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Easy out in kickball. First out in spellin bees.

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Its been complicated, confusing and beautiful journey with both my Father and (step)Dad. Knowing now they both were always doing the best they could. Knowing we are all human and this life isn’t a perfect formula. Forgiveness and love have lead my heart to where it is today.  Their mistakes and short comings have taught me so much. Their guidance and strength is now my foundation. As an adult I see where someone failed them and they fought through to forge a new path. I am grateful for our ongoing relationship and all they bring me in this life. For those of you out there who are hurting as today is a painful reminder I see you and send you so much love. Be gentle with yourself. For those of you who have a male figure (either related or not) who has shown you love make sure to offer gratitude! #HappyFathersDay
Planning to take our vacation in the form of a road trip with our Nova bear... exploring the western part of the US any suggestions?!?
Hidden reminders. #BeLove ❤️ #FridayFeeling
Such a wonderful night filled with inspiring women! (ALSO Proof I dont only wear workout clothes) Huge credit to all of you who helped me pull it all together and feel beautiful XO #TakesATeam #maxmarafotf
I am not my fears. I release them to the wind. I choose to surrender my expectations or plans. Knowing I have no control. Forward I march into the horizon.
Selfie proof of a Mom & Dad outing (Pet Free this once)!! Also my man @iamvictorwebster is ridiculously handsome!!
Pride. Proud. LOVE IS LOVE. Showing my support always. 🌈 ❤️ 💜
Crazy hair dont care. #Saturdaze
I shall creatively call this “Nova in Nature”. Right after this pic @iamvictorwebster and I watched her wander into the taller grass, curl up in a ball and nap away. It was SO sweet and made our hearts beam. We love taking her on all our adventures and seeing her experience the world. She got to see deer, eat elk poop, breathe the mountain air and run through open pastures in Montana. At the end of her days she was exhausted (just like us)! We are so grateful she found us and came into our lives... love you NovaBear!
What if? What if you chose to love one more time? What if you forgive them? What if you let go of the fear? What if you fought the voices saying you’re not enough? What if you surrendered? What if you believed you were worthy? What if you freed yourself to live? Right now stop  questioning... stop living in fear... start now... you only have one life to try, see, test, feel, do, fail, succeed, soar, journey on till you are called home. #OneFootInFrontOfTheOther 📷 by me
Eyes ever on the horizon. #HappyHumpDay
You are unique & this world needs you. I believe in you! #HeresYourSign