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Daaaaaaaamn! #hooverdam
Smile & shenanigans on set with these two @shooter_usa ☀️ #season3 #SwaggerSquad #ShooterTV #comingJune21
EXCITING NEWS!!!!! You all asked so I found a way to come see you all in Paris!  Thanks to @empireconventions I will be coming to see you all again or meet you for the first time in an awesome winter wonderland weekend December 8 & 9 !! I was so bummed I had to cancel my trip to Paris in June so I wanted to find a way to make it up to you! So let’s start the holiday season together. Can’t wait to see everyone there ❤️ all my love #bestweekendever #123Ravens #jetaime #runningnotwalkingback
YOU. Your stories. Your heart. Your dreams. Your passion. Your life. It’s uniquely made for YOU. When you compare you rob yourself of seeing the blessings and lessons in front of you. The life intended for you gets twisted and seems like not enough in the shadow of comparison. Instead today know your life has been intentional and beautiful. Find gratitude in all of it. This world needs YOU and your stories.
Mama & Me. In matching sweaters knitted from my Granny. My mom was 25 here. Ahead of trend with mismatched earrings. Brilliant, beautiful, bold facing the world with me at her side. Her strength and perseverance have formed a foundation for me. She survived and sacrificed so much for me. She always told me beauty comes within and my dreams were possible. She allowed me to have imaginary friends and helped enrich my creativity. She cheered me on in everything I did... even when my lack of coordination gained me participation ribbons. She’s answered all my midnight phone calls filled with cries for help. She’s helped mend many of my broken hearts and reminded me of my worth. She’s renewed my hope and helped me find my faith again. Each day I find gratitude for this woman, my mother. I am reminded it isn’t the blood in my veins which gives her this name... it’s the role she’s chosen to selflessly take. I love you mom... thank you! #HappyMothersDay
With eyes fixed forward we must fight on... Even if National Women’s lung health week and #turquiosetakeover are over there is more work to be done! We must keep educating and igniting others towards this cause @lungforce !!Together we must fight the NUMBER ONE CANCER KILLER! #Fcancer #WeAreAForce
Alone we can make a difference..... but united together we are a FORCE for change. #JoinTheForce #LungForce #FCancer #turquiosetakeover
It’s #FriYay during our  #TurquioseTakeover so snap a pic showing your support, tag me and I’ll be choosing some of them to feature! Get creative and get out there to raise awareness! Show your support for @lungforce !! #Fcancer
#tbt to an incredible moment with @nasdaq ... Before, During, After... those who know me know I was beyond emotional about this. With great opportunity comes great responsibility... one I gladly take on as the voice to my Grandmothers story to advocate for @lungforce ... being a part of this initiative I’ve seen the progress we are making, I stand beside survivors, patients and hero’s who’s strength inspires my fight even further... I do this for my granny’s glory and to honor a life she lived so selflessly for others. She wanted to inspire others and so I carry on her wish in her absence.  If I’m honest moments like this are bittersweet... they come at the expense of a loss so great and profound. So with every blessing I speak her name and share her story... in this way she lives on...
Who’s in your #TurquoiseTribe ? As we takeover this week, in color, in hopes of starting more educational conversations about lung cancer I have to thanks my girl @royalnomad for creating some incredible turquoise jewelry that gets people to stop and allows me to talk to them about this issue... one which we all know is near and dear to my heart!
Educate yourself on the facts so you feel empowered toward making change happen. Here are a few:
1. Lung Cancer is the leading cause of cancer deaths in America for both men & women.
2. Lung cancer accounts for only 4% of cancer survivors in America. 
3. Lung cancer can happen to ANYONE! 
4. Lung cancer isn’t just the “smoking cancer” there are other causes (Radon, Air Pollution, Second Hand Smoke, Chemicals....) 5. Lung cancer is usually diagnosed in later stages due to poor detection methods and misdiagnosis. 
6. Lung cancer needs more treatment methods to help support patients currently running out out of the few options & trials available. 
This is truly a public health priority that should be on ALL of our radars. Get ignited and involved with me. Visit @lungforce or @americanlung to find more educational resources, risk assessments info, help on where to get scanned and support for patients. TOGETHER WE CAN BE A FORCE FOR CHANGE!  #Fcancer #LungForce #TurquoiseTakeover