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Hangin around. 
Put in some good hard work, but a pleasure shooting what will become multiple posters around the world for #SkyscraperMovie. 
THANK YOU to everyone involved making this shoot “fit in” with my already incomprehensible aka nutty schedule. 
Grateful to have such a team of talented rockstars making it all happen. 
#UNIVERSALStudios #LegendaryStudios #SevenBucksProds #SkyscraperMovie @tmac24fleet 📸
This vid was just texted and had to share. Luv this. I’m fired up! 
I realized early in my career that if I had a shot at becoming successful in our business, I had to make sure I surrounded myself with hungry, hard working and brilliant people  who, like me, has one goal in mind — create awesome experiences for the movie going audience around the world. 
While I’m up here in Vancouver shooting a movie, our worldwide #JUMANJI team is hard at work strategizing to deliver something exciting this Christmas for the fans. 
A personal thank you to my hard working, talented partners who I can tell aren’t crazy about being on camera 🎥 🤣

Middle East
Big shout to my good bud, Josh Greenstein (President of Marketing and Distribution for SONY) for texting me this vid and galvanizing our our worldwide team. 
Audiences are loving the movie in early screenings and think we made something fun, cool and heartfelt. Think BREAKFAST CLUB meets BIG... led by the big, brown, bald, tattooed guy who cusses occasionally and gets in trouble but that’s ok because his name is Dwanta Claus 🎅🏾. #HardAtWork #HomeTeam #JUMANJI #Worldwide 
How’n the hell is a man expected to get any work done on his job site. 
Ok, one “hi” and then I’m out. 
This disturbing me while I work is a bunch of horseshit!

Truth is it’s 2am, they’ve been waiting for hours and I’m a lucky SOB to have the greatest fans in the 🌎#SkyscraperMovie #grateful 🤙🏾
Like Da Vinci’s, Mona Lisa, my art is priceless and yes, I am an uncivilized artistic genius. 
1) No, I will not make Moo Cow’s teets any bigger, because that’s inappropriate. 
2) The bad ass “Wolf Is Always Scratching” #USDNA @underarmour long sleeve drops Nov 9th (Veterans Day weekend) from #ProjectRock. 🐮🐺🇺🇸
THANK YOU, Mayor Linda Hepner and her entire staff for the warm “We ❤️ DJ” welcome to your city. 
And thank you, British Columbia/Canada for welcoming me like a son. 
On a personal growth note, years ago this province served as catalyst for a defining time in my life when I was cut from the CFL and my dreams of eventually making it to the NFL were over. I didn’t understand the value of it then, but I certainly do today - making the CFL/NFL was the best thing that never happened. 
Remember that when life kicks our asses and crushes our plans. Have faith because sometimes that goal might be the best thing that never happened. 
Now where the hell is my tough guy macchiato pumpkin spice latte? 
#SkyscraperMovie #Surrey #Vancouver 🇨🇦
😂⛓ It’s hurtin’ my neck. 
Every generation or so, two dudes will just “click” with must see, on screen chemistry. 
In 6 weeks me and my twin @kevinhart4real along with @jackblack, @karengillanofficial and @nickjonas go on a global press tour to promote #JUMANJI 
As per yoosh, we will have ZERO fun. 
#BigDogsEat #Brothers4L #ItsHurtinMyNeck
AM sweat equity and takin’ care of the machine. 
Im always asked how I “manage and balance” the stresses of life? 
My answer is I make it a point to protect the thing that allows me to do what I do. That “thing” is my machine - mind and body. I block out three hours every morning before I go into work and before my entire household gets up. It’s my critical alone time that allows me to mediate, clear the stresses, train hard and anchor my day. 
We’re all looking to improve our management skills and find that all important balance of our busy lives. 
Family, our jobs, raising our babies, payin’ the bills, school, relationships, the world pullin’ you a million different directions etc. 
We all go thru the same complex shit, just different degrees of volume and intensity on a daily basis. 
Take care of and protect your machine and find your anchor. 
Because at the end of the day, regardless of how many people, businesses, co-workers, friends, advisors, teammates or loved ones you may have in your life - no one knows your machine and what it needs better than you. 
No one. 
Well, I actually know your machine better than you do, but I don’t count because I’m a Jedi Master. 
Headphones on. World goes away. #OurMachine
Day 42 of 64 shooting our action thriller #SkyscraperMovie. 
I prepped for an intense shoot daily based off the material, but this “battered down” mindset has served me in ways I never expected, professionally and especially personally. 
Universe has a helluva sense of humor that way. 
Now I need a shot or three of my tequila. 🥃
#Day42Of64 #BatteredDown #SkyscraperMovie
📸 @hhgarcia41
Good karma and pickle dicks. I mean pickle dick. Singular. 
2am and going strong with my 2nd Unit Director, JJ Perry who’s one of the best in the business and a long time collaborator of mine over the years to execute cool & bad ass action sequences in my films. 
He’s also the only man I know who can use the words Dali Lama, good karma and pickle dick in the same paragraph and get me motivated as hell to shoot it. 
Luv this dude. Crazy & brilliant. The way I like em. 
#2am #AdrenalineKicksIn #SkyscraperMovie
Giddy up. 
Puttin’ in the hard work on a sexy Friday night with my 2nd Unit crew on our #SkyscraperMovie. 
In our world, 2nd unit directors and crews are rockstars who get down and dirty with one goal in mind - gettin’ shit done. 
2nd Unit director JJ Perry gettin’ us fired up. 
#FridayNights #PainTrain #Loco4L #2ndUnit #SkyscraperMovie
Writer: Hey DJ here’s the script but say it in your own words. 
DJ: Sure thing my friend 🖕🏾
Had a blast being the musical Executive Producer for The #WWE2K18 Deluxe Edition by @WWEGames is available NOW on @AppleMusic. 
This soundtrack I’ve curated are tracks taken directly from my #IronParadise workout playlist. 
WARNING: when you listen, you may want to run thru a f*cking brick wall, so listen at your own risk because my tracks are like a runaway locomotive riding dirty in your ear canals. 
That’s a tad extreme, but I am what I am. Enjoy.. ✊🏾
A few months back we invited our digital journalist buds out to Hawaii to the set of JUMANJI for a little visit. We told them “You’re going to meet the big, bald, brown tattooed star of the film and experience the adventures of the Hawaiian jungle first hand.” We clearly delivered on our promise. Mahalo guys for hanging with us on set. Always fun and stay cool. The haters may say this is photoshopped, but who likes assholes anyway? Not us. Aloha! 🤙🏾
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