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The lovely people at @ptsd_uk sent me these gorgeous pencils, pens and stickers for self care boxes, with a notebook as well! Look out for the PTSD Self Care Box link that I’ll be putting up this week 😊 
#mentalhealthawareness #ptsd #selfcare #tomorrowcanbeanewday
#shelfiesaturday Spring Colours 😊The sun is shining and I’m starting to get my plans together for Spring Self Care! Which means it will probably snow again in late March 😂 
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New blog post Why we do still need more nuanced books about the holocaust

Link in bio👆 
#historybooks #transitionaljustice #bibliophile
VaLITines 😘

Some of my bookish Valentines, Palentines & Galentines 🥰

#fortheloveofbooks #vaLITines #valentines #galentines #palentines
Book & Bar Gift Boxes have arrived! Gift yourself or a loved one a Blind Date Book and a gorgeous bar of @dandelioncocoa fine chocolate in Blonde Caramel or Honeycomb Crunch, what could be more perfect? 
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My chocolatey dreams are coming true 😍🍫🥰 #chocolate #chocolatelover #finechocolate #madeinsheffield #artisan
FIRST EVER REP SEARCH! 🥰 📚☕️#thestorybookcaferepsearch 
I’m looking for people who want to represent The Storybook Cafe and StoryBookCafeGifts (Etsy shop) for March this year! 
Open internationally! 🌍
Here’s the deal; 
You get;
📚A free Spring Self Care Package Gift Box worth £20 📚A unique discount code for you and your followers 
You will;
📚Post a picture of your gift on Instagram with an honest review 📚Put that you are our March rep on your bio along with your discount code
📚Choose a blog post or podcast that you like from the website to share with your followers 
To enter;
📚Please create a collage of your favourite bookish photos (taken by yourself) and tag @thestorybookcafe 📚Tell me why you would like to rep! 
Ends February 24th 🤓📚☕️ #bookstagram #bookstagramrepsearch #mentalhealth #bookishrepsearch #bibliophile #lovelit
If this looks like a little piece of heaven you would like our Books & Coffee Gift 😉 
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Well I’m quite pleased with this mug I painted ages ago, if I do say so myself 😁 It’s all my favourite things 🥰 and it fits the right amount of frothy coffee for me. Coffee lovers, do you have a favourite mug? What catches your eye even though you already have too many? 
#shelfie #coffee #handpainted #favouritemug #bookstagram
Some animals are just so ridiculous they always make you smile 😊 
#socksunday #shelfiesunday #stacksunday #bookstagram #bibliophile #booklover
Rather pleased with my little bookish mural now it’s finished! I drew and embroidered old book pages (about half Catch-22, half Jayne Eyre) and freehand drew the reading girl and kitten 🐱👱‍♀️📚 I might do a couple as art and craft pictures to sell... 😊 
#illustration #embroidery #walldecor #bookcrafts
I had to sneak a picture of the ‘darker shade of magic’ trilogy in a bookshop because I only have the first two paper copies and the third on my phone 🤦‍♀️ But I wanted to share my thoughts about one of the characters who I particularly liked, Holland. He is cast as one of the villains in the first book, though as a messenger for the true villains of White London, and we learn he is being controlled by them fairly quickly. However what makes him interesting is the development you see in the third book in particular where we learn his back story. He has definitely done things which are villainous, but is he really a villain? I like how complex his story and character is, and how the other characters reactions to him show how we struggle to deal with moral complexity in the people who hurt us. I also know from my studies that in real world histories of civil war in particular, nothing is simple, and most people end up in the traumatic position of being both a victim and a perpetrator. We like to cast people as evil because it’s easier than recognising that they are humans making flawed decisions in the face of extreme and difficult circumstances. It’s one of the reasons I enjoyed these books so much, because they explores the complexity of human beings, what we do, why, how we judge each other and how we judge ourselves. 
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