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🎆CELEBRATION TIME🎆 Today might be one of the biggest days in the history of The Ritman Library. It's time for new things, for new chapters and for bringing the wisdom kept in our library to as many seeking people as possible. Let's spread wisdom's perfume around the world! 📖🌹 More about this all will follow soon - VERY SOON! Stay tuned for something completely new 😀
Fludd on Friday

Robert #Fludd (1574-1637): Hermetic philosopher and surveyor of two worlds. Based on Joscelyn Godwin’s study of “Robert Fludd: Hermetic #philosopher and surveyor of two worlds” (London: Thames and Hudson, 1979). An Old #Experiment
Fludd says in ‘Integrum Morborum Mysterium’ (p. 9) that he saw this instrument illustrated in a manuscript at least seven hundred years old – an estimate which in ‘Philosophia Moysaica’ he modified to five hundred. Actually, the manuscript is still extant, if, as Sherwood Taylor suggests, it is the twelfth- or thirteenth-century copy of Philo of Byzantium’s treatise ‘De Ingeniis Spritualibus’ now in the Bodleian Library, Oxford (MS. Digby 40). This #manuscript belonged to Thomas Allen, a contemporary of Fludd at Oxford, and later passed to the alchemical physician Sir Kenelm Digby, who presented it to the Bodleian. The relevant page is reproduced in Taylor’s article: it similarly shows an open and closed vessel joined by an inverted U-shaped tube, with the #Sun nearby. 
The principle is that the heat of the Sun, or its absence, will make the air in the sealed bulb ‘A’ expand or contract, and hence make the water level in the tube, derived from the open ewer, fall or rise. Fludd was very fond of this experiment and its picture, and reproduced it in several works.
#Fludd #experiment #PhiloofByzantium 
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Hermetic music

Introducing music inspired by #hermetic ideas

One of the composers involved in Parisian occult circles during the fin de siècle was Claude Debussy (1862-1918). He was close friends with Erik #Satie who was a member of the Ordre de la Rose-Croix Catholique du #Temple et du #Graal, founded by Joséphin #Péladan. That #Debussy regarded #music as something lofty and mystical, a kind of secret knowledge to be protected by esoteric societies, is clear from the following letter, which he wrote to fellow-composer Ernest #Chausson: ‘Music really ought to have been a hermetical science, enshrined in texts so hard and laborious to decipher as to discourage the herd of people who treat it as casually as they do a handkerchief! I'd go further and, instead of spreading music among the populace, I propose the foundation of a 'Society of Musical #Esotericism’.’
More on Debussy next week.

Listen to ‘Prélude à l’après-midi d’un faune’
Image: Stage design for the ballet production of Debussy’s Prélude à l’après-midi d’un faune’ by Léon Bakst
#Debussy #occultism #HermeticMusic
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What is happening here? Does this mean that...? As you can see we are giving our premises of the House with the Heads a small (or more like MASSIVE) makeover. Our long held dreams are turning into a modern day reality. What exactly it is we're concocting here you will hear soon. Watch the video we will share now for some hints. Anyway: we're up to A LOT of exciting things. So... see you soon..? 😉

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The Quest for the Grail

The symbol of the Grail has occupied a place in the imagination since awareness of it first dawned in the European Middle Ages, and it continues to exert a fascination upon all who come within its sphere of influence. As a sacred vessel, the grail has strong links with Celtic myth, with the hermetic vessel and the Philosophers’ Stone of alchemy. Cup stone or jewel, however it is depicted, the grail has remained a symbol of spiritual wholeness leading to union with the divine, which has been the aim of seekers after truth in every land and every century. It is a symbol ‘whose home is properly in the uncharted country of the soul’. The beginning and end of the quest are defined moments. Between these two points lies a world of strange adventure, wonder and mystery. To reach the #temple of the #Grail, the knights who set out from #Camelot must undergo many tests and experience terrible ordeals. But often, when the way seems darkest, the enigmatic white stag or a hermit figure appears, to lead them forward through the mazes of forest and hill. In medieval #iconography the stag was identified with Christ and the soul’s thirst for God, which accounts for its appearance in this context.

Image: The outer panel of the Wilton Diptych: The white hart, emblem of King Richard II. 
Text: John Matthews, The Grail. Quest for the Eternal.
#Whitestag #mystery £questforthegrail
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Pearls of Wisdom "We see this metaphysical transparency in all great medieval works, from the songs and poems of the courtly love tradition to Chartres cathedral and Dante's great Divine Comedy." 'Theosophia. Hidden dimensions of Christianity' – Arthur Versluis
#theosophia #christianity #pearlsofwisdom
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In #alchemy we speak about transformation from one stage to another while keeping the essence... Behind the scenes we have been working really really hard on presenting you something really exciting... REALLY soon! (really - no kidding 😅) Here is a super secret sneak preview of what we're currently up to... Stay tuned, cause you won't want to miss this!
Hermetic Gallery

The Hermetic Gallery presents images from printed books and manuscripts that are part of or related to the library's collections. The images and their brief explanatory notes are taken from 'The #Hermetic Museum - #Alchemy & #Mysticism' by Alexander Roob, published by #Taschen Verlag in 1996.

Macrocosm: Moon “Apian’s Astronomicum #Ceasareum is considered to be the last standard astronomical work based on the geocentric view of the universe. It consists of a series of concentric cardboards discs moved with threads, and from which the interested layman was able to read the arithmetical values and #astronomical constellations as on the face of a clock. Kepler mocked this “string-pulling”: “Who will give me a spring of tears, that I may admire the lamentable industry of Apianus, who, relying upon #Ptolemy, wasted so many hours representing a whole labyrinth of interlocking twists and turns.”" Peter Apian, Astronomicum Caesareum, Ingolstadt, 1540
#Apian #astronomy #hermeticgallery
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Have we found the second Leonardo da Vinci? 
Read all about Robert #Fludd (1574-1637) as a philosopher, #physician, #scientist and #artist in this blog post, and be in awe of his astonishing work:

What do you think, is he worthy of the title 'universal man' or polymath?
Jan Amos Comenius - ‘Via Lucis’
Dutch, € 15,- ‘Licht dringt zonder een doorschijnend lichaam niet tot het ondoorschijnende lichaam door. Zo verplaatst zich de waarheid der dingen niet zonder de zintuigen naar het verstand.’
Jan Amos Comenius, ’Via Lucis’

De hele wereld, zo begint #Comenius in ‘Via Lucis', is een school van de goddelijke #wijsheid, die de mens moet doorlopen voordat voordat hij tot de hemelse academie wordt toegelaten. Comenius spreekt in ‘Via Lucis’ over de werking van het #licht, die hij drievoudig onderscheidt en in drie geschriften onderbrengt. Hij verklaart het eerste boek, het boek van #God zelf, als het hoogste geopenbaarde licht. Het tweede geschrift verklaart hij als de levende natuur, als het boek der natuur - het ‘Liber Naturae’ - waar het goddelijke licht zich in zijn schepping openbaart en aldus tot een zichtbare openbaring komt. Het derde boek is het mysterie van de mens, de ‘Minutum Mundi’, de microkosmos, de kleine wereld waarin de mens tot kennis van zichzelf dient te komen, waardoor hij tot een directe aanschouwing komt van de zich openbarende, levende natuur en als gevolg hiervan een directe relatie aangaat met de oorsprong va het leven, de Goddelijke Schepper zelf.

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Fludd on Friday

Robert Fludd (1574-1637): #Hermetic philosopher and surveyor of two worlds. Based on Joscelyn Godwin’s study of “Robert Fludd: Hermetic philosopher and surveyor of two worlds” (London: Thames and Hudson, 1979). Enemies invading the Fortress of #Health
The preceding plate (see our previous #Fludd on Friday post) showed the sick man in his outward aspect: here is his true situation, beset by the demons of the four winds, who represent #God’s irascible properties. #Azazel, mounted on a basilisk, has already broken through the fortress to afflict the patient with the diseases associated with the South Wind. The sufferer exclaims: ‘The arrows of the #Almighty are within me, the poison whereof drinketh up my spirit: the terrors of #God do set themselves in array against me’ (Job 6.4). God himself is present at the cardinal points, and issues his stern dicta from every direction:
North: ‘Because thou hast not hearkened unto my voice, I will afflict thee with… cold and will give thee a fearful #heart and a sadness of #soul until thou perish’ (adapted from Deut. 28). South: ‘Because thou hast not kept my commandments, I will afflict thee in summer with corrupt air, and give thee the pestilence to pursue thee until thou perish’ (adapted from Deut. 28). ‘I will send serpents among you, which will not be charmed.’ (Jerem. 8.17)
East: ‘Because thou hast not observed my precepts, I will afflict thee with hot and seething… and fever…’ [illegible]
West: ‘I will afflict thee with dropsy’ (Luke 14). ‘I will make thee lunatic and affected with a heavy spirit’ (Matthew 17). ‘I will dissolve thee with palsy, so that thy enterprises are hindered and thy mouth stopped, that thou canst not speak’ (I Macc. 9.55).
One wonders what help the #physician can be in the face of this divine wrath (or negative #karma). Presumably, he can try to rebuild the battered fortress, and encourage prayer and the amendment of life when the #punishment is passed.
#Fludd #FortressofHealth #winds 
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