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A great reminder to us moms who juggle responsibilities that we tend to forget about ourselves. We need to rest and keep our mind rested once in a while. This is for all the parents out there. We can do this!
My happiest when I see them read books. There he is, reading and few minutes later laughing his heart out. Music to my ears. 📖🎼
It has been three years and there he is, on his own now. Time flies. Please don't grow up so fast my love. ❤️
Always thankful for a very supportive person he is and his not-so surprises anymore. Years passed by already but it feels like it was just yesterday that we've been together. Thank you always Love, my macho gwapito for this. 😅😂
Life has been good to me lately that I tend to forget the bad. Keep going and be better everyday. After all, life must go on.

Wearing mom outfit all the time--ripped jeans, sheer top and birks. Because I am all for comfort. 😂😅
If I were to choose who I will get to be in the future, it will always be YOU. No one else.
Isn't it? Cannot wait to travel again with the family. ❤️✈️
Introducing #MomOutfit by yours truly. Yes, I wear the same clothes over and over because I find them comfortable. But, how do I really keep my clothes looking new and clean? Read about it here:

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SM Aura Premier takes shoppers on a stunning holiday expedition to the sparkling wild. Life-size installations of majestic creatures from the safari and glittering stars and lights in hues of gold and green found their way to the gigantic Christmas tree display.

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I made my son happy and cry at the same time on his birthday. How terrible am I for doing that? But despite the drama we had, I am happy that I made him happy on his birthday. Plus the joy it brings them everyday ​when it comes to their dental hygeine. The very reason why I don't have to worry about it because they do it religiously. I am glad there is one brand that we trust that helped me with this. Read my post about it here:

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Mommies, if you are doing your grocery shopping anytime this week, please do it on November 11 at 11am onwards because #Puregold is on sale! Get your list done ans check your stocks now ay they will be having #PasobraDay. Items will be kitchenware, toiletries, appliances and many more! So that's buy 11 and get 1 free! 
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My kids loves Erceflora Probi Bears. It gives them assurance that their tummies are protected and that they absorb the nutrients needed by the body from the food they eat.

Read my full review here:

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