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I have bloggers that I look up to and then they became my ONLINE REAL friends who lare all ears to listen and give you empathy. I hope there will be more real coffee dates for us. For now, this will do. 😅❤️#ShopwiseAlabangRelaunch #TheBigShoploration @mommypehpot
I have three kids who are very active and changes their clothes at least three times a day. Imagine the accumulated clothes for days as well as the smell inside the hamper. That is why I really wanted our clothes washed and dried under the Sun. But what about during rainy season? Our clothes smells really awful and I cannot stand it. But did you know that there is invisible stain in our clothes? That "amoy kulob" is the invisible stain and the only way to deep clean it is with Ariel. It has the power to make our clothes smell and look clean. I don't need to washour clothes twice.

If you are as clueless about this and you want to know more about @ArielPH, follow them in Facebook to learn more about this amazing discovery!"
#ArielPH #NoInvisibleStainNoKulob #KulobStory"
Our foodventure last weekend wherein my kids enjoyed their food so much. I liked how this restaurant the scraps into something useful and made it as decoration.

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Two Sundays ago, we had a simple family gathering. Being a mom with no help at all, I would rather just order food so I could save my energy. I ordered some from @carnivalfoodclub so they could serve unique and delicious food. They loved it! The chicken wings is superb!

#mommyblogger #foodie
Know how to take care of your baby's skin using one of the trusted brands by most moms including me. For babies who have sensitive skin, we use Cetaphil. Learn more about it here:

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Being a furmom for months now, I am thinking of what to give my furbabies on their birthday which excites me. What do you think will make them happy? Shared on the blog now what gifts you can give your furbabies.

#mommyblogger #momlife #furmomma #furmom #momlife
Awake at this hour because my youngest furbaby is suffering from LBM. She calls me everytime she has poop. Trying to catch up with backlogs and Grey's Anatomy. #mommyblogger #mommylife #furmama #furmomma
The mini family gathering has ended and I am left with all the chores. I am not sure how to feel about Boboy's hoarding of cleaning sfuff but all I know is, life is easy with all these things. Lovin' this new vacuum as it removes all the dust in our carpet.

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Unruly and bushy brows, huge eyebags, and chapped lips--result of too much stress and lack of sleep. But I must say, good skin care habit is thr key. I can finally go out of the house with just BB cream and sometimes sunblock only! This is my way of taking care of myself slowly one day at a time and embracing things that I cannot change. What's yours? #skincareaddict #beautylover #mommyblogger
Cult's new favorite, colourette colorsnaps cosmetics. Will share with you my review soon.
My baby Jon Raine joined baby marathon challenge. #BabyMarathon #PampersxLazadaPh #SuperBrandDay #Lazada @pampersph
Eversince I started cloth diapering, I gradually reduced using plastic straws and refuse them also for take outs. But there are moments where we really need them especially during travels. I am glad someone thought of this. A stainless reusable straw. I am mesmerized by colorful straws but it is better to play safe as colored stainless steel straws wears off their colors over time. This, and many other efforts to reduce waste. #goinggreen #zerowasteliving #zerowaste #mommyblogger #momblogger #mommylife #cleanerenvironment