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2 day, 165 miles destination bicycle ride, Miami -> Key West.
100% of ALL $ raised is 100% given back to HIV/AIDS organizations throughout Florida!

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Why do we ride? So that @pridelines can provide free and affirming health education to LGBTQ youth. #SR15 #TheBattleHasChanged
Dwayne had a severely impacted tooth and was in pain for days. His oral surgeon couldn’t remove the tooth without a panoramic X-Ray – something Dwayne would have to pay for himself. He had missed work and didn’t have the money. 
SMART Ride funds came to the rescue – helping CDTC pay for the x-ray! Thanks to the SMART Ride, Dwayne is feeling healthy and pain-free. #SR15
Live in Miami and want to learn more about The SMART Ride and how to sign up ride, crew, or volunteer? @pridelines is hosting an info session THIS Thursday, June 14th at @creativemale3227. For more info please call 305-571-9601 ext 112 #SR15 #TheBattleHasChanged
“The stigma of HIV still shames people for caring for themselves. $17,000 from our SMART Ride Foundations of Dignity funds allowed us to hold our clients by the hand to connect them to care and teach them they deserve more.” - @BrowardHouse . . .

#TheBattleHasChanged #RideToFight #SR15 #SRWarrior #SRXV #cycleforacure #stophiv #miamitokeywest #browardhouse #Cycling
What does your support mean to patients at Children's Diagnostic and Treatment Center?

Brenda was sick for more than three weeks when her doctor ordered a nebulizer to clear her Respiratory Infection. Insurance wouldn’t pay. She might have to do without the one thing she needed to finally get well. 
Funds from the SMART Ride helped CDTC buy a nebulizer for her. Thank you for helping us help Brenda breathe again!

#SR15 #childrensdiagnosticandtreatmentcenter
Why we ride? She was finishing her college internship when she tested positive & found out she was pregnant.  She was far from her African home but with the help of HOPWA case managers and smart right funds there was no mom to child transmission.  #sr15  @miracleofloveinc
Join us on June 22nd to celebrate 15 years and to honor those making a difference in our community!! #TheBattleHasChanged #ThisIsWe #SR15 #SMARTRideXV #Cycling
This is why we ride. To support the work of agencies like @pridelines. Sign up to ride, crew or volunteer with The SMART Ride #TheBattleHasChanged #SR15
This is We! We make this happen by participating in the #SMARTRide. Become a warrior for change. Sign up for #SMARTRideXV today!

#TheBattleHasChanged #RideToFight #SR15 #SRWarrior #SRXV
June is #PrideMonth and nothing brings us more pride than honoring those who have helped bring @thesmartridefl to where it is today with their endless support! Get your tickets today for the #SMARTRideGalaNonGala! #SMARTRideXV
Why do we ride? Because funds you raise become respect and dignity for those in need. #SMARTRide #SR15 #SMARTRideXV #TheBattleHasChanged #RideToFight #SRWarrior #SRXV
Want to learn how you can sign up to ride, crew or volunteer for the SMART ride? Attend @pridelines upcoming info session, tomorrow, May 30th in Miami! #SR15