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The adventures of Krysten and Mikey! Marvel's Jessica Jones on Netflix. My novel BONFIRE is out NOW! JJ2 coming soon! (Also knitting)

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#jessicajones March 8th! @netflix @marvel
Jj2 March 8th!! 汳ェ沛サ #jessicajones @netflix @marvel
汳沛サ窶坂凰ク鞘怩ク #krystenknitter
Happy bday Adam笶、ク! 泄カ沁ク笶、ク条沁
Fun thing about working on a show with stunts... The dudes are always down to practice and play along. This was after our 1st AD Wex told me I would have a 5am call time. Obviously I had to kick his ass. Jk - so fun. 洟」沽を洟ェ洟ェ汳ェ沛サ
Jessica and Trish at... the beach? 洟避沽ア #jessicajones March 8th!
Jj2 coming March 8th! 沐・沐・沐・
Love this pic! Just laying around with @rachaelmaytaylor between scenes 笶、ク条汨ッ窶坂凰ク条汨ッ窶坂凰ク Jessica Jones 2 is out March 8th!  Happy Valentine窶冱 Day!
Little behind the scenes rehearsing in my (un)sexy harness. #jessicajones 洟ェ洟ェ
Happy birthday to this ray of sunshine! @amynadinemakeup - Love you so much Naweeenie!!
#jessicajones full trailer is out - link in bio! 笨交沛サ沁解沁