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Easy out in kickball. First out in spellin bees. #CapeFearlessChallenge 💪

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These two! ☀️#SundayFunday #Manwich #BodyGuards #BoyfriendAndBestie
Bye summer... Bye tan... time to start looking for my sweaters #CuddleWeather #FirstDayOfFall
Today is my favorite day of the week- #FightForChangeFriday! For anyone that donates to my @lungforce walk fundraiser page for the next 24 hours will receive this custom bandana my team and I will be wearing in November to walk and raise awareness for lung cancer 💙 Team DD is the name of our team in honor of my my hero, my grandmother, Doris Dooyema, who battled lung cancer before sadly passing. She is with me in all that I do and I know wearing this bandana brings me comfort and pride knowing I am fighting for something for the greater good of all of us. Lung cancer is the #1 cancer killer in America and there are so many stories out there that I wish to honor and hear so we can educate ourselves to fight for change! Please click the link in my bio to donate and learn more about this cause. Together we are a FORCE. Let’s make a difference! #DD #WeAreAForce
Sitting in LA traffic on the way to work I go back to this day in my mind.... #MindTraveling
This is my #wcw shoutout @cynthiaaddairobinson is one of my dearest soul sisters and I’m so grateful for the bond we share. This last weekend we got to sit in a room among many powerful and inspiring women for the @womenshistory  museum event. So many voices of support, love and sisterhood were heard but this little lady is that for me on a daily basis. I am grateful for genuine friendship and being able to share the journey of life with someone who is an example of integrity, grace and goofiness! #loveyoulady
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Where in your life are you living out answers to your prayers... from as simple as a good day or no traffic to making friends or getting a job? A lot of times we get what we want and start focusing on something else we don’t have instead of being thankful for the blessing! #GratitudeAttitude #MondayMotivation
I tattooed my grandmother’s initials, DD, on me as a memoir to her but it was more than that for me. It was a way to start conversations about lung cancer with people when they asked me what DD stood for. See, Doris Dooyema stands for strength in the face of cancer, for bravery until her last breath, for inspiration in wanting her story to help others. When people ask I never shy away from the opportunity to educate them even if it’s just a fact or two. You could be saving someones life!!! Lung cancer has a stigma, one which makes people think it only happens to smokers and those who get it did it to themselves. Its detrimental to think these things. Its not the facts! The fact is it can happen to ANYONE and NO ONE deserves lung cancer. If we can change this way of thinking it would allow us to talk about it more openly, to get involved with the cause, to see the many faces and causes of cancer which could be effecting us. So with her initials I get to initiate the conversation about lung cancer and share HER story. In this way she lives on inspiring others with her bravery and saving lives through simple conversations. To learn more please click on the link in my bio. Read her story, share it, join the team, but most importantly donate what you can to @lungforce #FightForChangeFriday #DD #FCancer
“How lucky I am to have had something so hard to say goodbye to.” With a heart full of gratitude you now know the truth and sadness I have been wrestling with. To the last heartbeat Julie ever had I poured my soul and stories into her life. I loved her dearly, I loved her family, I this show, I love the family I made being on it, I love each individual I collaborated with, I love the memories I walk away with. We always know eventually a character will end this one was so hard to let go of. Thanks to everyone for allowing me to breathe life into Julie, to inspire others and surprise myself.  Thanks to each of you loyal fans for watching and supporting our show. There is a line on our show that said “If we are the sum of our memories... what would we add up to?” I would add up to a magnitude of gratitude and love. #SigningOff  #SwaggerSquad #ShooterTV @shooter_usa
When you step into the skin of a character for the first time it’s about remembering to let go. All the work, the prep, the fear, the doubts ... you must let go, trust, surrender yourself to each moment honestly. Pouring your stories, soul and breath into this piece of art you’re commited to. It’s about giving and giving knowing none of it is truly mine and instead something left for others to journey onward with. Tonight is the last episode of this journey... for all of us.  And though my heart aches as this comes to a close. I must remember to let go, and I do with a heart filled with love and gratitude. #ShooterTV #SwaggerSquad #SeriesFinale @shooter_usa
A girl against the waves. #SuprisinglyGoodWorkout #SunburnAtSea #Mallorca