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These two women are shining examples of strength and perseverance. Im in awe of the circumstances they have survived and the way their souls still radiate love. I am one lucky girl to have a mother and aunt I look up to... (even if they are tinier than me)! I don’t want them to leave now!!
This #FightForChangeFriday is a family themed one. I’m so honored my mom and my aunt are here to join me and walk this coming Sunday for our @LungForce walk. Team DD was started to honor their mom and my granny but it’s quickly become OUR team. Made up of survivors, fighters, and some of the strongest souls I’ve ever known. We are excited to unite as a Force this Sunday with each of you!! Let’s make one last effort to donate to @lungforce as they are helping educate, advocate and research for the #1 cancer killer... lung cancer. And whatever you donate will be matched by me, so it’s like giving twice as much!! Thanks to each of you!! All OUR love xoxox #FCancer #TeamDD #linkinbio
The face you make when your mom cut your bangs blindfolded. #tbt #EightiesPerm
You raise me up❤️(figuratively and literally)
Sometimes I want to sleep because only there do I feel I can truly escape it all... because sometimes it’s hard to feel so deeply. So when I read this it was the reminder I needed. The last 3 days I went into nature and camped, without any technology. I wanted to be present with myself and in nature. To feel again. To find stillness. To connect with myself. To wake up. To live. What feeds your soul and makes you feel alive?
WE DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish I had the words to express my DEEPEST gratitude to each of you. I wish my grandmother could see this too!!! She would be floored at the amount of awareness and funds raised in her honor. Reaching this goal puts Team DD over the 6 figure mark in donations since her passing!! I remember her telling me she hoped her story could inspire someone and maybe save one persons life. Well Granny you have saved MANY lives and your spirit lives on as we fight. Team DD is in her name but I want to acknowledge it holds each of our stories, our loss, our heartache, our love. We truly are a F-ING FORCE!!! #lungforce #FCancer
“For the agony I’d rather know... cause blinded, I am blindsided...” #Blindsided #ShadowPlay
Progress. #WCW #WhoRunTheWorld
Today I had the honor of getting to sit and talk with @cbslapeter & @notorious_gibbs about our upcoming @lungforce walk on November 18th! We all shared our stories about why this cause is so dear to us! All three of us have lost one or more grandparents to lung cancer and while the connection is bittersweet, it was beautiful to share their stories!! I always feel when I get to talk about Doris, my granny, she is inspiring others and helping save lives. I am really look forward to hearing your stories and sharing this special day with you all from those fighting cancer to those surviving. If you’re alone, sad, scared or hurting know you are not alone and I want to walk hand in hand with you!! I know together we are a force for change against the NUMBER ONE cancer killer! Make sure to sign up on my Team DD and donate (link in profile) #LungForce
I want to share a story... one I shared with my dad while he visited me on set the other day. 
When I moved to Los Angeles I was twenty and knew no one. I had a car packed with suitcases and a heart filled with dreams. Dreams of a land you only read about or heard stories of. None which felt real or tangible to a girl from a farm in Minnesota. But life drew me to this place and my soul couldn’t imagine not creating! I remember going to my first audition ever at Sony, years after studying and auditioning. Here was this giant 🌈 rainbow right at the entrance. Instantly I walked under it and started singing “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.” (To myself of course) There’s a bench right under it so I sat and looked up and said to myself... “Someday I am going to work here!” I remember welling up thinking maybe I was crazy as I sang... “why oh why can’t I?”🌈 Each time I visited there for an audition it became a tradition to sit on that bench and sing to myself, reminding my heart to persevere. Well...... “Dreams really do come true.” I now get to see this rainbow everyday. I now get to work on the lot where it shines as a reminder to me. A reminder to be grateful. A reminder hard work pays off. A reminder to believe. A reminder to dream. #MondayMotivation
Fall found 🍁
Our faces may not convey it but.... We take VOTING VERY serious!!! #SaturdayWellSpent #Vote #CouplesWhoVoteTogether