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Me walking out of Ramadan a more reflective, peaceful, and patient happy lil indian boi 🌷🍋🌹🌟🌿
Finally dyed my hair, reapplied my toe polish, and finished the first chapter of the book that’s been on my bedside table for 2 months. A new Duriba is in bloom, folks !! 🌻🌻
Reminiscing thE VIEWS OF VIEWS on an empty stomach and 9+ hours of sleep #صبر 🌿🌹🌿
Going to miss cuddling with Ush on demand, every study date that turned into an adventure to seek out the newest ice cream parlor on the block, the late night car rides where we sang along to all the songs from Bole Chooriyan to God’s Plan, PSA planning, UMR PDTs, improv shows, the deep convos in parked cars at 4 am, watching my beautiful big sister get into medical school (😪), short film, the Chai wala debates, and the brunch adventures.....AGH! sophomore year was testing and transformational but I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t the most fun I’ve ever had🌷🌿💕 #alhamdulillah
One whole year of the best organization in the W O R L D. 
Our mission at @mannmukti is to encourage healthy, open dialogue of mental health issues in an effort to remove stigma, improve awareness and promote self-care and today I can proudly say that every single day, we get closer and closer to accomplishing it. Here’s to eradicating mental health stigma in south Asian communities!
My team good but a mascot would, frankly, be fantastic 🇵🇰🇵🇰🌹 #PSAEC18 #weout
Kithe challiyan sarron da phool bankeh

Where do you go smelling like a fragrant rose

Kuriya badami rangiyeh

The entire village is under your spell! ~ 🌺🌷dalip singh deep 🌷🌺 #20.
And that’s a wrap on birthweek!! Thanks so much for your companionship in this crazy thing called life, ya rascals!! Thanks for FaceTiming me at 1 am with “tea,” supporting my coffee addiction, going along with my dumb Snapchat ideas, and relentlessly roasting me. You guys make me want to do better and be a better human. Frankly, you guys are the reason why every year, I make the same wish: one more year.
Live life like a cup of tea: filled to the brim and enjoyed with friends 🦋💐🌷🌺
Things I have in common with guacamole: being mushy and being extra !!! 🥑😅😅 #Basant2018 #dassawrap
Is it bad that I miss the random Turkish street vendors that tried to sell me corn by screaming “KAREENA KAPOOR!! LOOK OVER HERE”
Happy international Muslim women’s day from a lil latte loving nabeela and her grumpy/frumpy husband ((me)) 🌹