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A 6 piece collective creating urban sounds and warm vibes

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Today we're in Naesby playing a festival! Festival season you're treating us well ✌🏼
This weekend we're at The Pig & stock fest with friends @eddy_and_the_remedy. Come get wavey with the triangle 🐷
Always take time to rest and reflect 👌🏼
Our waveyy customised RED TRIANGLE gin bottle...with @sarpasalpamusic we love u sarpa ✨
Snap shot from @gardenopenmike
TODAY WE'RE PLAYING @gardenopenmike  WITH @__flyte__ // 8:50pm#! BE THERE KIDS 👀
Still so buzzed from last weekend, so ready for you guys tomorrow ✨
Only a couple of days till we play @gardenopenmike 🤜🏼
Mr Purr on bass 👌🏼
This Sunday we're supporting @__flyte__  at @gardenopenmike! For discounted tickets, head to our Facebook page! 👇🏽
Tonight we're being played on NNBC radio 8pm!
Last night you guys showed us so much love, you keep us alive 🙌🏼