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I was able to visit Vito Church or Shrine of St. Vincent Ferrer which is known for their "palapak". This photo was taken on a Friday that is why there are alot of "devotees" on this photo.
Not leaving Naga City without my Kinalas fix. This is a must try!
Meet our new baby--Spikey. My daughter fell inlove with him the very first time she saw him. So, you will see more of him here.
This one also came before 2018 ended. Just about time that we ran out of spoosies and we needed to bring one for our trip. We bought the other pack with us and loved it! Will be sharing it with you in a review. @playfulbabydiaper
Our family is mourning for the loss of a family member. But the love remains in our hearts and will forever be cherished. Thank you Pang for everything. You will be missed. Please watch over us and guide us. We love you so much! 💕
This came before the holidays. My family and I were able to enjoy Buko Pandan and Mais Con Jello with these. Grateful for these. Thank you, @mrhatgulaman
Here's to wishing you all a prosperous year ahead! May you be blessed abudantly and be granted all your hearts desires.
Thank you my love for this. ❤️
Merry Christmas my love. ❤️🎅🎄
These boys stole my heart. ♥️♥️♥️
Few more days before 2019 and this is a great reminder to everyone to do their best, always.
#Selfie after getting my roots done. Love it!

Now on to the next pampering before the new year comes.