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Happy Anniversary you two! Love you both so much and I’m so blessed to have a front row seat to all that God is doing in your lives. I’m cheering you on.
Come on. Let’s go!!!
We’re coming together as ONE big family for ONE big service tomorrow at 10:30am. We’ll be launching our new series, Forgotten God, and throwing an After Party 🎈 with food truck, bouncy houses and more. #EveryoneIsWelcome
It’s long over due but we wanted to thank all our friends and family. Michelle wrote the following...
We were staying in a guest house in Ethiopia while we went through the process of adopting our son Aweng. A couple of weeks into our journey in Ethiopia approximately 40 christian students, on a lengthy missions trip, sought refuge in the same guest house. They were there a week and oh what a noisy week that was.
One evening I left my room, where our sweet son was having a melt down, to retrieve something from the lower level of the guest house. As I walked down the stairs I could hear the echo of voices lifting up worship to Jesus. My heart longed to join in with them.  l thought of the contrast of the two scenarios happening simulataneausly in the same building; their songs of worship and our struggle upstairs to calm our frightened son. And then I had another thought that the two events were the same. They were worship to God. One event was loving God through song and the other was loving God by loving an orphan. God was reminding me that there are many ways to show our love to God. 
The definition of worship is to show respect and love for God.
Scott and I want to thank you for all of your worship to God by giving of your resources in helping bring our beautiful son home. I know that you love God by the way you blessed us. It is a dream come true to have him home with us. Everyday is better than my imagining that I had of him for the seven long years that we waited for God to lead us to him. Thank you so very much for helping Aweng come home. He was worth the wait.
We love you,
Scott & Michelle
PS. A special thanks to @nikkiglof, @cambriaruth and @marissaanneprice for coordinating our fundraising effort. Our goal was $15,000 and you all gave $15,357 ❤️
Happy Birthday Camabia. I love you to infinity and beyond. #hbd #happybirthday #milaruth #persistent
Some light reading for our next series. Any guesses on what it’s going to be about?
@brooklake #brooklake #brooklakechurch
I’m a grandpa. A smitten grandpa. Mila Ruth was born June 4th and is divine. #grandpasgirl
Saturday’s are for good times. I’m excited for church tomorrow. Gonna share about overcoming anxiety and can’t wait to see you. Bring a friend.
Meet Nikki. She’s Brilliant. Creative. Persistent. A Visionary. She has battled lupus for over 20 years but never allows it to keep her down. And I’d like to let you know she’s got a vision to empower youth and children through art and music. It’s called #theMAKERIE.
And I believe in her.
You can find out more on her website (link in my bio). And I invite you to join me in donating $28 TODAY to help her get off to a strong start.
Thank you.
@nikkiglof @the_makerie
Happy Birthday buddy.
Couldn’t be more proud of our students. You led well.
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