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Nothing like a perfect cup of hot cocoa to keep warm and cozy this negative degree season! Definitely a new found favorite from @unitedchocolateworks at #UnionSquareHolidayMarket💛❄️
Sometimes, you just need a tad bit of courage to get you going through the end the year or to even start a new one. 
Before 2017 ends, I’d like to share some thoughts and stories which I hope inspires you to take chances, choose your battles and learn from them. "In courage, there is strength." And having the courage to follow your own curiosity can make you stronger and wiser to live the life you deserve. 
What are you waiting for? Don't hold yourself back. You got this. (Link in bio) #livingin365 #MerryWordmas2017
"Rudolph with your nose so bright, won't you guide my sleigh tonight” 🎼 --It’s never too cold for Christmas treats and this was the cutest one ever! Loved their take on a classic rocky road! Definitely found another favorite in the city! #wanderwithrach  #rachnfood 🎄❤️
First snowfall of the year and the kid in me is hella excited. What a beautiful day! #wanderwithrach ❄️💙
Every year we’re given the greatest gift TO LIVE which I believe is far more wonderful than what anyone else could ask for. At times we can’t help but forget this simple yet greatest blessing cause of the emotions, feelings and material possessions that get in our way. 
With the holidays fast approaching, I’d like to spread the Christmas spirit from the root of holiday cheer which is giving back gratitude to those who have made this year unbelievable. I decided to create a special chapter in Living in 365 called Merry Wordmas in which every week up until Christmas, I share four words and stories that have made this year unbelievable. Stay tuned as we #CountdowntoChristmas together! 🎄❤️ What are your four words? #herstoriestotell #livingin365 #MerryWordmas2017
It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas and I'm more excited than ever! Passed by the holiday market for the first time last night and it was enchanting ❤️🎄#wanderwithrach
It has been quite cold here in the city. Keeping myself cozy with christmas pj's, holiday music, a good book and my favorite marshmallow treat! 🎄❤️
What a beautiful sight to see- the smiles, lights and having each other's company. Hello there Big Fella, it was absolutely great to see you! ❤️🎄
There’s just so much to love about Christmas— spending time with loved ones, sharing joy with people, endlessly listening to Christmas carols, dressing up trees and surroundings with decors but most importantly celebrating a new year with the Lord and thanking him for a year that was. Can’t believe we just have a few more days to go! Sharing the holiday spirit with everyone! 🎄❤️ #CountdowntoChristmas #wanderwithrach
Sometimes you need to escape and explore to know yourself more. 🙂 #livingin365 #herstoriestotell
I still can’t believe it. It’s finally here.  Living in 365 has its new home and I’m excited to share a new story. 
It has been over two months since I’ve been here in the Big Apple and what an adventure it has been and continues to be. Not fully knowing what journey lies ahead of me here, I’m more grateful for the opportunity I was given to just breathe and to escape life’s reality --simply, to live life and to let it be.

So here you go… this is me and my story. This is my life lately in a wonderful place called New York City. 🗽🚕 #livingin365 #herstoriestotell
Uncertainty brings out the better you even if it means learning from crossroads. 💛 #livingin365 #herstoriestotell