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Check out the demixer that demonstrates the restoration that has taken place on 'The Rolling Stones: On Air' album. Apply the demix process to the tracks yourself with your very own mixing desk and hear the difference the technology has made at: #TheRollingStones #StonesOnAir #60sMusic #60s #rocknroll #blues #music #newmusic
"We've been using 'You Better Move On' in our act for ages and it has always gone down well; that's why we decided to record it" @mickjagger '64.
Pre-order #StonesOnAir - link in bio. #TheRollingStones #60s #60smusic #rocknroll
Happy birthday to our dear friend Martin Scorsese, wishing you all the best! @martinscorsese_
8/10 Uncut - "If Blue & Lonesome was the sound of the Stones, as they are now, paying tribute to the music they played as young men, On Air transports us back to those early days." On Air is out December 1st, pre-order your copy now - link in bio! #StonesOnAir #60s #60smusic #Review #music
The BBC refused The Stones’ first application to play on the air. When they were finally considered, on this very day fifty-four years ago, the booking manager of the show wrote a letter to the band “…your name has now been added to the list of artists available for broadcasting generally. This does not mean, of course, that offers of engagements will automatically follow, but simply that you may be considered..." Pre-order the official book and album bundle to learn more about 'On Air’ - link in bio. #therollingstones #stonesonair #60s #60smusic
Upon releasing ‘Come On’, a singer called Craig Douglas gave the single a bad review on the Melody Maker. The Stones retaliated by collecting milk bottles and putting them outside Mr. Douglas’ dressing room with a note saying “2 pints please”, after it came to light that prior to his singing career Douglas had been a milk man. 
Pre-order the official book and album bundle to learn more about The Rolling Stones ‘On Air’ and hear ‘Come On’ 
recording live in 1963 for BBC Radio. Link in bio. #StonesOnAir #ComeOn #60s #TheRollingStones
Sparks will fly!! Have an illuminating evening! #fireworksnight
Don't say hi, like a spider to a fly…
Just for Halloween, here’s an exclusive spooky listen to a clip from the upcoming album On Air, featuring some real rarities from the Stones formative years. Available to pre-order on all formats, link in the bio. #Halloween #StonesOnAir #spiderandthefly
Happy Halloween from Mick, Keith, Charlie and Ronnie! #SuckOnTheJugular⚰️☠️👻 🎃 #Halloween
Gimme the honky tonk blues! #StonesNoFilter @mickjagger
“Charlie put down a different tempo and with the addition of a fuzz-box on my guitar, which takes off all the treble, we achieved a very interesting sound.” @officialkeef was reminiscing in his dressing room on the last night of the No Filter Tour, having a listen to ‘(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction', the live radio recording from the upcoming album ‘On Air’ - a collection of classics, covers and previously unreleased recordings from the sixties. ‘(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction’ & ‘Come On’ are available to stream/download now, and you can pre-order the album on all formats, link in bio.
#OTD in 1963 The Rolling Stones were first aired live on radio on the Saturday Club! They played their first single 'Come On', plus three other Chuck Berry numbers ‘Memphis Tennessee’, ‘Talkin Bout You’ and ‘Roll Over Beethoven’, they finished off with the track ‘Money’, which they played most nights on tour at the time. 
Most of these songs that were performed that very day have been restored via a revolutionary process to deliver the ‘On Air’ album, a special collection of previously unreleased radio recordings from the sixties. The Stones captured at the very beginning, performing the music they truly loved Blues, RnB and Country. Tap the link in the bio to pre-order now. #StonesOnAir