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“There For You” music video is HERE:

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SO much fun getting my dance on with these amazing people — if you haven’t seen “There For You” yet, what are you waiting for!? LINK IN BIO 🕺🏻 @minort @analiza.z @sircthatsme w choreo by @laurajquinn  and of course shot by the wonderful @ryanparma !!
Check out my BRAND NEW dance music video for “There For You” created ENTIRELY #withGalaxy Note9 - Thanks @samsungmobileusa for partnering with me to make this video possible and allow me to serve the #Samily some pop star realness — go watch the vid, check out the Galaxy Note9 and #DoWhatYouCant!!
So the “Carousel” Music Video is basically one big “How Hard Did Aging Hit You” challenge — if you’ve seen the video, what do you think? How hard has aging hit me? (LINK IN BIO!!) #howharddidaginghityouchallenge #glowup #musicvideo #carousel
▫️Just when we get close / It falls out of sight▫️(Carousel MV out now!!)🎠
Q: What’s your favorite childhood memory??
Sharing my music videos always means a lot to me, but “Carousel” is special - it’s a song about the dizzying, beautiful ride that is life, and I wanted to share a bit of mine with you for this one. I really hope you enjoy 🎠 ❤️ LINK IN BIO!
▫️🎠▫️Official Carousel music video coming at 6am PST — check the countdown in my story to set a reminder so you don’t miss it!! Ride with me round and round and round and round....
▫️Til it all slows down...🎠▫️
“Carousel” music video premiering FRIDAY morning - where will you be watching from?
CAROUSEL Music Video coming this FRIDAY 🎠 — are you ready to get on the ride with me??
▫️CAROUSEL🎠 coming this Friday▫️
Comment with what you think baby Sam was trying to draw? (Seriously I’m not sure...)
ONE WEEK #carousel 🎠
▫️the days keep on turning / the living, the learning ▫️
- what’s your New Years resolution for 2019?? -
HAPPY 2019!! Celebrate by checking out the full 2018 Pop medley (Link in bio!) with @kurtschneider — combining all your favorite songs from last year and throwing in a little dancing to boot! #2018mashup #happynewyear #popmedley