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As I am worthy of living this beautiful life, you are too. Never think less of who you are. Be happy. Stay grateful. Live your worth.


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We sung our hearts out. We danced like crazy and we lived an epic moment that can’t ever be replaced. Hands down, 
the best concert experience I’ve ever had and genuinely grateful to have shared this moment with you two (which to be honest, I wouldn’t have wanted any other way) Thanks for being the best @alexalovesbooks and @melyupangco Here’s to constantly supporting Taylor, losing our minds and just being crazy together. #rachforthemoment💛 #reptoureastrutherford
So happy to finally get to share this with you all! I’ve finally put together a simple video of our desert adventure around Utah, Las Vegas and Arizona with the hopes that our 5 days of shenanigans inspires you all to add these states to your bucket list.
I’m lucky to have shared this moment with my favorite middle sister, @melyupangco (who you should all know is the ultimate adventurer out there.) Making this video made me smile which I hope makes you smile too. Counting the days until our next big adventure! Can’t wait! (Link in bio) #rachforthemoment💛
It’s just one of those days when life takes a toll on you and you’re overwhelmed with everything coming at you. You wake up to random life questions you don’t have certain answers to and you’re left with so many thoughts that don’t seem to disappear even if you’ve wanted to.
 That’s life- a mix of days when you’re over the edge and days when you’re at rock bottom. It’s difficult and most of the time hard to explain because what we go through is different. 
But I’m choosing to put this out here to let you know that you’re not alone. We may be living our own lives but we’re living in the same time, the present, and that to me is most important... we stand by each other no matter what.
Today I was reminded of how lucky I am to be surrounded by supportive and amazing people. I’ve also realized that as much as we want everything figured out- it’s actually the journey to reach that point that matters- realizing your passions and values (one of which is traveling and I looked through my most recent trip to the desert and it made me smile) Thought of sharing this here today cause you never know who might be going through something on a most random day. It’s always great to know that you’re never alone. #rachforthemoment💛
If not now, when? Today’s #prjctpostit is all about you- ask yourself what’s really stopping you from doing things you want now and waiting for later. I know saying yes to yourself can be difficult with all the uncertainty around you but do know that whatever happens, you can say you truly lived. If things work out, good. If it doesn’t, don’t worry! You’re stronger than what you think. The fact you made it this far- means more than enough. There’s more for you out there. You’re just getting started. 💛
‼️WARNING: This post may or may not trigger your sweet tooth cravings and will possibly push you to treat yourself some ice cream today (which is always a good idea)🍦‼️ Sharing with you all some of my favorites today! #treatyourself You deserve a perk-me-up anyway. Wishing everyone a sweet and great new week ahead ! ❤️ #rachnfood #nationalicecreamday
When you’re invited last minute (literally three hours before) to a yacht party, and all you could say is Why Not? .
New York, you continuously surprise me with all that you are. Today, i’m reminded again of why I’m here and why I’ll always be grateful for it. It’s rare to get to experience something like this and I’m glad I got to celebrate love, food and life with people who deserve it. Congratulations to Marlon and Michael- two beautiful souls and cheers to more spontaneous experiences that turn to wonderful blessings. #rachforthemoment💛
If you know me so well, you’d know how much I love making people feel special through personal handwritten notes. Now that I’m abroad, I finally got to do what I’ve always wanted to try— snail mail, and I absolutely love it. I even started sending postcards to my future self whenever I travel thanks to @alexalovesbooks .
To my amazing friends back home who wanted one, you’ll get ‘em soon. And to those who want one, it’s never too late. Just let me know.  I genuinely love little surprises like this one and I most certainly would love to send one right to you. #rachforthemoment💛
Dreaming of coffee, brunch, and a ton of ice cream ☕️🍛🍦 There are just so many amazing sweets and treats out here— always excited to try ‘em! 💛 #rachnfood 
Candid 📸: @melyupangco
When was last time you paused for a quick moment to look around you- not worrying what time it is and just actually being in the moment?
When was the last time you actually took off minutes from your day to look at every little thing that surrounds you instead of just passing by? .
We’re always too busy searching for a day’s meaning that we fast forward time. We look forward to a day to end instead of looking forward for it to start. With this mindset, we lose track of what matters— what’s actually just right in front of us all along. .
So today, allow yourself to slow down for a minute. Look up in the sky and around you. You might notice beautiful things you’ve never noticed before and even realize things about yourself that you never bothered to understand. .
I know for some of you Monday is over and for others, the day is about to end but it’s never too late for #MindfulMondaze🌷 Being mindful is always welcome.
Letting the title speak for itself. Watching broadway will always be special to me and catching @melissabenoist after beeing a fan of her since Glee days was amazing! Getting to watch it as a complete family today was a plus too! Ninth show in this city and counting! Talent is everywhere and it still ceases to amaze me! Also, @carole_king, you are something else!  #rachforthemoment💛
I’ve come to realize  that I may not be the biggest person when it comes to huge success stories and that’s okay. What matters is that I’ve become the “bigger” person than what I used to be which I believe is the best success story there is. This is me and my life lately. Simply choosing to embrace every little change there is and telling you to do the same. Link in bio. #Livingin365 💛
It takes a lot to live sustainably. After 3 months of trying, I can honestly say that I still produce waste and I still forget to bring my zero waste stuff wherever i go. I’m not perfect. No one is. But you know what? It’s okay. The best way to start a habit is to continuously spike a routine. 
With enough self-motivation and by learning through practice, you keep going and find reasons to move forward. Every night, I’m teaching myself to prepare what I need the next day and ensure I bring a tote bag with me always.
Remember what matters is you’ve started and cause of it, you choose to teach yourself to be better. If you’ve always wanted to start, go for it —even if it’s as simple as bringing a tote bag always. It’s never too late to help save this beautiful world. 
Here’s one of the stores that has helped me which I hope motivates you to start somewhere, at least.  #sustainability #rachforthemoment💛