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Hi! I'm Meredith, small biz entrepreneur of 12 years, specializing in hand-silkscreened Japanese paper & gifts. I ❤️ nature, food/cooking, and art ☺

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Today I got another message from someone who saw a pic of our washi paper in her feed that caught her eye and was wondering what washi paper was. I'm always happy to answer messages like these because I feel strongly that the history and cultural aspects of washi should be preserved, so I thought I'd post this blurb from our website to share the knowledge with everyone.

Washi literally translates to "Japanese paper", wa meaning Japanese and shi meaning paper. Contrary to popular belief, it does not mean tape. Since washi really just means paper, there are many different styles that fall under its category. TRO focuses on chiyogami or yuzen washi.

Chiyogami translates to "1,000 generation paper". It was developed during the Edo period, and is inspired by patterns used in kimono designs. Chiyogami is sometimes also referred to as yuzen. Yuzen generally refers to a style of pattern that has roots in kimono and fan designs featuring ornate gold accents. Today chiyogami and yuzen both refer to the same style of hand-silkscreened washi where each color is screened layer by layer.  Because of it's popularity, chiyogami yuzen washi is commonly referred to simply as washi.

While the term washi encompasses Japanese papers made out of many different materials, TRO's washi is all kozo based. Kozo is the Japanese name for the paper mulberry plant.  Chiyogami has a thick, fabric-like quality and is very fibrous. Kozo washi is earth friendly as it is grown as a renewable crop. The strong inner bark fibers are pounded and mixed with water into a paste, and then pressed and dried into paper. We prefer to sell the handmade style of kozo paper, which has more texture and a beautiful natural edge as pictured here (called the "mimi" or ear).

Hand-silkscreening the washi is tedious and requires makers to carefully place a silkscreen on the kozo washi, then follow with various different screens to create the brilliant layered designs. Most designs average 5 or 6 different screens (colors) per design, but some intricate patterns use even more!
Sooooo... OUR WASHI TAPE FINALLY CAME IN! 🎉🎉🎉 It feels incredibly good to have these in hand after 2 years of developing the custom machinery and then even a few more weeks delay after they were ready at the dock 😖 But good things come to those who wait and they're here! It's been a little crazy with inventory and filling wholesale back orders, but we are working hard to finish packing all the remaining orders we have this week (like this lovely rainbow assortment going to  @mundart_stempel all the way in Switzerland 🇨🇭!) and I hope to be able to get our ✨NEW EASY-PEEL BACKING✨chiyogami yuzen tapes in our online shops for you by next week ☺ So stay tuned and I will keep you posted here with an announcement!
Who says a #smallbusinessowner #entrepreneur  can't observe holidays too?! Enjoyed making a leisurely Friday brunch for me and my 💖 of goat cheese, leek, and spinach frittata sandwich on freshly baked Amish bread rolls topped with kalua pork from last night's dinner 😋#maketimeforyourselfandothers #cookingismystressreliever
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Sunday treat ☺😋 #kawaii #macarons
Happy St. Patrick's Day! 🍀