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A post-yoga treat. #lazysundays
My family drives me bananas but I couldn窶冲 be happier to be home for the holidays. There窶冱 no place like home. #norco #caligirl #minions
My winter wonderland.
Little known secret of DC: you can visit a Victorian house with original furnishing, and learn about the fascinating immigrant who made his American Dream a reality.
Vegan 窶彷ish窶 tacos with cole slaw and baked beans, Pinot grigio, and a cinnamon bun! #provincetown #vegan #veganptown
Mamテュ made me vegan chilaquiles 沽 #veganmexican #veganchilaquiles
Yesterday you became Mr. & Mrs. Richardson. I窶冦 blessed to have you as a friend and to have witnessed this new chapter of your life. Cheers to your new partnership! 衍を沁院frankentay 
California priorities.
The autumn crisp and tres leches cake at Great Sage were DIVINE. I have a new favorite vegan joint! 
#veganmaryland #veganporn #vegantresleches
Virginia wine county is so beautiful in the autumn. And my friends are pretty awesome for braving a cold, rainy day to go wine tasting. #birthdaywinetasting #24thbirthday #mybookclubcandrinkyourbookclubunderthetable
Little did the pumpkin know it would be carved into a uterus...