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“The attitude of gratitude is the highest yoga.”
Yoga Bhajan
It is said that the pause at the end of an exhale holds wisdom and knowledge. It is also true about the space between the poses. Transitions are full of information about our practice and our life.
Your life is your story. Write well. Edit often.
NOW is the time to make your health a priority. Dr. Caitlin Shea is the Naturopath on our integrated health team. She can help you get to the bottom of many health issues including hormonal  imbalances and food sensitivities using lab tests and detailed consultation. She also offers acupuncture! Follow her @beamsvillenaturopath to learn more about her services and how she can help you achieve your health goals.
Always find time for things that make you feel happy to be alive. It is so easy to forget how precious it is to be alive🙌
Such good vibes at Niagara Yoga Fest today ❤️🙏✌️
It is impossible to live without failing at something, unless you live so cautiously you might as well not have lived at which case you failed by default. J. K Rawling
How do you create opportunities to spend time together? 💙💙 Big love for team blue tonight @nichollsjamie & @moniquenicholls21 at Charlene’s 5:30 pm Warm Core Flow.
Only you know the key to your soul softening, just listen!
Did you know our Exercise Physician, Dr. DePetrillo (in blue, gearing up for an @infernohotpilates class) is covered by OHIP? He can diagnose and assess chronic or acute injuries and dysfunction/pain to help you move and feel better. Glenn, in orange, is our Athletic Therapist. He’s an expert in rapid rehabilitation of your muscles, joints and bones and can help you quickly and safely return to work and play after injury. His appointment slots fill up quickly and our clients can’t say enough positive things about his treatments! Get back to doing the things you love, book an appointment with our integrated health team today!
Monday Mindset ✨
Pop up teacher announcement: Jeff is back in town from Vancouver and will be teaching two classes with us this week! 6 am Slow Flow on Tuesday and 12 noon Gentle Hatha on Wednesday. Join him and try something a little different!