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Blogger. Sushi hobbyist. Hater of raw tilapia and cheese in maki. And I only post MY pictures.

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Real art from Juku, a multi concept spot in New York City’s Chinatown. Name the nigiri and there’s some merch in it for you.  My review - both in words and video like a true renaissance blogger - is at (link in bio).
First TSL review of 2018: Juku, in NYC. Link ——> bio. Kinmedai ——> above. Spoiler ——> Juku is legit. Check out Sixty Second Sushi on my instagram and on via YT. Cheers as always.
Yes it’s already January 8, but I couldn’t complete my Best of 2017 without one of my favourite experiences from the past year: Tetsu Sushi Bar. Chef Satoshi Makise is going to accomplish a ton in the sushi world, so go see him while he’s still on the ground floor. for my full review. 📷: Kinmedai aburi | torched Golden Eye Snapper @tetsusushibar_van
Two more spots I wanted to highlight from 2017, and both come from the surging Canadian restaurant world. First is Park, a reasonably priced monster that is already a staple of the Montréal scene. I wrote extensively about Park on, which is absolutely worth reading and I have zero bias whatsoever.
Sometimes (like the day after New Year’s, for instance), you just need lots and lots (and lots) of sushi. If you’re in that boat (pun) today, Sushi Para is a quality All-You-Can-Eat joint. The Sushi Legend | .com
Good news: Sakanaya was a true hidden gem. Bad news: It was too hidden and had to be repackaged earlier this year. Tough break, but as my compatriot Celine Dion so eloquently said, my heart will go on. #thesushilegend
Haven’t written about Sushi by Bou’s outpost at the Sanctuary Hotel yet, but it’s coming. The subterranean space reminded me a bit of Tokyo - a true gem in the tire fire around Times Square. The Sushi Legend | .com
Let’s keep this walk down nostalgia lane moving with Restaurant Ato, a delicious marriage between French and Japanese cuisines. Doesn’t hurt that the space is a beaut.
I wrote about Uogashi’s sushi counter back in January, but I remember trying to shoehorn John Wick into my review like it was yesterday. The best of 2017 rolls
Wild how time flies - figured I’d spend the last week of the year highlighting my favourites from 2017. Gaijin’s modern omakase was an eye opener for many reasons. Read the review on
What’d I think of my visit to Newark Airport’s Tsujiki Fishroom? Well, when the placemat looks better than the sushi, it’s not a good sign. Review to come on
Why go see #starwars when you can watch my latest vid on @jukunyc 245 Times instead? If the written word is more your thing, I’ll have it up next week on Appreciate the feedback as always.