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Cooler breeze and autumn leaves! Fall is officially here and it’s looking gordgeous. Visited the Farmer’s Market at @unsqgreenmarket earlier and brought Liv out with me. Finally took some random photos and sharing some autumn colors to your feeds! #canoneosm5 🍁💛
This message is for all of us who continue to struggle in life, but still roll with the punches no matter the circumstance. This is for all of us who, even in the face of the unexpected, pick ourselves up again and again. This is for all of us who, no matter how tiring living in this world can get, continue to believe in its magic and its possibilities. This #worldmentalhealthday, we celebrate those who can openly share about their anxieties & pain while also reassuring those who can’t help but hide them, that it’s okay. We all have our individual ways of dealing with what life throws at us. So, whatever you’re going through right now, always know you’re not alone and never will be. Life will always be tough, so keep reminding yourself that you’ve made it here cause looking back, it wasn’t easy but you did it 💛📸: @melaledesma
Be kind to yourself not because you’re told to do so but because you know what you deserve. #rachforthemoment💛
Short but bittersweet. Thanks for being a sunshine, San Diego 💛
There are no words that can fully describe what a full year of living in New York City has been. All I can say is that it has been life changing and continues to be full of surprises. Nothing can ever compare to this concrete jungle full of dreams and endless inspiration. #livingin365 💛
It has been a while since I’ve updated my online journal and I thought today would be a great day to celebrate its comeback. Decided to share all the things I’ve learned over the past year and how it has changed me and the value I put into my life and the people around me. I actually dedicate this post to everyone a year ago who thought they couldn’t make it, but actually did it. It wasn’t easy for all of us to get to where we are now, but take some time to look back. You’ll definitely realize you’ve gone through an amazing year. So cheers to you, me and everyone here for making our own lives our own kind of wonderful! #livingin365 💛
When it comes to traveling, i’m the type of person who loves collecting little things to remember a place by. I’ve collected magnets, pins, postcards and even shot glasses (i’m indecisive really) but this time around, I decided to collect rocks from different places in Iceland. Looking at all of them, I am reminded of every place and moment. Just look at how beautiful these are. They deserve to be seen and appreciated for the beauty that’s never really noticed but have always been there. #rachforthemoment💛
Closing off our Iceland trip with this one in a million experience. We thought we were hopeless cause of the low forecast but we prayed and we were blessed to see it before we left. Hunting for Lady Aurora was crazy... imagine us looking at the sky for 4 hours straight, driving in the blackest road possible and stopping every chance we had.
These photos say it all but really, it’s worth it in person! What a dream come true to see  the lights (even if wasn’t as bright and a lot as it should be) dancing in the sky. The photos didn’t have to be perfect cause the moment already was. Thinking about it, makes me smile again. #rachforthemoment💛
Underrated corners that deserve a spotlight in your feed. 📸 Taken with Liv (#CanonEOSM5)
The past few days my sister and I have been looking back at our trip and sharing every bit of memory we had of Iceland. Truly this place was a gem and now that we’re nearing the end of our story, all I can really say is thank you to the universe and to the man up there who helped me make my dream come true. I wouldn’t have made it here to witness such a beautiful country 💎 #rachforthemoment💛
It might not be obvious how crazy this was but Jökulsarlón was truly the craziest experience in our adventure! To see a breathtaking view like this one, and to go on a crazy boat ride to see these floating glaciers upfront was definitely a moment to remember. No wind nor rain could stop us. The craziness just made the moment really unforgettable. #rachforthemoment💛
One of the things I’ll never forget about being in the glacier (and we’re going to laugh about this in the years to come) is when my sister was stuck in between the ice and instead of helping her we both just laughed. This reminds me that life no matter the circumstance has its bright side. #rachforthemoment💛