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Looking for a reasonably priced Omakase in NYC? Brooklyn’s Uotora - ICYMI, review link in my bio - is impressive and won’t necessitate that you open a line of credit. So that’s a win. Pics capture the Kinmedai (goldeneye snapper) and the local neighborhood vibe of the location. Cheers.
Spread my wings and landed in San Diego at Sushi Tadokoro, an intimate spot that reminded me of NYC’s Kosaka. Zuke (marinated tuna) is ostensibly a speciality; Takeyaki-San says the Yuzu on top is the button. Review to come.
Miyake is a Portland sushi institution. We braved the approximately one billion tourists in the Old Port to give it a try. Review to come at - in the meantime, check out my Uotora review if you haven’t yet (link in bio). Above pic is salmon belly, part of the 10 piece “omakase nigiri”. Cheers.
Couldn’t let Canada Day slash John Tavares day pass without a little slice of the Canadian sushi scene. Shoushin in Toronto is worth a visit if you’re in the area, especially for beauts like this Kama Toro (one of the fattier cuts, taken from the collar area). Full review on the blog. 🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦 ps: anyone with Maine recs, now’s your time to shine.
Uotora in Crown Heights, Brooklyn is an absolute gem. I wrote some words on it @ The Sushi Legend dot com (link in bio). Above is Shima Aji for those that are curious. Thanks as always for reading/hastily scrolling through the pictures.
Visited Tetsu in Vancouver almost a year ago, but alas all stars like this Kanpachi are still tattooed on my brain. Chef Satoshi Makise - who ages it ten days - delivers an omakase accessible to budgets of all sizes (is it plagiarizing if it’s my own blog review?🤔). Visit Vancouver and visit Tetsu. You’re welcome.
Apparently it’s sushi’s turn on the carousel of contrived food holidays, so I’d be derelict if I didn’t post in celebration of this momentous and made up occasion. So here’s a post. Katsuei West vill, nyc | uni (not gunkan, always risky) | review to come at
Presented without comment for the consideration of the Academy. Ps: Sound on. Written review: | thesushilegend
Tuesday: Some written content on #Uotora. Spoiler: visit. |
Almost summer SZN...(please don’t ask any questions about what happened to spring). The written word on Sushi Makio is at
That kind of night... Ps: if I ever write about this for, something has gone very, very wrong.
Aori-ika (squid) with a light touch of ginger. Squid (and cuttlefish) are some of my favorite sushi; usually, they’ll be scored slightly to enhance the quality and make it easier to chew, just like Suzuki san has done here. Review and vid to come @