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Easy out in kickball. First out in spellin bees.

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Real moments. While it’s super fun to do shoots in many of the places I travel to. 99% of the photos look like this. (While the other 1% are what you see posted.) I love art directing them. Finding the clothes and collaborating with my man behind the camera @iamvictorwebster but just wanted to be real and show you the difference. Behold the real: Reality VS Instagram or as I like to call it me being ME!!
Real Flamenco Lessons!! #WhenInSpain #LivingLikeALocal  #Madrid 💃🏼
Wandering Souls who are always home. ❤️#TheSaladFamily #SelfieWasAMust #AdventureBuddy
Growing is evolving. It’s essential for us all. It takes awareness and action. Time to let go. Trust the process. And GROW!!! #WordsmithWednesday
Wandering in the back streets of Spain... this is where the best local places are found. #LivingLikeALocal #OffTheBeatenPath #ShannyInSpain
The doors are so welcoming & unique in Madrid just like the people. #VacationTime #Madrid #Spain
Practicing my flamenco in the park. #NeedBetterStompingShoes #RhythmWouldHelpToo #ParqueDeMadrid
And so my feet wander as my soul speaks to me in new ways. Searching for the ever evolving expansion of my heart.
Segovia was one of the most unique towns I have been to in Spain. I loved walking the old streets and up the hill to this Cathedral. If you want to see more detail from inside this church or of this town check out my Spain Highlight and follow along this 3 week adventure across Spain!  #Segovia #Spain
“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeing new landscapes, but in having new eyes.” #Madrid #Spain #TravelingSoul
Inspired beyond words! A week at @museoprado still wouldn’t be enough for me. Art works I’ve dreamed of marveling at in person... now a few feet away. This girl, who started an art club in high school, is nerding out right now! #Madrid #Spain
Julie may not have much to laugh about this episode but don’t worry I am full of giggles as I nervously answer my rapid fire interview questions... check out my all TOO honest answers. This should help lighten the mood before tonight’s new episode. #GiggleBox  #LaughsWhenNervous #ShooterTV