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Founder of Re-Cycle-Tucson, cyclist, sometime runner, gardener, dog parent.


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The wonderful engagement of a Chris King Hub.....
They do not mess around with breakfast in Benson.
Because water is necessary for life. #ratherberiding
Just Matt White's TDF time trial bike, no big deal
Off to Abu Dhabi you go!
#happybirthday #miguelrocks
Another ridiculous sunset from my driveway
If you ever want non-traditional tacos made fresh by an amazingly creative chef, go to BOCA.  The salsa variety is amazing, everything is fresh every day...Go!
We can fix it, we have the technology. #unhappybikeday #sorrypinarello
Just another breakfast with the fishies #koifish
So today about 3/4 of the way through my long ride, up on sunrise and swan, I saw this random Tupperware sitting on the side of the road in the bike lane.  It looked like something was in it so I flipped a U turn and pedaled back to it. I pick it up and low and behold there was a little frog in it.  Being the softy I am, I put it in my jersey and finished my ride.  Little froggy is gonna have a wonderful life living in my koi pond. #randomstuffonbikeride #ribbet #jamestotherescue