosen initiative to start the week right with a peaceful mind. 
For our first practice, it’s important to reflect on the one and most important mindset when living mindfully and that is to take care of yourself—something simple yet most likely forgotten nowadays. 
Ask yourself these... What was your most recent life-chievement? Do you remember each step you took to get there? Did you thank or praise yourself first or just waited for others to congratulate and validate your action? Think about it. 
Sometimes we virtually focus too much on other people’s lives and validation that we forget the one thing that matters, living content and praising ourselves in real time... This time around, be your life’s biggest fan. Be mindful of who you are and how you are. Don’t get carried away by the ‘destination’ or how others feel about you, just enjoy everything about the journey and how you personally feel for taking the leap of faith.
Give yourself a pat on the back when good things happen, treat yourself to your favorites when you’re not in the best mood, listen to songs that give you crazy good vibes…and just do the little things to praise you. At the end of the day what matters is how you treat yourself and how mindful you are of the steps you take to get to where you are and want to be. I get it’s not an easy journey. Let me tell you that. But you did it. You’re here. You'll never lose your way.
Take this as a mindful reminder to praise yourself, to listen to yourself first and to embrace every little step, ALWAYS. #MindfulMondaze🌷
Looking forward to sunnier days and ice cream dates! #rachnfood 💜💚
Find your calm in everyday chaos. Been obsessed with cacti-filled stores and cafés lately. 🍃🌵
It’s MONDAY yet again...Where has the weekend gone?
Time seems to fly by faster these days with reasons I’ll never understand. It has been 3 months into the new year already. Can you believe it? I still can’t.
Two weeks ago, I encountered an article on a magazine that instantly changed my perspective of things. It was about the practice of mindfulness and how in our day and age, we seem to forget to slow down, breathe and appreciate the little things. It hit me that most of us already say these things now but I’ll never know whether each of us just say it and not practice it daily. So this got me thinking... Why not make Mondays more meaningful than being the most dreadful day? Why not make Monday hate into appreciate? I know it’s hard with our time and own responsibilities but I’m taking a chance on it. ‘Cause sometimes, with all the excess noise around us, we just need to be reminded of the great things in life that we might have missed out on.
So I decided to take initiative and use this platform to bring back mindfulness in our daily lives. I say “our” because I too am currently working on it. Living in a world of social media mentality, I  realized how a scroll down or an encounter online can make a big difference in one’s life, big or small.  So every Monday starting today, I’ll be sharing some thoughts and practices that could help us start the week right. I’m calling this Mindful Mondaze, a weekly reminder for us to see life beyond rushed pace…and to just pause, breathe and focus on what really matters. #MindfulMondaze🌷
Lately, I’ve been in this funk of feeling so tired without doing so much and just missing home. My sisters tell me it’s the city grind but I guess it’s also the winter blues! 
Life has been feeling “meh” these days but I’m happy I’m slowly learning to cope better thanks to the cherry of optimism I choose to place on top of things no matter the struggle. You should try it too. Counting down the days until Spring time! So excited to feel some warmth again and to see the city in full bloom.  #latergram ☀️🌷🌸
First week back in the grind and I couldn’t be more grateful. Still a lot of things to get used to but I’m glad it’s in an amazing space surrounded with a bunch of supportive people. Reached yet another milestone thanks to the spontaneity of this beautiful city! Just wanted to mark this down as a week to remember. 💖
A smile goes a long way...pass it on. You never know whose day you’ll make. Wishing you all a happy and great week ahead! ☕️
We all have our own daily battles and struggles we face everyday. It’s not easy and I get that. But what if one word, can make a difference and change all that. Would you be up to make it your life’s new mantra? 
BELIEVE. I know it’s nothing new. We  get that all the time when we’re feeling blue but let me ask you this. Do you listen to people when they tell you this or just hear them out? Truthfully ask yourself. 
This month’s Stor-We I wanted to focus on this word cause it’s nice to be reminded early this year that believing in oneself can actually make personal challenges into internal epiphanies. We can easily drown in our own problems so it’s best if we avoid these and change our mindset as early as we can.
So here’s a story I’d like to bless your feed with. Believe in yourself, not just now but always. In doubt, remember that it’s better to believe in making life worthwhile now than being too late and never. Take the first step .Live life your way. Believe. You got this. 💖
Ever since coming here, I knew you were special cause you never failed to be a concrete jungle of dreams and inspiration! Every part of you has always been beautiful. Every. Part. And I’m lucky and grateful to witness this everyday in person. 💛
Literally, a walk to remember. 💖
When edible meets visual breakfast… you know you’re in for a treat! Today was just one of those days I decided to make one of my favorite breakfast combos and not just plain coffee and waffles but Mickey-shaped Eggos with strawberries and whipped cream plus a cup of hazelnut coffee! Also got the chance to catch up on one of my favorite inspirational reads. Today started out  simple yet wonderful which I hope was the same for you. I always believed that starting out the day right reflects how the entire day goes so I wish you a great day ahead! ❤️ #thelittlethings