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Nothing more to say.
The picture says it all. 😌
One more to the set.
Many more to go.
How's it? :')
There's a pretty shade on my face! 😜
So, wish you the Happiest Birthday Bud! 
Bhai Engineer banega! 😘
Naach ab. 💃
Aur Naach!
Again, Happy Birthday! 😌
The chills were chilling!
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The day we came back!
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A lot to say!
A lot to say?
To whom? What for? Why?
A lot to say, with no words to put forward the extensive entering and feelings that one can feel.
Words being deceptive can always backfire, don't you think?
Yeah, what is it about it which we rant about. Your life is supposed to be complex and complicated for the world to understand, but what you do is make it more vulnerable for the upcoming, isn't it?
Well, let's not rant!
Well, let's take the road not taken, live the life the way you want, the way you deserve!
One more light!
Well, I guess I don't know what's going on now!
Another one to this Puja! Gone well? Gone well!
Yeah! That blurry figure of the fatty man is me, btw. So here's to that.
P.C. - @dipanitapramanick 
S.C. - I don't have anyone to give the suggestions. :'( #durgapuja2017 #durgapuja #microsoftlumia535 #youknowwho #tanmaypramanick
Wasn't all the wait worth it? 
Seeing the idols.
Worshipping her!
Re-establishing the faith that you had.
Being with people all around you workout the sorrows on their face with only the smiles.
Yeah it is!
Yeah it is wonderful!
Yes, it's Durga Puja!

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A lot to say.
Don't you think?
Don't you feel?
Aren't we all such small pieces to this huge jigsaw puzzle which needs to be completed to complete us, aren't we?
Yes, I think we are.
Many know me, many don't.
But what's important is how much do I know myself.
So that's to it.

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#panchami it was! 😙
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