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🍣 Uni | Sea Urchin ⁣
📍 Omakase Yume⁣
🗓 October 10, 2018⁣
🔗 Review to come at⁣
Thrilled that Chicago has a viable (and then some) addition to its sushi scene with @omakaseyume . A family affair, the service is just as spot on as the $125 Omakase and the understated but classy vibe. Worth a visit - review and pics to come. ⁣
Any brave souls want to try naming them all?
🍣 Toro Taku
📍 Sushi Makio⁣
🗓 September 2018⁣
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While it’s negitoro that I see more often on menus, Toro Taku - especially the version from @mglausen at Sushi Makio in Kingston, NY - is my true lifeblood. The word Taku comes from Takuan, which you’ve probably had or seen a few times: Daikon radish, pickled and (usually) dyed yellow. Review at if you haven’t seen it.
🍣 Sake (Salmon)⁣
📍Mikado (Indianapolis)⁣
🔗Review to come at⁣
🗓 September 2018⁣
Wild caught salmon straight from the waters of Indiana*. The bar was low (no offense Indy, you’re a beauty), and Mikado managed to clear it. Review to come. ⁣
* That’s a lie
🍣 Akami⁣
📍 Yuzu No Hana (Toronto)⁣
🔗 Review to come ⁣
🗓 September 2018⁣
Yuzu No Hana wasn’t my first choice the other night, but thanks to Toronto’s insane downtown parking situation and some other fun, it’s where we ended up. And given the $66, 18 nigiri omakase was actually decent, I’m glad we did. Review to come at
🍣 Chu Toro⁣⁣⁣
📍 Restaurant Ato, NYC⁣⁣⁣
🗓 2017⁣⁣⁣
The genesis of Restaurant Ato is rooted in the credentials of head chef William Shen (pictured above). Chef William's resume includes noted NYC luminaries and tourist flames Morimoto and Jean Georges (among others); it's a diverse enough background that ignoring his french influences to focus solely on Japanese food would be doing both him and his training a disservice.  Rather than just opening yet another omakase focused sushi restaurant in NYC - and believe me, friends, there are already plenty of those - William decided to stay true to his passion and infuse french techniques and flavours into his menu. Read the full review on my blog. ⁣⁣
Uni Temaki at @handiesbybou, a new lobby/sushi/everything else counter focused on “hand rolls” (in case that wasn’t obvious) in Midtown Manhattan’s Sanctuary Hotel. Loved the vibe and view at the latest effort in the Bou empire, and obviously the heaping Uni - which is actually gonads if you didn’t know - doesn’t hurt either.
How are you celebrating your #tbt (that’s Tuna Belly Thursday for the newbies). Miyake is a sushi respite in tourist heavy Portland. My thoughts to come at
Cure for the Monday Scaries from San Diego’s Sushi Tadokoro: Aoyagi (trough-shell clam/orange clam), which had been absent from my life for too long. True story: the original name? Bakagai, which translates to “idiot shell”. Sushi Tadokoro is a post I’m excited to write, so stay tuned at BTW - congrats to @sushichefsam and  @vilsonfoodie for nailing the collage last week - dm me and I’ll get you outfitted in my fall collection (*also the same as my summer spring and winter collections).
Contest? Contest. Name all three nigiri pictured from Satsuki (review in bio, read it now) and I’ll send some of you real experts some merch. Thanks for reading. #thesushilegend
Latest on the blog: my thoughts on Satsuki, a sushiya locates in the basement of the multilevel Suzuki in midtown Manhattan. Link in bio if you want to see what I thought/want to stare at pictures. Above is Nodoguro (blackthroat sea perch). Hope you enjoy.
Looking for a reasonably priced Omakase in NYC? Brooklyn’s Uotora - ICYMI, review link in my bio - is impressive and won’t necessitate that you open a line of credit. So that’s a win. Pics capture the Kinmedai (goldeneye snapper) and the local neighborhood vibe of the location. Cheers.