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I won’t deny the fact that I’ve been obsessed with online shopping for the past few months and I learned to love most of  the items that I purchased. Today I’d like to share with you all three bags that speak fashion yet support local. Read this quick story to know more (link in bio!). #Livingin365 #HerStoriesToTell
Wasn't able to write a story to share today cause of a hectic week so instead I'd like to share some weekend thoughts. Came across an article that reminded me of how important it is to enjoy life and to make time for things outside of work. Work can get the best of you or even change you so it's important to make time to do the things you love, to enjoy special moments with loved ones, and to make each and every day count. Work will always have most of our time and effort but never forget what matters and learn how to balance. Posting this picture cause I miss the beach and the carefree & fun moments that come with it. Take time off and enjoy the beauty of life. Such a simple reminder yet sometimes forgotten. #weekendthoughts
Nothin' like milkshake, burgers and fries on a Friday night at "Riverdale." #throwback
Always remember that you're never fully dressed without a smile. Turn things around, put a smile on your face and let the whole world know how uniquely amazing you are! Your smile can work wonders. It can make up someone's day and can even make the whole world change. #wednesdaythoughts #capturemoments
Ever wondered how you can make the most important meal of the day delicious, healthy and fun every morning? I challenged my cousin, @melaledesma to a “DIY Cereal Challenge” and it ended up pretty awesome. You can check out the full story (link in bio above). #roadtofitherjeans #livingin365 #herstoriestotell
I love food and I think I love it too much that i've been lazing around binge eating, hoarding sweets and literally not being healthy. So this coming August i'll try my best to regulate the sweets I eat and to at least be healthier. This is me...the road to fit my jeans! Check the full story (link in bio above) #livingin365 #herstoriestotell
If you know me so well, you’ll know how much of a foodie I am. I try my hardest to moderate what I eat but there are just those days when I can’t help but eat anything or everything. ‘Cause of this and the realization that I’m weaker and heavier than before, I’m currently in search of more healthier options when it comes to snacks. I mean to be honest, eating junk food has already been a habit of mine and I know it’ll take time for me to completely avoid. So for me the best option is to find at least healthier alternatives to these snacks. Here’s a little S&R haul that I’d like to share with you all (link in bio!). #livingin365 #herstoriestotell
Add color to the lives of the people around you. Keep in mind that the little moments you live in this world make your life and those of others beautiful! #thoughts 🌺🌼💐
Early this year, I’ve been interested in online shopping and I’ve come across “bang for the buck” online brands that sell unique fashion pieces for an affordable price. I realized I haven’t shared anything about fashion so here’s my first ever story. Let me know what you think (link in bio!) #HerStoriesToTell #Livingin365 #ootd
Add color to dull days! Visit @kapokeph for updates! #KapokePH 🌸🌺💖
We should all start to live before we get too old. Fear is stupid. So are regrets. -Marilyn Monroe 💖
Have you ever wondered why love can mean so much to someone? How it can make or break a single person? Imagine how a simple four letter word, can already mean the world to almost everyone. I'm not just talking about romantic love but the love we have for persons, objects or even passions.

Through time, I've heard stories, observed patterns and even felt love (like everyone else) and I've come to the realization of the love that we all truly deserve (but we sometimes forget). We always think that true love comes from having someone else or someone there but this can't happen if we don't give enough love to ourselves first. Cliche as it sounds, it's only by loving ourselves when we get to fully learn to love others. So here are 7 reasons as to why you should start loving and being contented with yourself (link in bio) #herstoriestotell #livingin365