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How cool is this?! 😱 I got these super special sheets of washi in the mail today from one of our chiyogami yuzen makers in Japan that showcases each layer of the hand-silkscreening process used to make our papers. I had requested these samples so I could better show you guys how much work goes into making each sheets of paper and how truly immaculate the registration is. We are SO lucky that he went out of his way to accommodate us! Take a look at each picture to see how detailed the design is... on the second to last silkscreen it’s hard to even tell what the difference is but it definitely adds to the overall design and really shows you how much detail goes into each pattern (hint: look for the white accents on that one!). I feel so blessed to have these partnerships and access to rare things like this that I can share with you. I’ll try to take better pictures at some point but I just couldn’t wait I share this with you because it’s so awesome!! #papernerd .
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P.P.S. For those of you who placed pre-orders, I will be sending an email update tonight with the latest news!
First batch of the new washi patterns came in today!! 😱☺️😍🎉
10 more days until the official start of #Spring !!! 🌸🌸🌸
Friday dreaming of being back in #Hawaii 🌅🌴🌺
Stopped by long time customer @thepaperiehawaii while I was on my trip back to Honolulu, and look what they still have a few of!!! If you’re in Hawaii and want some of last year’s collection of #washitape patterns that are otherwise completely sold out, stop by their shop!
Also, had a chance to talk with owner Eldon and we are thinking about doing a special TRO pop up collaboration event at the store after our new washi patterns come in... maybe in May or June... and maybe something planner related?!? They’ve been looking to expand more to bring in more planner related items.. they already sell tons of cute stickers (swipe to see some of my favorites!) and I said I would ask all my Hawaii followers (or followers that want to visit Hawaii!) if they had any suggestions on what type of event they would like to see, what kind of TRO stuff you’d want at a pop up (like any special make and take ideas?!) and any other products (non-TRO) you wish were more available on the island. How cool that you guys can help us brainstorm, right?! And how cool that it looks like I’ll be coming back again soon ☺️☺️ Any ideas are greatly appreciated... comment of DM! Mahalo 🤙🏻🌴🌺
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Was so lucky to be able to catch this fabulous exhibit at the East West Center art gallery in Hawaii, where Bhutanese monks were making this gorgeous sand mandala. The sand mandala is a Tibetan Buddhist tradition where these works of symbolic art are created by hand with colored sand and then ritualistically dismantled to symbolize the transitory nature of material life. Not only was it amazing and a rare treat to watch these monks work, but the calm energy they exude while doing their art really transfers to you. This was part of an exhibit about Bhutanese Gross National Happiness. If you are unfamiliar with the concept, it’s definitely worth looking it up! It’s a very interesting concept that I think gives a perspective on life we should all ponder more. I feel so re-centered now... I could watch them forever! #bhutan #bhutanese #sandmandala #peace #recentered #tranquility #buddhist #buddhism #art #artwork
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This is my cutie pie “nephew” Walter... I’m pretty sure he is saying “Auntie, I am really over you trying to get me to look at the camera!” 😝🐶
Today I skied ⛷ for the first time ever... and it was AH-MAZING! I was a fairly avid snowboarder in my 20’s, but now my body can’t handle the stress.😔 I had heard skiing was easier on the body so I took a ski lesson and, you guys..... it was the most active fun I’ve had in sooo long! It felt so good to be able to do physical activity, push myself with a new challenge and try something new! It was an absolutely gorgeous and awesome day - definitely one for the books ☺️ #fibromyalgiawarrior
Drove up to #northlaketahoe to celebrate my sister’s birthday and am so in love with these picture perfect icicles greeting us at the door 😍❄️ #laketahoe #icicles #winter #winterfun
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