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Have to upload it again because I deleted it 😂😑 ♢♢♢♢♢♢♢♢♢♢♢♢♢♢♢♢♢♢♢♢♢♢♢♢♢♢♢♢♢♢♢♢♢♢♢♢♢♢♢So again it would be lovely to win this edition!
Sorry guys😅
I'm happy for them 💖
they're going on tour.
link in bio. #ODLtour @odlofficial
I love him ❤
Hey guys. So I'm a fan of The Tide (but my favorites are Drew & Levi) and they made a new band together (it's called O.D.L).
I thought I made a fanpage so here we go. I hope you'll like my posts ❤❤❤