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Discussing all things mental health // let's heal together // blog coming soon ⚡️

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There is some exciting things happening for you all, not only will The Safety Blanket be becoming live very soon but we will be opening up shop - quite literally! I’ve teamed up with the lovely @leah.jenkins 💛 We will be hand-making & putting a whole lot of love into creating and selling weighted blankets!! More details will be coming soon, please email for expressions of interest ✨
Hello again! I took a slight (major) hiatus from this account as these last few months have been rough, both mentally and physically. I’ve been in a serious car accident, been on life support in a coma, endless hospital visits & stays, as well as two upcoming surgeries later this week. I felt because I was in a bad headspace I couldn’t share much positivity but I’ve just come to the conclusion that this page is all about the raw & untouched parts of mental illness. So albeit the struggling I am back. The blog will be coming shortly, bare with me for a tad longer still. ✨💛 Artwork by: Nicole Frenette (@someshittydrawings )
Exciting news!! The lovely @sarah_etheridge whipped this cutie up just for us 💕Go have a looksy at her page, she's an artist based in #melbourne producing some truly amazing art ⚡️
Not long to wait now until The Safety Blanket is live. I'm so excited to share what I have created for you all 🌿 #thesafetyblanket #creative #healing #creativehappylife #nothingisordinary #mentalhealth
Hello and welcome, follow this page to stay up to date with the upcoming blog - The Safety Blanket ⚡️talking about all things mental health, recovery, and self-love. Let's heal together 🌸 #watchthisspace #blog #thesafetyblanket #selflove #mentalhealth #recovery